Reviews for The Golden Age: Reclamation War
Knightmare Gundam of Ni chapter 10 . 7/1/2010
At this point, I think my review for last chapter could be used to semi-accurately convey my reactions as to this chapter, only less of a 'surprised and horrified' tone and more of a 'next ticket to Alpha Centauri, one way please' tone.

Going on, there is a slight sense of relief that Frost missed out on the chance to do anything...well...Frosty, to Lacus and the kids. And a slight bit of guilty glee at him being robbed of his 'fun'.

I don't suppose next chapter is going to see a Frost/Kira confrontation (of sorts) is there? Maybe some kind of a 'piss off, I'm hunting my wife's killer' thing?
AtrumUnas chapter 10 . 7/1/2010
Not bad overall. I was more interested in seeing how the spaceport worked than with the funeral. As you said, some things can't be fully emphasized with words. This was one of them. As a result, I basically felt nothing through this chapter until Kira slapped Cagalli. I felt a shiver, which means that that part was very well written. I cannot wait to see how low Kira can go since I'm already loving Dark Kira. Makes me wonder what I'm going to do with my Kira, now.

Frost, on the other hand. This is going to be downright juicy.

On a side note, I don't know what you have planned for Ysak, Dearka and Athrun, but it should probably be something important. As it is, it looks like the 3 of them are quickly becoming obsolete when compared to an army of 20-something Kira Yamatos in Vengeance Level Gundams... Well, that brings up something entirely different, but I'll wait. Anywho, the non-Newtype Gundam Pilots seem to have been placed firmly at the disadvantage in the piloting theatre when there are thousands of Edenite pilots out there who not only possess their Seed Modes, but also have the advantage of Newtype senses (Ysak doesn't count). Even during the Eden Disaster it seemed as though the Redcoats were taking a backstage role when compared to Kira and even Shinn. How are you going to set it up such that these guys are superior to the Edenites? And what kind of side-plots are you going to have that involves them?

Now, on to the other thing. Monty's wife said that the USN would find out what it was like to fight against a legion of 20-something Kira Yamatos in Vengeance Class Gundams. Well, quite frankly, that doesn't make a ton of sense considering that Kira, by the time he was 20, was already an Ascended Ultimate Coordinator having gone through his Second Puberty. Beyond that, you said that Kira and Athrun were basically humanoid Chimerae when compared to their counterparts. So, what kind of skill is the average Edenite pilot going to have, what skills are they going to have to call on and how would the Kira of the Eden Disaster fair against them? Same question for Athrun, Ysak and Dearka.

Last question. When exactly does an Edenite go through their Second Puberty. I know, for someone who is born an Edenite, it's around their 30s. However, there's an entire civilization of people who were turned into Edenites and not all of them were teens and 20-somethings. Take Monty, for example. He was 40 something when he was turned into an Edenite; does that mean that when he was converted he was automatically a fully matured Edenite? Or had he yet to go through his Second Puberty before his death? Does a converted Edenite even go through the Second Puberty? And if so, and also if they are past the standard age of the Puberty, when does it happen?

muciope chapter 10 . 7/1/2010
I really can't see Kira waiting around for 10 days.. He possesses an intellect of superhuman caliber, he should've computed his probabilities regardless of grief or trauma. I guess he was waiting around for the funeral? I hardly see the plausibility. Weigh the priorities: sticking around knowing that something is going down or acting on his superhuman instincts?

In the future, if Noah gets released, and Frost and Kira and Noah are all fighting in nth Gen gundams against Durandal.. O baby, that would be one HELL of a orgasmic battle

Cheers & keep up the good work.

kiman1917 chapter 10 . 7/1/2010
Play4ever chapter 9 . 6/30/2010
ok.. kiling Lacus and the kids I did not see that coming. Now I cant help but wonder what you are planing. :D
Air-Quiet-Reader chapter 8 . 6/30/2010
Ok, a couple more things on chapter 9 (which seems to be one of your most reviews chapters ever, not unexpectedly), and response-

Well, I mean a whole full chapter without things going to heck. The stuff before things going to heck was nice, but then the ending scene made it hard to better appreciate the stuff at the beginning.

Now, if what people are saying is true- and it really does make sense if it is- well, the Edenites suddenly don't look so great anymore. I was really hoping I'd be able to like and cheer for the lot of them, but now..well, they will be slipping into my appreciation for the isolationists (slightly south of neutral) or worse.

Seriously, robbing a man of his wife and children like that? Unless we're talking about the scum of the Earth (and Kira is certainly not that to most people), that's just absolutely desipicable! Especially if Kunai/Bald Bull is indeed Sai, which seems likely, and has some memory of losing his own family..though maybe Kira can get some payback in that regard..

It seems like I'll get to still like Lilia though, which is's hoping she really sticks it to her boss at this horrific event. And I am going to lose it if I here the words "For the Greater Good", or anything like that used..

Looking forward to whoever it is you highlight next chapter.
MaloKen 17 chapter 9 . 6/30/2010
Holy Shit, i know you've had a knack for killing official characters before (Murdock, Newman, Kisaka etc) but damn...Lacus and the kids too?

These stories are full of surprises, i'm sure they're probably still alive somewhere and the bodies were actually Henrietta, David and Sarah, but you're pretty unpredictable at times so i won't get my hopes high for now.

None the less, excellent chapter!
LightningEarl chapter 9 . 6/29/2010
The first time I read it,I was in shock to the point of staring into space with my mouth wide open. To relieve the shock I got from reading this freakin' chapter, I watched TTGL. And what do you know? Fate is conspiring against me. Chapter 9 of RW and Episode 9 of TTGL had unbelievable similarities. In those two chapters/episodes, one or more main characters died. Both of those characters are important leaders. I just can't believe it. Zetsubou-shita! So I slept.

After waking up, I reread the chapter 9. AND OH BOY! I found weird stuffs that may indicate that Lacus and the kids are still alive! The Forest Prince, the weird hand with the ring(Maybe it was from Henrietta who for some reasons, wore the ring during the fire. Or maybe Lacus or someone purposely removed her arm. With RW's technology, it's possible to have her arm back.),the minute amount of details of the corpse(Maybe it's David, Sarah, Marcus or Ian) and the weird way the link was cut-off. And after reading other people's review, everything was confirmed, YOU FOOLED US! You made me sleep in despair last night. Tsktsktsk... But one thing's for sure, Dark Kira is on his way. I just love the idea of Kira killing the enemies instead of just disabling them. They'll go "WTF!" on the battlefield. I'm wondering if Kira would break the news to his friends. I'm thinking that Kira will just stay in Garden City, moping. Or maybe not. Oh well, This is one hell of a chapter.

PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU! U.P.D.A.T.E. S.O.O.N! I need to know what happens next. EMPHASIS ON THE "NEED"!


It took me a lot willpower to resist reading the "spoilers" you posted. Even with all that effort, I can't help but notice the "Green Cosmos". I smell something fishy. *Oh wait, our lunch is fried tuna... .*
Rihaku chapter 8 . 6/29/2010
It's rather interesting how Durandal and Noah have become reflections of each other, much like Kira and Frost. Noah was perfectly willing to exterminate however many billion people it took for the creation of his 'master race', and now Durandal is willing to do the exact same for his Destiny Plan. That they're both using EDEN to accomplish their ends, and both targeting the earth, makes their mutual sociopathy even more ironic. They've both managed to convinced normal people that they're right, though admittedly Noah had to resort to mind control while Durandal used old-fashioned politicking and lies.


Since we'll be seeing a lot more of the Edenites soon, we should hammer out which versions of the three factions we're using. I dug up the old writeups, and as far as core ideology goes, I don't think the Conclave needs any changing but the other two might merit a closer look.

Actually, the Conclave and Green Cosmos may be too similar, looking at the Feb 03rd PM. GC has "While it's true that Edenites are manifestly superior in their own ways, the more important factor here is the nigh-elimination of conflict. Though they did not choose their path, the Edenites of today are successful and have a lasting peace between man and nature...The rest of humanity ought to be converted to Edenites, not because Edenites are superior, but for their own good. Once they experience what the original Edenites experienced, they will understand, and warfare will diminish greatly. Ultimately, it's a utilitarian platform for peace - this is their greater good...Their ideological hole is the somewhat naive assumption that conversion to an Edenite will automatically make anyone nice, that anyone with Newtype powers would automatically gain enough empathy to put past events aside. Counterexample: Zacharis Frost."

I do like the GC platform as it stands, but having two utilitarian factions may make the Edenites altogether rather more consequentialist than ought be sympathetic. I guess we could play up the extra-creepiness of the Conclave, perhaps to the point where they _aren't_ sympathetic, and make GC the sympathetic ones as their viewpoint is rather more human, which makes sense given that their Grand Chimera is the one that best understands humans. Though Green Cosmos shares a name with Blue Cosmos, really the organizations could not be more different - it is a _far_ cry from natural supremacists suddenly becoming Coordinator supremacists now that they're Coordinators.

Regarding the Children, it may be difficult to explain their philosophy succintly without it coming off as self-contradictory; the nuances that are inherent to a position created by a party of genius-level intellects may be difficult to understand for a casual observer. I think perhaps we should discard the 'embrace all of nature's precepts' part and put more emphasis on the 'place great importance on the reasons behind and action' part, as, strictly speaking, there is nothing particular inherent in nature that presupposes 'right' or 'wrong,' much less a coherent platform for a political/intellectual party. They may observe nature and glean much insight from it, but that does not compromise their ultimately deontological position.
Jman12394 chapter 9 . 6/29/2010

How could you kill her and the kids off?

i feel really bad for dunderal not he is REALLY screwed. if you though kira and lacus pissed off at frost was bad, thats nothing to what kira feels now
Archangel2385 chapter 9 . 6/29/2010
I read this chapter (for the first time) earlier this morning . . . I was literally so shocked to my core that I stared blankly at my screen for a good, say 30 mins, in a state of utter disbelief . . . then I read the chapter again (1st re-read), just to see whether I missed something, because there’s NO WAY you could off Lacus AND the kids. Lacus, I could ALMOST see, but not Akira & Aoi, not the 2 first Neo-humans around, no way . . . then I embarked on my 2nd re-read, still ZERO hope in me, but still in a state of denial . . . then on my 3rd re-read, I somehow remembered a rather annoying detail that I noticed the first time, but so much other stuff was going on for me to focus on it . . . KIRA WASN’T BURNED.

When White EDEN hit Monty, he dang near instantly caught on fire. Heck, EVERYTHING within a 10k radius caught on fire . . . except Kira. So what makes Kira so different that he was largely immune to White EDEN, save minor “heat flashes” across his skin . . . he’s already gone through his 2nd puberty, just . . . like . . . LACUS, and I’m willing to bet all that I own that Neo-Humans are immune BY DEFAULT (if Akira can overcome a nano-poison & convert said poison to a CURE, he for dang sure can beat White EDEN).

So yeah, once I laid the foundations for reasonable doubt about Lacus & the children’s death, then I started to notice other details that just didn’t sit right, particularly Sai & the Forest Prince’s involvement. At first, I thought they were merely there as a “news crew” of sorts, offering a broader perspective / field of view of the tragedy unfolding, and then communicating it via the WoW to every Edenite human (and many animals) on the planet as conclusive PROOF of the Earthlings’ genocidal acts, thus creating sufficient cause for a declaration of war . . . but then, when I looked at their words again, that angle didn’t quite cut it, or at least didn’t feel like the main reason they were there.

Plus, there was suspiciously little REAL description of the children huddled under “Lacus’” corpse. And then there was the lack of pain flooding Kira’s link; White EDEN does kill relatively fast, but it still should have given his family enough time to send out blasts of pain on the psychic realm. I remember Yzak very clearly stating after his AAR to Cyprus back in ED about him being able to feel if Katie’s in any pain, up to & including being shot, but links never CUT OFF.

Then there’s also Rihaku’s remarks in one of the chapter reviews, something about Akira & Aoi Resonate-Harmonizing or something, which they clearly can’t do if dead . . .

But hey, you really DID have me going there for a while, especially with the final line about he was the ONLY survivor within 10k; that you ENDED the chapter on that line was what made it so hard to reconcile his family’s survival, because that was “YOU” as the author outright STATING this, not Kira assuming (as he couldn’t know that). And perhaps you did this purposely just to throw us off, but it didn’t ultimately work, though I do applaud your effort, as I initially DID buy it, hook, line, and sinker.

That said, I think I can actually get to more of the review . . . the Clymato interaction on the plane was a nice scene, and I’m frankly GLAD that they do believe in physical punishment if necessary. I also really liked learning more about New EDEN and its culture, and it was a very novel experience to see people treat Lacus so . . . NORMALLY. To them, she really was just a normal woman, and it was a weird, if welcome change, as was Akira emerging out of his shell to become more extroverted, which was also somewhat saddening, because I realized, like Kira, that he’ll probably never be quite so free around the CF kids, even Allister.

I was also somewhat surprised by how inexperienced Lacus was with the WoW; she’s practically a newbie at it. With respect to Kira, he sure was awfully . . . WEIRD. Even Edenites were put to shame by his appetite, and while this could admittedly be chalked up to his 2nd puberty, even LACUS (who’s also past her 2nd puberty), did not eat as much. And then the thing about him SMELLING that she was tired; it bore startling resemblances to how the Forest Prince could felt the agitation & inner turmoil of Lilia. Granted, that last part wasn’t too strange in & of itself, but I keep getting little hints here & there that Kira himself may be special even among Edenites, and that is NOT because he (or Lacus for that matter) are forerunners.

Speaking special, I gotta stay that Monty’s comments about other Edenite pilots equaling Kira in combat . . . yeah RIGHT. If Kira can manage the freakin’ BROTHERHOOOD in combat with a MS practically TWO generations out-of-date (if you consider the Pulsar “2nd-generation”, that is), then no, Edenite pilots most assuredly are NOT at his level and it’s pitifully arrogant to assume so. I really hope Praetorians in particular don’t have such arrogance, because such an attitude has no place on the battlefield.

The symbolism & irony in this chapter was quite pronounced, especially with regards to Kira. First, there was Akira’s “fear” that KIRA would be leaving him, when it turns out Akira is the one leaving. Then there was the bomber’s comments about popping the cherry of a maiden, a being of pureness, of innocence; now Kira may not be “innocent” or even pure, but still, the events of this chapter most assuredly did forcefully take what little bit might have remained of his purity or innocence, and I wonder if he can ever get it back. And finally, the ending of ash . . . again, main parallels can be drawn here between that scene and the movie Avatar after get returns to his Avatar following Hometree’s fall. Nothing but death & desolation for as far as the eyes can see and the ears can hear. And when Kira let out that scream, screaming so hard that he started BLEEDING in the mouth . . . GOOD LORD, THAT WAS SOME EMOTION. I feel like I’d have been howling with him if I wasn’t in so much shock & denial.

Of course, as enthralling as this chapter was, its impact is far eclipsed by its implications. Now I want to see how everyone else takes the news (as well as whether Dearka remembers his little comment about never wanting Kira out for BLOOD), particularly those not as close to Lacus, like most of the Stormhounds. I also want to see how he breaks it off with the rest of the CF, because it’s clear as day they can’t take any action, whether they want to or not, and this won’t satisfy Kira in the least. Yeah, I’m actually looking way more forward to the next few chapters than anything else; I also wonder how Frost responds.

Also, my hats off to you, because I realize now how right you were & how wrong I was with regards to “Dark” Kira. When I first read this chapter (and even after a couple of re-reads), I was thinking, “Now why the hell would Kira spare ANYONE associated with the USN after this tragedy?” I totally expected Kira to become a polar opposite of who he was, i.e. no mercy, looking to kill as many as it takes to get to Durandel & those responsible. In fact, I was fully prepared to debate the matter with you till you changed your mind & admitted that yes, Kira will become a monster in one of the realest meanings of the word, fully on the level with Asmodeus, who also lost “everything” . . . but when thinking of how characters would react, I remembered Ashino, and how he reacted to Jean’s injuries.

Yeah, he did fly off the handle and want to kill all enemies he encountered for a little bit there, but later, when fighting against Shinn, we see that while angry with the USN, he didn’t want to kill everyone, just those that either were responsible, or knew about it & didn’t care, and I have a feeling Kira will be the same way, the difference being though that now he’ll become a REAL soldier. No more letting enemies live mess, he’s just going to be like, “I’ll say this once, do not fight. If you do, you WILL die.” And of course no one will believe this coming from HIM, and then they will quickly learn the error of their ways, though they probably won’t have time to change.

Yep, I definitely see him becoming a devil on the battlefield, the likes of which may even give Frost a run for his money; come to think of it, I wonder if Kira’s descent into darkness will change Frost’s attitude and/or plans towards him, and if so, how? At the very least, he may come to think Kira as a “soul-brother” like Cyprus & Asmodeus. But yes, you did a great job justifying Kira’s descent into “darkness,” and I now do understand that he won’t quite change into a berserker, but he will no longer give anyone that chooses to fight him any more mercy.

YIKES, this was a bombshell of a chapter, even if it’s all misdirection and some outstanding misdirection at that, if the initial reviews are any indication. Can’t wait to see how everyone takes this, as well as what ultimately happens to Kira’s family. PLEASE update soon, we GOTTA see what happens SOON.
AtrumUnas chapter 9 . 6/29/2010
Holy FUCK! You actually did it! You actually fucking did it! And not just Lacus, Akira and Aoi too! You created entire characterizations for the two kids just to kill them off!

Okay, let me calm down for just a minute... YOU ACTUALLY FUCKING KILLED THEM ALL!

That is probably the most beautiful display of plot masterpiece I have ever seen. It takes balls to kill off any main character, but Lacus Clyne of all people? I'm surprised she didn't grab them and tear them down to Earth with her. I guess that is really how life is, though. One minute everything is happy and cheerful, the next everyone is dead and one of the kindest men in the world has had his life rendered meaningless. If I didn't feel shitty already for having hating Shinn so much for his "pathetic crying" throughout Destiny, I'd definitely feel it now. That is one shitty way to survive a massacre, I have to admit. I actually feel sorry for Kira, and it is damned difficult for me to feel any emotion for a fictional character. Kira (RW) has since been elevated to the ranks of Frost, Shinn, Lelouch and Larry Foulke (Ace Combat).

On to other matters, I called it. So did a half dozen other people, I assume, but I called it. I didn't expect you to kill the kids too; that's fucked up. So awakens Kira the Praetorian, or Kira the Executor depending on which you prefer. This actually creates something of a dilema, though. It wasn't Frost that killed Lacus, so Kira won't have that all-permeating rage when he duels Frost later on; not in the same way that he'll have when he starts kicking the USN's ass... though I guess that if Kira were to descend into rage, it'd be towards everything so that wouldn't matter. It doesn't matter much anyway, considering he probably won't go totally insane and hell-bent. I assume he's just going to lost his ideals and optimistic views of the world and become more of a soldier, kind of like Cyprus.

On that note I'm disappointed. I was curious to see how Akira and Violet assosciated with one another. Too late now, I guess.

Now I look to the increasingly dark future. Kira has joined Sai in losing his entire family, including a wife and 2 children, though Matthias and Jamie aren't actually dead. There's some kinship there and possibly even some forgiveness between the two of them. I'm going to hazard a guess (hah) at saying that the next time Kira Resonates, it's going to be with Sai/Kunai/Bald Bull. That is going to be one of the most incredible scenes in history if it actually goes that way.

On to the next/last thing. You said that I would never be able to guess who Lilia's love interest was. You aren't seriously going to do that, are you? I mean, that is both fucked up and downright weird. I mean, I thought that it might be Kira and I figured that would require Lacus to die, but I never figured that you would really do that. Lilia is a Lacus look-alike to some extent and for Kira to fall in love with Lilia, I probably wouldn't be able to believe it. I guess I'm still an idealist in the thought that your first love (as in true love) is your only love. I can't comprehend falling back in love after losing someone whom I had shared my mind with, though I've never fallen in love so I wouldn't know. To have it be Lilia would seem... I don't know what the word is, but you understand where I'm coming from.

Now if it isn't Kira, that leaves like 3 people total that it could be. Because it is possible for me to guess in the first place (you wouldn't have said "You'll never guess" if it was a character to be revealed), it has to be someone we've seen before. One guess, which is obvious and unlikely, is Kunai. I don't think so. Another guess I've thought of is Shinn, strangely enough. That would require a TON of story twists and turns, but it's entirely possible. (I think it would be hilarious if you just did a spit-take.) The last guy I actually considered was Heine, but that's a no no considering that the two have already met and would have already hooked up by now. Rey was also a possibility, but I wouldn't think so for some reason I can't quite explain. It just doesn't feel right... Actually, I feel as though Rey is going to get killed before too long in this story anyway.

That brings it down to Kira, Shinn and Kunai, with the former two being the real competitors. I've given it a ton of thought; I can't just NOT think about something when you give me suck a blatant challenge. Oh, and if it is Kira then you have to give it to me because I honestly did consider him a prime candidate before this message and not just because Lacus is now dead. I saw that twist coming a mile away. My favorite is still Shinn, though.

I can't wait until this next chapter. It's going to be fun...
LordRevanMandaloreofZutara chapter 9 . 6/29/2010
Okay, last review for this chapter. I swear.

In my rush of joy in the first review, and in my rush to be all Sherlock Holmes in the second, I left out one important detail. Whether or not Lacus and the kids are dead is a matter that is still up in the air. Maybe they are, but I would bet money on the fact that they live. Either way, Kira is suffering, and that is the real sweet part of this chapter. If Lacus died, well then at least I don’t have to listen to her speeches any more, but Kira, Kira is in for a very long, very painful (hopefully) rollercoaster ride of reality. At last he will pay for all those times he ticked me off with his antics. All those times he acted all noble, all those times when he acted stupid, all those times when I just wished someone would do to him what Luna did to Noah at the end of ED. But the greatest of his sins is the fact that he is a hypocrite. He claims to want peace, and love humanity and all of that, but does his actions show it? The end of ED was a great deal more painful for Humanity then it needed to be. I know I go on and on about the evils of the USN, but absolute Freedom (Anarchy) is just as bad as absolute Security (Tyranny). There was a great deal of unnecessary anarchy on Earth/Eden, anarchy that could have been avoided if Kira and Lacus had done the right thing, and joined forces with Noah. They didn’t need to like him, they just needed to recognize the bigger picture. But they didn’t. Instead of doing the right thing, the smart thing, the thing that would benefit the greatest majority of humanity, they chose to fight Noah. With their help Durandel was able to stop the Great Endeavor, forcing it to retreat and eventually be destroyed.

Now, what did that accomplish? Lets review. Why don’t we start with Orb first. Orb is no longer an independent nation. They are a small, orange, pimple of a province, encased in an energy field that could fell at any time, especially if Green Cosmos gets inside. (Time out. That actually is a pretty good idea. Maybe later on in the story you could have a team of Green Cosmos Edenites infiltrate Orb and take down the Glasshouse. Interesting thought.) There is next to no land for Orb to expand upon and they must build underwater cities in order to house their people. This is not a solution, only a temporary fix since the Leviathan will show up eventually and either demolish the Trieste underwater city, or make Orb pay tribute to it. On top of having no land, the economy of Orb is not what it used to be since, thanks to Kira and Lacus, the Great Endeavor was destroyed and the USN was able to reap years of advancement from that carcass. Now, thanks to that Orb’s primary export is undervalued, weakening them. But the good news doesn’t end there. Durandel, the Solar President, aka Dictator for Life, is just waiting for you to screw up enough so he can swoop in, crush your fifty Dawndrake military force, and put some crony in the place of Cagalli and Jiro. Let me see, am I missing anything? Oh, that’s right. You also can’t build Gundams, legally, and you will be heavily penalized if you are caught.

With Orb concluded, lets review what you two accomplished on the behalf of the rest of the USN population. Well, first off, I must be nice in my review here. If I say anything too critical, Section 9 will swoop in, drag my big but out of my chair and haul me to some secret FEAR instillation where after being subjected to a battery of torture techniques and threats, I will either be thrown into a vat of Red Eden and made into something to help further the glory of the USN and Comrade Durandel, or I will be returned home an told that if I ever go out of line again I will either be thrown into a vat of Red Eden and made into something to help further the glory of the USN and Comrade Durandel. Yes, I am bet the people who make it out alive are so thankful to you right now Kira. Let’s see, what else. Well aside from the fact that the fate of Five Billion souls are decided by seven individuals who hold all the power, I don’t think there is anything else. Oh wait. There is something else. It is called the Reclaimer Initiative. Maybe they will capture you and you can say high and explain to all the Edenites why they are suffering and how you are the cause of it all.

(On a sidenote, I have been thinking about Meyrin and how she will achieve fame among the Edenites. You mentioned something along those lines a while ago. I think she will kind of act like the mother to the Edenite children that get sent up to FEAR HQ, and a comforter of the adults who are sent up. Well I can’t wait to find out.)

Now, for the Edenites. One of the best (and when I say best I mean worst) things Kira accomplished on the Edenite side of things was that his actions took out the only man who could provide even the semblance of order in that first year. How many humans unnecessarily died because of Kira and Lacus’ actions? How much of Eden was lost to the Animals because of them? To me, this is their greatest crime, and why I am so delighted to see Kira suffering right now. Their attempt to preserve their lives not only failed, but they damned a significant number of people to the abyss of death. Because of them, the Edenites have to scrape and bow, and squirm before the Animal Chimera. It is sickening! Kunai was acting like a lowly serf, talking to a feudal lord when speaking to the Forrest Prince! For that alone, and no other reason, Kira must suffer.

So, with that out of my system, I have said all I want to say on this chapter. Though I am curious to see how many more people will begin to question the fate of Lacus? Caleb Dykes suspects something is amiss, but you seemed to have successfully mystified the rest. Will my words strike a muse? Hmm, who knows? Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter, and the resolution to the question, whenever it might appear.
Archangel2385 chapter 8 . 6/29/2010
To think I thought the PUMA chapter was action-packed. Goes to show how little I know _.

I won’t lie, I could and really would have gladly glanced over the first part, as I don’t care AT ALL for that EVIL (insert female dog) and Shinn, despite my sympathy for him, most definitely WON’T be climbing my favorite character ladder if he continues his association with her.

That said, I did enjoy the part of the chapter dealing with combat simulations using the NIC system; glad to see it being utilized in such a manner, and I must wonder if any of the Orb pilots are doing the same. Yzak surely is (though he may practice with TWO swords instead of one, hehe), Athrun seems like he would be as well, but Dearka & Kira are big maybe’s, though I really hope for their sakes that they are.

Of course, the best part of the chapter was the fight between Frost & Goldspear. Gotta say, Noah REALLY didn’t cut any corners when trying to make Frost a significant threat to even Edenites. After a point, it was almost comical how hard a time Goldspear was having at killing Frost, and the really tripped out part is that Frost beat Goldspear ON HIS OWN GROUND. I am glad though that, despite Frost’s abilities, it was still pretty plain to see that he was definitely outmatched (at least physically) by Goldspear, because I don’t know how I’d have felt if he, say burst out of those coils thrown around him.

If I had but one regret, it’s that he didn’t and seemingly hasn’t fought a Megahunter and its attendant Cold Hunters. Now THAT is a match I am looking forward to, though given the beat Goldspear gave Frost, I don’t know if even he could prevail (unarmed) against such a force. Still doesn’t stop me from fantasizing . . . care to make my dream a reality? I’ll cross my fingers.
Archangel2385 chapter 7 . 6/29/2010
Now THIS is the future of mobile infantry, I tells ya.

To start off, Lexi is really cool and definitely may turn into one of my favorites by the end of this story. You can clearly see by some of her responses how she’s definitely computer-based, but at the same time, she most definitely does have a very real & unique personality, and I especially loved her squaring off against Cyprus, though Cyprus being Cyprus, that might not have been the best opponent to bluff with _.

Speaking of Cyprus & the other Stormhounds, whew, did they met & exceed my expectations. Reading your story was like remembering a HALO mission, and it was definitely one of the most exciting chapters yet. That said, I am somewhat disappointed by Cyprus’s oversight regarding the Phoenix Feathers; for a man as careful as Cyprus, that’s a HUGE thing to overlook IMHO. Now perhaps my standards are too perfect and admittedly no one is, but such a huge tactical blunder on Cy’s part is somewhat disturbing; if he can forget major details like that, what else did he miss? Guess that’s the point of remedial training, and from the looks of things, given how several got tagged by Allister, there will be a LOT of it, lol.

Oh yeah, and it was nice to see Thom & Mel happy; always good to see them happy _.
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