Reviews for Home with the Fairies
Dreams.exe chapter 30 . 11/27
Thank you for this story. It was so lively. you did an amazing job at what your attempt of a girl being in middle earth may realistically be like while keeping it entertaining. Even to the end it was an amazing read.
Guest chapter 30 . 10/26
That was a great read. Loved it. Well done.
As you said in the beginning it truly was difficult to find a good LotRs story when you started writing this. Particularly in the Harry Potter/LotRs crossovers, where Harry suddenly flips his preferences to men (?), unless it's a fem!Harry that enters middle earth, but, I have read some good stories of fem!Harry.
I have found a few good stories since coming back to fan-fic reading, including this one.
I can't tell you how many times I've read the LotRs and Harry Potter books, including a few other series' of books, maybe a dozen. LotRs will always be my favourite, Including The Hobbit and The Silmarillion. I've always started with it. Tolkien built such a great world.
Thank you for such a great story and uploading it to the world.
Magickath chapter 30 . 10/17
Wow! This was so beautifully written and I cannot wait to re-read this wonderful work! As soon as I picked it up I could t put it down until it was fully read.
Gifty chapter 30 . 10/5
This was such a wonderful, wonderful story. I enjoyed every moment of it, and I wish Maddie all the best :-) I really love the ending (even though it sounds more like the beginning).
This story made me happy! Thank you for bringing Boromir back :-)
Thank you for this amazing story!
Gifty chapter 29 . 10/5
Wonderful! I like that she took her time to figure out what she truly wants. Sometimes you see better from a distance.
Gifty chapter 27 . 10/5
Wow. Auch an amazing description of the moment the ring was destroyed. I had chills.
Gifty chapter 25 . 10/2
See, finally Faramir and Éowyn met! Wonderful. Lovely chapter. Funny thing with the cloak!
Gifty chapter 21 . 10/2
I don’t want to repeat myself, but damn, you are an incredible writer! You made her story blend in so well with the canon. Also very interesting to see the battle from a different perspective.
Gifty chapter 19 . 9/26
Now the burden she carries becomes visible. I like those little playful moments between them :-) they are sweet.
Oh, before I forget it: “Sylvester Stallone” I had to laugh out loud for very long :-D
Gifty chapter 18 . 9/26
Now it makes sense how she got over Aragorn :-D
I love how everything makes sense and how you stay true to the canon.
Gifty chapter 17 . 9/26
What a great fighting scene! This was well, well done! I beg you write for a living, your writing style is superb! Also your Storytelling.
I am now eager to see how they interact with each other :-)
Gifty chapter 16 . 9/26
I really appreciate that so many of the beloved characters have an appearance here in your story. You depicted them very well!
Gifty chapter 15 . 9/26
Awe! So good to see more of Éowyn! This was a very nice chapter :-)
Gifty chapter 14 . 9/26
As wonderful as ever!
I did not think the meeting and talking with Faramir was boring or too much. On the contrary. I was kind of sad that it eventually came to an end.
It is nice to see her out in the wild again. Too bad she got hit and injured. But I guess it was about time sth terrible happens.
I am curious if she sees Faramir again.
It is nice she sees Eomer!
Gifty chapter 13 . 9/26
I love the interaction between the two of them. He seems super nice :-)
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