Reviews for Frailty and Fortitude
Patcheresu chapter 7 . 7/28/2010
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I'd figured you'd find that hysterical. And frowning gamer is frowning.

Dr. Gabe Cunningham is indeed, a Cunning Ham. Given how he's almost Spike from Cowbow Bebop in every which way, he's automatically hilarious. Like he says to his robot sidekick with TUTORIAL protocals. He's ALREADY a PhD so she doesn't help much.

"You're just an encyclopedia of things I already know." Gabe and CR-SO1 are my favorite characters for their humor factor. CR-SO1 is a normal person in case you haven't played Trauma Team, made by Atlus. He goes by that because he was drugged with amnesiacs after an incedent that infected everyone in the Cumberland College with the Rosalia Virus, a viral hemorrhagic fever that attacks any cells that are not it's own. That's his prison number, as he was a scapegoat because of a risk his father took. [That means you will die of blood loss. Slowly and painfully as your body begins to corrupt and it makes tumors with it's own cells. Oh and you look like you have demon claws on you from the internal bleeding bruises.] It's like a USB Virus. It connects to ANYTHING nowadays.

[CR-SO1 tries to perfect "The Ultimate Smile" in his epilouge in the True Ending you unlock by beating the game's major plot which pretty much takes up the last seventh or so of the game. LOL. He tries it on his FBI guard, he's an convict.]Why? In order to unlock the epilouge you have to do not only ALL surgery missons[CR-SO1's story], but First Response[Maria Torres], Endoscopy[Tomoe Tachibana], Orthropedics[Hank Freebird], Diagnostics[Gabe Cunningham], and Forensics[Naomi Kimishima/Nozomi Weaver in Trauma Center: Under The Knief 2]. THEN you unlock the last story, Patient Zero, the climax of the story. It's sad, but epic given the final boss you face, Rosailia GUILT, a mutated form of the GUILT virus from the first game mixed with the Rosalia virus. It basically is a test to see if you remember how to treat every habit that Rosalia dishes out. Lacerations, tumors, reproduction habits, blood pools, and MORE.
Dark Naruto chapter 5 . 7/12/2010
Aww.. Poor Minato getting all humiliated when he wasn't in th wrong. Shame on you, seniors! You're not going to continue it? Aww please? Update it pretty please! :)
Patcheresu chapter 3 . 6/9/2010
Great story I love truth or dare scenarios Dang it keyboard won't let me use exclamations. I had to do a Google search for exclamation and cpoypaste