Reviews for Absence
redlipstick77 chapter 14 . 6/19
[ ugly sobbing] i knew it! I knew i shouldnt have read this but damn! This js agreat fic and would leave you in a crying mess but overall it's well written. So goodjob! :D
redlipstick77 chapter 12 . 6/19
You shoul Harry Potter anashio and you'll know about horcruxes you know! And damn you Usopp why are you making horcruxes now when youre supposed to be alive u lil shit! I thought I wasn't going to cry (bec I wasnt really attached to Usopp as a character) BUT FUKKK I DID CRY I H8 YOU
keriababe2010 chapter 14 . 6/14
This was beautiful, even though a little bittersweet, and I enjoyed it immensely. This is probably one of my favorite One Piece fictions I've read to date. Thank you for writing this gorgeous piece of literature.
ButterPie chapter 14 . 2/10/2014
I know this is coming too late, but I just got into OP recently (Like Nov 2013 or something, though I'm near catching up on things), but this made me cry. Like really sob at the screen cry.
I hadn't meant to read this, because I dislike death fics, but this one was beautifully written. It was well thought out, and makes me appreciate Usopp more..
Guest chapter 14 . 8/28/2013
I seriously cried for like 20 minutes. This is undeniably one of the best fanfictions I have ever read.
mad100141 chapter 14 . 8/20/2013
I got the feeling from chapter two on that it would be a surprise he's alive fic until they met the shaman-guy.

Too true that Luffys reaction wouldn't be as such if it were that Ace had died.

I got goosebumps on the two latter chapters at some moment.
Goosebump definition by Wikipedia: Goose bumps, also called goose flesh, goose pimples, the medical term cutis anserina, are the bumps on a person's skin at the base of body hairs which may involuntarily develop when a person is cold or experiences strong emotions such as fear, nostalgia, pleasure, euphoria, awe, admiration and sexual arousal.[1]

Give my thanks too to Tonko and Wendy for encouraging you on the story. I'm glad they did so.

Elaborate ending if I may say.
Though somehow I got the urge to daydream at moments that Usopp would live because the underworld is way too amused by Luffy's life and path(and all that happened).
sess18 chapter 14 . 3/14/2013
Great story. Crying the whole time.
DV5500 chapter 14 . 2/4/2013
Absolutely, positively one of the best fics I have EVER read.
Honestly, I'm a little shaken. Great work. And thank you for finishing it.
Chromaticist chapter 14 . 12/30/2012
This is the way I want to write. I'm not kidding. There's just something about your writing style, your use of words. This is more beautiful than anything else I can remember reading. Thank you for persevering until the very end. You have all my respect.
Natylol chapter 14 . 12/21/2012
And awesome fic and a sad one too. Just love it
sassyusopptumblr chapter 14 . 9/26/2012

Umazes chapter 14 . 9/16/2012
I cried my way through every single chapter of this story ;_;
But it was beautiful. Extremely, heartbreakingly, stirringly beautiful. And I thank you for that.
niks chapter 14 . 7/27/2012
damn, you made me cry so much.
great story. heartbreakking though.
plushbones chapter 14 . 5/9/2012
I don't know how you did it, or how you could have managed but you killed off my favorite character in all of One Piece and made it believable. I don't think I've ever cried so hard for a fanfic but I have such a deep admiration for his character and overwhelming sympathy, love and adoration for him.

I was sobbing like a baby when they were saying their good byes to Usopp. Even typing his name brings fresh tears to my eyes. There are so many parts I want to mention, like everyone's dreamscapes and what Usopp said to each member of the crew and how it left me blubbering and what Robin wrote on his grave and then Luffy's denial, all these little details you made sure to mention. You're truly amazing and while reading it was hard, I had to finish and I mostly did in just one sitting.

I can really tell how much you love Usopp and I could only imagine what it could have been like writing this. I have to say that I have such great respect for you and your work. The way you handled the grief of each straw hat was not only in character but honest. Needless to say I was emotionally wrecked by the end of this and the ending was bitter sweet but appropriate.

I truly love your writing and how it's so painfully true to the characters. Thank you for completely this story; it's definitely one of the best fanfics I have read.
Ninja Lady Jae chapter 14 . 3/1/2012
Your story was truly interesting and I liked to read it. Now I want to find other ff's were the other Straw hats die:P

I think your writing style is one of the best I ever read on but there is something which stuck out to me:

In chapter 11 after Luffy broke down and started to think clearly again Zoro acted, in my opinion, a little OOC because of the following reason:

Luffy said that he wishes Ussop to be weak and not brave and although he only said that because he was really upset and sad I think Zoro would have reacted in a different more violent way.

When Zoro agreed to be in Luffy's crew he said that he would kill Luffy if he steps in his way of fullfilling his dream and in Thriller Bark Zoro sacrificed himself to safe Luffy and those two things apply to Ussop in your story because he also sacrificed himself for his captain and friend.

And now we have Luffy who doesn't accept the deciscion his crewmate made and on top of that he stomps on Ussop's dream by saying that he wishes him to be weak again right in front of the man who promised to kill his captain if he ever got in the way of his dream and Ussop's dream was to be a brave warrior of the sea.

My very first thought after I read Luffy's outbusrt was a mental picture of Zoro holding his sword at Luffy's neck and threatening him because he couldn't endure his captain's way of dealing with the situation anymore and then lecturing him for such thoughts in a rather strict way.

But all that are just my thoughts about that scene (I'm a Zoro fangirl) otherwise this story was totally worth reading it.

And I apologize for my grammar and for all those sentences I wrote you propably had difficulties to understand.
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