Reviews for NMAC: Naruto Mahora Academy Chronicle
CKY.fanboy chapter 46 . 11/22
Please keep your stories. i love reading this story a lot. i mean start over fresh too, but keep these up.
lou2003us chapter 45 . 11/19
I really want to see what happens next!

Looking forward to next chapter.

Keep up the great work!
Chaos Karma chapter 4 . 11/9
why the fuck isn't he pissed at those worthless existences known as kami and her watchers for sealing his abilities his POWER i'd definitely be pissed and swear revenge on those bastards after finding a way to undo the seal and then kill them SLOWLY AND one should be able to take away your power those foolish existences sealed his because he would've eventually been stronger than them
Guest chapter 24 . 11/2
Ahhh...this is so sweet
szmtex chapter 36 . 10/31
ehh its so stupid naruto always faint or colapse in critical mooment so negi can steal spotlight and for what? so he can grow? its stupid as hell there is absolutely no reason for naruto to let him do that
szmtex chapter 28 . 10/30
that was weak i think negi 'beaten' real rakan with less power in cannon than naruto showed here on copy besides where was rinnegan? or any akatsuki powers? hell even picking hidan is sure win as he cant die or anything he could simply brush anything off as rakan couldnt really rip him to shreds in front of crowd
snorlax7 chapter 46 . 10/16
You must keep you story! It's OK if you're not gonna continue this, but as one who had been following the story, personally I would be sad if I couldn't read the story anymore.
The Next Kitsune chapter 46 . 10/10
Glad to see one of my favorite authors back in action congrats on finding yourself and hope to read many things from you bro.
LadyHayakawa chapter 46 . 10/1
keep that story don't delete it please
Juhnz97 chapter 46 . 9/29
No, don't delet ur old story please
thecreatorofreality chapter 46 . 9/29
please keep the stories
abigfan chapter 46 . 9/25
Sure are glad you are back! Please keep the stories up! This one in particular has always been a gig favorite of mine and so many of the good Naruto/Negima stories are being taken down! Please leave me with this!
brandonwhetstone chapter 46 . 9/25
Plz keep them cuz I fucking love ur stories. I mean plz keep update with naruto mahora academy chronicle cuz I read them many time
Trace Carter chapter 46 . 9/23
please keep them up
Some guy chapter 9 . 9/23
Karaoke is fucking annoying. Your writing Naruto like such a Gary Stu it's ridiculous. Amazing warrior, amazing singer, romance interest to the female characters; seriously he is a Gary Stu and a half.

If that new pactio is Zangetsu and he starts fighting like Kurosaki Ichigo, I will drop this story.
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