Reviews for A Game of Chess
jojohohoho chapter 22 . 10/3/2023
Thank you so much for this beautiful story
Periantari chapter 22 . 6/3/2023
Amazing story- i know this was written in 2002 so i'm just staying this is very good and i started liking Lotr in 2002 and now, i'm very into Gondorian relations especially Faramir. This was a beautiful ending to a beautiful fic. SO well thought out and well written and gentle in all the right places. Bravo!
Periantari chapter 21 . 6/3/2023
This is so good. I love this resolution very much. I love when Eowyn is there when Faramir has nightmares and vise versa- i think they make a good couple and they understand the trials that they have gone through.
Periantari chapter 20 . 6/2/2023
i'm so glad they are resolved and back to husband and wife. This has been an amazing fic to read!
Periantari chapter 14 . 6/2/2023
lol, "duck"- that is brilliant. Faramir should've left to Rohan sooner since he knows he needs to make amends and apologies.
Periantari chapter 13 . 6/2/2023
omg one of the best Eowyn chapters-i am so glad for her realization! And finally she knows the truth.
Periantari chapter 9 . 6/2/2023
Eowyn is so wise, the wiser of the two and I always felt that she had the strength to save Faramir in the Houses of Healing actually- i thought her love broke through to him and prevented him from falling into the shadows. SO i appreciate heroine!Eowyn very much and marriage is important to save!
Periantari chapter 7 . 6/2/2023
wow what a chapter- i loved the exchange at the end when they fought about the duties of home versus country and Faramir and Eowyn's respective duties. This was quite a chapter! So dramatic and so well written!
Periantari chapter 4 . 6/2/2023
Loved this so much- i liked how Faramir came back in down spirits but Eowyn's news brought him joy. It is a good transition. But i like your foreshadowing of there is cause of his disquiet and we will learn more later. Nice writing.
Periantari chapter 3 . 6/2/2023
Loved this chapter- this was written so well and i liked the insight that Mablung gave Faramir on his fury at the orc and that it may be because he is overwrought and too anxious. I liked the other chapters too so far but this is my fave since i love angst.
Aslans Little Lioness chapter 10 . 9/14/2021
My gosh, I feel so wrong for loving the angst so much! But the build up is so wonderful and- oh, this is such a lovely story. Though it seems incredibly wrong to find so much pleasure in the distraught feelings of the characters.
Aslans Little Lioness chapter 7 . 9/14/2021
This is my second time reading this story but I love this story so much! The pressing of buttons, the miscommunication, it is believable and heartrending. Such beautiful language too! It is in first person, yet it is still in that formal way that one can comprehend. It is so lovely! I believe you have fleshed out the characters marvelously and the story line is beautiful!
Aslans Little Lioness chapter 22 . 5/19/2021
Oh! This is so good! Honestly, it was utterly heart wrenching reading about the two of them misunderstanding, and I love the wedding traditions! And the epilogue just warmed my heart!
robins game chapter 22 . 1/9/2021
This story is incredibly beautiful. I was in tears throughout; I honestly can’t remember the last time I cried so much over any story. Your writing is impeccable and blends with Tolkien’s style perfectly—I felt almost like I was reading some appendix from the characters’ personal diaries or thoughts. It’s been so long since this was posted that I’m not sure you’ll ever read this review, but if you do, I hope it brings you some joy to know that your writing is still inspiring delight, sorrow, relief, and hope in your readers even almost two decades later. If there’s anything to learn from LOTR, it’s that that some tales are meant to last through the ages, and if it isn’t too melodramatic to say, I’m glad this is one of them. Thank you for writing, and I hope your thesis went well!
EverleighBain chapter 2 . 1/16/2020
Eowyn! She cannot help but tease him about Rohhiric! Eomer’s reaction to his scholarly attempts to speak it made me laugh, too.

Faramir as seen through Eowyn’s eyes is a treat, and you’ve made her very perceptive, how she picks up on and speculates about his little foibles and mannerisms, and notes how other people respond to him. It’s one thing to write a romance and expect the readers to believe there is attraction there; far more effective are these little details of a woman watching closely and with great curiosity the man she is now married to.

The newlywed’s eagerness to be gone from everyone is something I remember well myself, and this whole day recounted made me smile. Emyn Arnen is beautifully described, filed with air and growing things.

Adore the line about Faramir’s gift for making all about him peaceful, and adore that she is able here to see that for the gift it is.
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