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eowyn in disguise chapter 17 . 3/20/2002
It was perfect. Thank you.
Isabeau of Greenlea chapter 17 . 3/20/2002
(For Chapter 18, actually) All right! You finally got them talking! Enjoyed the domestic scenes with Faramir and his children, and boy am I glad that they were the catalyst that got him thinking about the possbility of fighting for his marriage! That he was able to bare his soul in the letter, and later to finally tell Eowyn about the abuse he'd suffered as a child, tells me that he got a clue about the value of communication at last. I did feel a deal of sympathy for him, when he was fearful that his confession to Eowyn about what he suffered could cause her to keep the children from him, and how refreshing that he indicated that he was going to fight if that happened, and not simply accept that deprivation as his due.

And let's hear it for Eowyn! Coming to Minas Tirith, and reaching out to him as well. I feel so much better now! The Faramir I adore is back! Dare we hope for some RST in future chapters?
Altariel chapter 17 . 3/19/2002
The URL for this story on my website is: .

I'll keep on updating this site as I upload chapters here.
anonymous. just in case chapter 16 . 3/18/2002
Okay, so maybe I missed something, am blind, or totally stupid, but tell me where I may find the other website that your story is gracing with its presence!
Oboe-Wan chapter 17 . 3/18/2002
Second time through... And I'm trying to think of something new to say that won't be TOTALLY redundant from the emailed review before you got it posted on ...

Okay. I make no pretenses about the fact that I want Eowyn and Faramir to reconcile and return to a normal married life, for eachother, for themselves, and for their children. BUT... Hm... how do I put this? While feedback is the oil that very often keeps the fanfic flame burning, I also think that it's important to know when to disregard what your readers want, and write what happens?

That said, I'm going to indulge in a "PLEASE FIX THEM AND MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER AGAIN!" even though you know I don't mean it. Maybe. Okay, so I do. But... I want THAT to be "what happens." Is that making any kind of sense or am I just babbling now?

*stops babbling*


This was a very beautiful chapter! You have a knack for ending chapters in such a way that it leaves the reader SO anxious to know what the other character, who wasn't narrating, has to say... er... think.

I loved the way you dealt with Eowyn's memories of Wormtongue. Unpleasant as it is, it's very appropriate for you to have brought up the issue. And I can't HELP thinking that the chapter ended with a ray of hope. They both want to be together again! Sooner or later they'll stop beating themselves up and realize that they're both the best thing that ever happened to each other. ... won't they? *sniffles*
Hm chapter 17 . 3/17/2002
I would swear that the catagory wasn't "angst" when it started! You evil woman! EVIL!

Oh... and update soon! ;-)
Deborah Judge chapter 17 . 3/16/2002
This is amazing.

I suppose they don't HAVE to end up together, I mean, this is post ROTK so you can do whatever you want. It makes sense that she is at peace with their separation, and they do seem both better off for it. You mak know what the end is, but you are keeping it from your readers very well.

ps. Could you please tell your loyal fans how to find your spaceship stories? Please?
Episcopal Witch chapter 16 . 3/16/2002
(Peeking out from her hole): Oh, you are most welcome, my pleasure, and I thought that the way you wrote Faramir's reactions to his family's knowledge of his illness were utterly in character and quite moving. (But the King *laughed* when Faramir told him that Eowyn already knew? That was weird.)

I'm glad that Faramir wasn't as depressed as I was after the reunion in Edoras, since he read Eowyn exactly the way I did. I was, in fact, startled by his cheerful mood as he crossed the Pelennor. But then, thinking it over, of course it made sense. When he told Aragorn, previously, that his only hope in riding to Edoras was to find his wife and children in health and happy, he was speaking *almost* the simple truth. (As opposed to this reader, who, though not expecting Eowyn to fall into his arms, because life is not like that, was hoping for at least a little more emotional disturbance on her part!) He must have still, unconsciously, had a deeply buried flicker of hope of something more, which is why he took her hand in the first place, but that was doused when she flinched from him. However, he was so relieved to find her compassionate and understanding that his spirits couldn't help but rise, because he actually got more than he thought he would. I shouldn't have been startled. Eowyn noticed that he seemed happier and had reached some resolve.

Well, that's good. He certainly couldn't remain an angsty mess forever. He's already hit rock bottom. Several times. Several different rock bottoms. And since he is so utterly convinced that he has lost her, it can only be healthful that he has figured out how to live with it. But...

His self-analysis made me very sad, the more so because it contained no self-pity at all (there never has been any self-pity in your characterization, from the first words of "Death by Drowning"). That he understands, at last, that he does have self-destructiveness and that it stems from his childhood-implanted pattern of unhappiness is full of hope for the future. Now that he understands the problem, he can fix it. But I can't help but wonder if underlying his acceptance of losing Eowyn forever, his generosity of spirit in assuming all the blame, his admirable decision to get on with and rebuild his life with what remains to him, is RELIEF that his marriage is over.

Taking off his wedding rings-that's got me seriously worried. I can only hope that this relief is because in his mind the issue has at least been resolved and he doesn't have to live in uncertainty any more, and not relief that "the great love of my life" is actually out of his life. Alas, you have very convincingly at this point painted a portrait of a marriage that should NOT be saved, that Faramir and Eowyn are, in fact, better off apart.

The story well COULD end here, with a friendly separation, the estranged couple being civil to each other and most considerate about the children. Very plausible, very true to life-but in which case I, personally, am going to have to mentally move the tale into my AU category! It is NOT what I wanted after "The Steward and the King," and "The Fire Sermon," and the first chapter of "A Game of Chess"!

(Sighs)...The rest of the chapter was a lot of fun. It was great to see Faramir showing his core of steel to the courtiers. We all know that he has a core of steel, or he'd already be completely bonkers, with everything he's gone through. Spontaneous alliteration, yes indeed! Must be the influence of Rohirric.

Kudos to Isabeau and Kshar, because the silver ring solution is perfect. I loved getting a closer look at the book bonfire; I'd found that little incident intriguing. Tearing the Steward's house apart from the inside-why not? Faramir has faced down his nightmares, he doesn't have to make it easy for them to tear at him.

Now here's what I want, if you're taking requests: If you do get Faramir and Eowyn back together again, may we please see details, lots of psychologically convincing details, as true and as moving as their breakdown has been? Even some chapters where they're actually happy? You wrote them happy so wonderfully (sniffs mournfully), with their affection and their banter. It could also show that they had truly rebonded if they managed to weather a serious crisis together (just don't kill off one of their children, please), instead of mutually failing each other, as they did this time. (Because by not knowing that Faramir could not be a coward, Eowyn failed to honor HIM, there.)

I liked the comment from one reviewer (can’t find it now!) about how a reforged bond could be stronger. You know, in Wagner's "Siegfried," the broken pieces of the sword Nothung cannot be welded back together, but when Siegfried files the fragments into dust, melts them, and recasts them into a new blade, nothing can shatter the sword...which is STILL named "Nothung"...

Now here's what I DON'T want: I don't want any chapters that start with gaps of YEARS. I don't want to be left with a taste of ashes. I don't want to read ANYTHING that even remotely resembles the last chapter of "Great Expectations"!

By the way, what's happened to the title of the story?

(Crawls back into her hole.)
Showna EJ chapter 1 . 3/16/2002
This seems interesting so far. i am going 2 add it 2 my favourite stories!
Rhyianna Merquise chapter 17 . 3/16/2002
For someone who thinks Eowyn is hard to write, you certainly do a fantastic job of it.

Eowyn's reverie of Faramir is rather heart-breaking here, and so is the fact that she sees him in their children. But I particularly liked Faramir's memory. _~

Thanks very much for posting this all on a web-site other than ! As I would read about your posting problems, a very loud "Nooo!" would be said, and then I would check back every 3 minutes to see if the problem was fixed. Alas for me and my obsession with this.

Please hurry and get the next chapter up, so my head doesn't explode in anticipation.
Rociriel chapter 17 . 3/16/2002
Mamma, whatta kiss! Yes, that will do, for a START! More pulsations, please!

I see,(I hope) where this is going, and if I'm right, I rejoice.

I missed Éomer the Grumpy in this chapter, lovely as it was. Hope there's some more juice between the brothers-in-law when they meet again, this time perhaps from Faramir? Yes, I know Éomer overheard Faramir's defense of Éowyn, but you KNOW he's not just the King of Rohan but also the champ of Middle Earth Celebrity Grudge Match! I rather liked the suspense when Faramir visited. That "...I would thrash you to within an inch of your life" was so positively Éomeric! To have Faramir tell him off in his inimitable style (inimitable now that Denethor is dead) would be priceless!
eowyn in disguise chapter 17 . 3/16/2002
You do a fine job with Eowyn! I like her pov of as much as Faramir's, so don't think you aren't doing her justice.

I loved the listing of Faramir's small habits and quirks. She remembers them all so vivdly that we feel as if we know him too. That sort of "inside" information is what makes tales come alive, because then we can know them in the depth of the characters they interact with.

Being particularly fond of Boromir, I love it when you bring him up. It's interesting that Faramir thinks a lot of Boromir's near destruction and it is Eowyn who defends him.

"And assumed he would always be as strong as he had been when we first met..." *sniffs back tears*

I see your mind! (a little Boromir quote) You are leading them both into misunderstanding and assumptions again! Faramir thinks she doesn't want reunion and she thinks that he is better off without her. Like, Ricco, I am not going to suggest anything...

Thank you for continuing!
eowyn in disguise chapter 16 . 3/16/2002
I was ready to bash in the computer when I heard of your problems, but then sanity struck and I realized that then I would miss the rest, if and when it came.

Very well written, as always. I was glad to see Faramir more at peace with himself and his situation, though it also breaks my heart in a way. But, I suppose it is important for him to be able to live without Eowyn, so he will be able to better live with Eowyn, if that makes any sense. The wedding vow bit was good; I was crushed for both he and Eowyn when he took off his rings, though. It is maddening that he can bear giving her up better than he could telling her the truth. Men are like that, though.

Three cheers for Arwen! "Ostinate man." I am glad that Aragorn was put in his place for "gossiping."

Remodeling the house was another of your astute insights into humanity. I smiled because I recently went through some great emotional upheaval in my life and consequently have been cleaning and changing the house, as well as a personal makeover. The melting of the ring was the same sort of thing. The family's problems with rings was funny; I hadn't even thought about that!

I loved the scene where Faramir overhears the inflammatory comments about his life. The "eerie impersonation" line was so... funny and tragic. I winced when he said it, but there's something to be said for standing on your own feet.
Soledad chapter 17 . 3/16/2002
Oh God, that was soooo sad! But I think you worry unnecessarily about Éowyn, for you wrote her perfectly. I especially liked the comprism how Éowyn could think back of his uncle and cousin and how Faramir thought of his brother and his father. That was beautiful.

I still hope you can fix them somehow, despite all this sad stuff. There is so much love, it would be a waste, indeed, if they could not find back togeter.
Guest chapter 17 . 3/16/2002
Yay! chapter 17! thanks for the web link, I think I'll start checking that for fear, we'll keep reviewing. You can't be alowed to not finish this!

You write Eowyn very well, even if you do prefer Faramir's pov. I like the memory that Faramir has given her _ You do like to play with our emotions, don't you? Reading that was so sad, within the context of this story where each feels that they are hurting the other.

Of course, I need to read the rest. Eowyn CAN'T be allowed to abandon her vow to save the marriage. Please tell me they'll get back together...please?
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