Reviews for White Lies
carl poppa chapter 1 . 3/20
ive read all of your fanfic stories and this one is my favorite its really well written i liked it
Lupin Hallow chapter 13 . 3/18
I love your writing style, it's amazing. Your grammar is WAY better than mine, and your chapters... Wow. They are so long! It's brilliant. I love this. It's proabably one of my favourite FANFICS. Is there a sequel?
Sini chapter 31 . 3/16
Loved it! Well done!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/15
Wow, It was really good! You are really talented and it feels like being back at hogwarts. Good job!
Guest chapter 31 . 3/8
I spent most of my weekend reading this story i just could not put it down. Witch id wierd cuz i found it very disturbing. It was very well written though.
Fire x Ice chapter 31 . 3/5
I actually finished all this in one big sitting because I was feeling a giant drarry story today and this one looked fun. I really enjoyed reading it, and thank you very much for sharing with everyone. I think the relationship was written well, and even though Snape/Lupin isn't really my cup of tea, I enjoyed their interactions as well. I really loved everyone becoming friends, and the plot itself was easy to follow and a good story.
Kirten22 chapter 31 . 3/3
Absolutely amazing. Truly it is. This story had me going on an emotional roller coaster! I mean, I love how you portray the characters PERFECTLY. Your use of vocabulary is well thought out as is the plot of course. Every chapter had me wanting more. I adore the little moments of each couple. Speaking of which, what had me intrigued was how you didn't just focus on Draco and Harry. There was Blaise and Neville and Snape and Remus. I really don't know how but you made me fall in love with each character and each relationship with every word I read. Perhaps you won't read this. Or maybe it won't matter, but I must say your wonderful writing had me from the beginning. You really are a magnificent writer and I look up to you greatly. I guess I'll say what really needs to be said, thank you so VERY much for writing this endearing, breath taking, no short of a masterpiece story. You made my week.
JN Malfoy chapter 31 . 2/28
Never thought that i'll be patient to read till finish this story, when i actually easy to get boring..
But this story really took my heart and i can't leave it that way to not finished it...
Gozzz i love every kissing part of DraRry n all couples here were just cute, love the way u picture them.
Thank's for this awesome fanfict :)
Em chapter 31 . 2/24
How dare you chapter 31 . 2/24
You write a fantastic story. Just fantastic. But not one remus/Severus kiss! I was so excited when there was one last chapter. So excited. Was just waiting for it! And then. No kiss. :-( I'm dying inside.
HareDray chapter 19 . 2/24
I'll be terribly short here, though I want to write much more about how much I'm loving this.

Is this story available for download somewhere, preferably in .pdf format?
Ani Mei chapter 31 . 2/20
This has been such a whirlwind! It's such a great fic, I love it so much. The progression and development between all the characters are logical, the execution is excellent. I'm sad that it doesn't look like there's a sequel and you stopped writing in the fandom. But thank you for this beautiful fic and I hope you're still writing.
Alicexxx chapter 31 . 2/19
Couldn't put it down! Amazing!
Alice chapter 16 . 2/18
Actually spilled tears! So beautiful!
Unknown chapter 31 . 2/16
Amazing! Stunning! Incredible usage of vocabulary,
And the style of writing was very enjoyable to read! This was incredibly imaginative, and I found this exhilarating to read.
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