Reviews for Road Trip
kmc356 chapter 1 . 4/20/2014
This was so funny. Genuine LOLs. Well done.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/14/2014
Ever since I was first introduced to "Moody", I always pictured him as paranoid John Wayne, and I don't know if you've ever seen the movie "Rooster Cogburn" (with John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn), but the relationship between their two characters is how I always pictured Alastor and Minerva to be, prickly, thorny, and so damn sweet! The idea of a previous relationship between McGonagall and Moody has been knocking around in my brain for years now, just one of those unofficial head-canon things you get so attached to, ya know?
Anyway, so since there was definitely never evidence in support of it, and everyone else was MMAD4eva, I never thought I'd find someone else who'd made that connection. And then I read your fics, and I was so happy! You wrote it better than I'd ever even considered it, and really deepened my idea of what a relationship between Mad-Eye Moody and Minerva fucking McGonagall would be, and I absolutely adore it! I think they've even reached the spot of HarryPotter OTP, mainly thanks to you and your stories. I wish they were more popular, because now that I know it exists, I cannot find enough of it! So your Moody fics have been priceless...
So yeah, back to reviewing this particular story, everyone in here makes me grin :D
Arthur is the perfect observer for this tale to unfold, and Filius is so damned cute! Molly made me so proud and the idea of Snape and Flitwick...well, let's just say if you wrote it, I'd read it.
And the Moody/McGonagall stuff, aaaaaaaaaaaaah, pure heaven! They were just so darn adorable, even if they're more friends than lovers. I like that side of their relationship too!
Every character you added in was spot on and made me smile, all the way from Hermione and the boys, to the unnamed Death Eaters at the end. This has got to be my favorite Moody fic of all time, and I'd give just about anything to watch him and his "Min" (so cute!) have tea...thank you :)
McGonagall25 chapter 1 . 11/23/2013
I loved it.
rbear1231 chapter 1 . 7/21/2013
hahahaha short leaving more

corse that dose have a damper on one of my oldest beliefs

since i read ootp ive always had this picture of moody as nevilles grandfather u know alices dad they have never said what alices maden name was and some reason it has never left my mind
MyMadness chapter 1 . 10/28/2011
You most assuredly managed the snark. Just grand. Snappy, ripping, tight and funny.

Can't be vigilant lying down. Poor fellow!
spin84 chapter 1 . 7/6/2011
Well I've never had a particular amount of empathy for Arthur before, but I feel the same! It's such a pity it had to come to an end - what I wouldn't give to have been in the boot!

I'm sure a sequel isn't on the cards, but I would love to 'do a Rita' and be a fly on the wall during that spot of tea between Alastor and Minerva back at the safe house! ;-)

Spin Xx
excessivelyperky chapter 1 . 6/15/2011
I've been on that road trip! With children. From the West Coast to Memphis, Tennesee. And back.

Everyone alive when we got home, too.

Heh. The only other thing you'd need on _this_ road trip would be that nice Mr. Crowley in his Bentley (GOOD OMENS).

Nicely done.
C.Rara chapter 1 . 10/11/2010
love it :D

I don't like McGonagall love pairings, but I really quite like the idea of her and Moody having a history.

well done. can't wait to check out some more of your stories :D this is going right up into my favourites :D
Vera Rozalsky chapter 1 . 6/20/2010
First, the choice of Arthur as POV character is inspired. He knows (or thinks he knows) the Muggle world, but greets it with the enthusiasm of a small boy. He's a generation or two younger than Minerva et al, so he still thinks of them as 'the Hogwarts faculty', and he's alert and enthusiastic, so he doesn't miss a thing. The road trip corresponds as well to a change in his view of Minerva and Alastor, and because he knows about as much as we do, we take the journey with him.

Second, the mundane details against a background of looming danger: the arguments about ways and means, the misunderstandings of terminology (beginning with the 'clutch'), all of which highlight the differences in outlook and approach between Minerva and Alastor. Because theirs has been a _working_ relationship, even in its romantic phase, this is utterly fitting. Love and work needn't be mutually exclusive for these two old warriors, and they aren't. And let me just add how hungry I am in ordinary life for stories and relationships like this; standard-issue romance never did much for me.

Alastor and Minerva are fascinating in their interactions: in their collisions, we see fire struck from flint. And the matter of the conversation is utterly ordinary, starting with the 'comfort stop' which makes it quite clear that the two know each other intimately... including the details we don't ordinary share around, such as how often we need the restroom. :)

The lovely thing here is that it's all wrapped around with the magical folks' ongoing encounter with the Muggle world, which makes strange what is ordinary to us. (The conversation about the wildly colored snack cakes was delightful.) I particularly liked the way that the picture of their relationship took shape out of the overheard fragments, and Arthur's point of view changed: suddenly he was seeing the people behind the 'teacher' mask, beginning with that first drink that Minerva takes before departure. It makes me appreciate just how much the staff at the High Table are putting on a performance for their sharp-eyed charges... and how much they must appreciate the summer holidays, because they serve as a sort of intermission. (A 'Hogwarts in the summertime' sketch might not be amiss...)

Best of all, the last scene, in which we zoom out for a rather different view of the road trip, and a comic sidelight on the banality of Evil... it's just another day at work for the Death Eaters, and there's the irascible boss to consider.

A wonderful little pocket-sized tour de force. Thank you!
the real snape chapter 1 . 6/7/2010
Ah, my old favourite, the Road Trip.

/But before she could reduce the boys and Moody to size/ What a pity Hermione had to interfere.

/"I could do with a cup of tea, then, loves. I'm parched."/ So utterly English and so utterly Molly. And for once, in your story, I like the dear.

/But one should always be prepared/ Love to see the Albus/Baden Powell crossover.

/"Make it a double," / Better than 'make it two', you're right.

/merely because a dark and despotic maniac was on the loose./ McG reducing the dark and despotic maniac to 'merely' in Arthur's mind - great.

/Flitwick was involved with Severus Snape/ Little black dress and fawn-coloured cashmere? Well ... much would depend on the dress, of course.

/"So he was rude and you were stubborn, and it was enough like us to be convincing. / One can actually see how it could happen that way.

/"Well, it won't be as exhilarating as a trip on the Knight Bus," / So utterly Minerva.

/"You're a fine driver, Minerva, even if you don't like the autocratic transfusion."/ Too autocratic herself to like that, I suppose.

/"Well, if that's what you'd prefer," he said, leering, "I could. . ."/ Your Alastor definitely has a way with lewd rhinoceros jokes.

/McGonagall (he really should start thinking of her as Minerva) turned to Arthur/ Love the way you've developed the change in Arthur, along with his new insights in his teachers. If it could be improved, this definitely is an improvement.

/"Very well," Mc. . .Minerva said/ He'll be doing that for some time to come. But he's definitely changed.

Again, I loved it. And I loved the small changes. there's definitely a need for constant vigilance when you repost!
moira of the mountain chapter 1 . 6/6/2010
Ah - there it is ! I'd not seen this posted here and wondered what had become of it. I love the simple humanity of this story - you and I have talked about the fact that even the magical are not ALWAYS magical - sometimes they do things just the same as muggles. I always love your Minerva / Moody dynamic - snarky and tender all wrapped up together. Very real - and the bit about a cake-induced nap is pricless. So happy to have had the pleasure of making a comment or two when this was first written.
aptasi chapter 1 . 6/6/2010
By the end of the first line, I knew I was going to love this story. It did not disappoint. I love the bits about Arthur realizing McGonagall is a human being, and the dynamic between Moody and McGonagall is just hysterical. I've favorited this because I want to be able to find it to read again when I'm feeling down.