Reviews for The List
LittleCrazyDeadGirl chapter 5 . 8/11/2010
Wow, I really love this story. I wish I could write like this. Poor, poor Zexi... Can't wait for chapter 6. -
no.1.important.but.still chapter 4 . 8/8/2010
hey I just finished reading what you have of the story and I love it! Please keep up th egood work. By the way before I forget, I love the endings of the last two chapters:

"What's the magic word?" I asked him, smiling

"I'll rip your arms off."

"One glass of water, coming right up."


"Won't that hurt you?"

I snickered, "No shit!"

Burnt Out and Done chapter 2 . 6/10/2010
ZOMG cliffhanger. I finally got around to sitting down and reading this and...geez. D Poor grim reaper guy.

(I really find it funny that you ended up incorporating a grim reaper/death concept with Kingdom Hearts. I've recently taken to reading Kenny-slashbutnotslash-Grimp Reaper-realted stories. So, this is absolutely up my ally! D)

I'm interested in seeing how they are reborn. And I'm realllllyyy hoping that this story is Zexion/son-of-the-Grim-Reaper centric...because GAH. I love Zexion. And I love the idea of him dating Death.

There are some lines that I really dug in here.

"You'd think there wouldn't be a whole lot of these bags around... speaking that there's only, like, five reapers in existence. But no. You can find these bags everywhere."

I WANT TO SEE THEIR GRIM REAPER WORK PLACEEEE...deathhhhh. But seriously, I can just imagine five bringers of death arguing over what flavor of coffee to buy for the office. D

"I wore over myself what looked like the grim reapers cloak, but it wasn't ripped all over the place. No, that would be gross and... well, untidy."


"And I did, walking right in front of the hands. Soon they all found me, grasping onto my shoulders, my hips, my arms and my legs. The things slowly began to wrap around me, swirling around my abdomen and every other part of my body, one reached down my mouth, until it found that little black hole in my chest. My own soul."

Good description. I feel icky when I read makes me think of worms eating internal organs...slithering. Bleh.

D Can't wait until the next update! And thank you for the dedication.