Reviews for Tied for Last
okaren chapter 6 . 10/14
Loved the repetitiveness of "it's back" during that incident. For some reason, it actually stirred up fear in me.
okaren chapter 2 . 10/14
Wow! I am so hooked onto this story already. Unlike anything I've read before and very curious to how this goes. Very creative!
Guest chapter 14 . 9/13
Holy shit i hate this story but i love everything about it at he same time
Guest chapter 33 . 9/10
Nice. loved Tom
warrior-of-the-heart chapter 33 . 9/6
My heart is hurting right now. I know its so unrealistic and dumb to believe that there is always the happiest of ends at the end of the tunnel but I still did. I still believed that Hermione and Tom would be together at the end of this story and I know, I know I know I know I know that technically Tom died a hero and Voldemort is dead but that doesnt mean that I dont wish, no pray, that it could have ended another way, I know, I know that Tom is in heaven or the light or whatever good thing awaits someone at the beginning of their afterlife but I would have really wanted him to live. I don't even know what I thought would happen. I went into this story thinking to myself that I was in the mood to read a tomione fanfiction but except for that there was nothing - no sense of what would happen, what I wanted to happen, how it would end, who would live, if somebody was going to die? - nothing.
And I am really regretting that - not reading this story because it was a wild ride that crushed my heart not once but twice - but the fact that I didn't prepare myself for the incoming heartbreak. I didn't see it coming and that's what made it hurt so much. Still, it was a wonderful story. I cried when Tom invaded Hermiones mind, I cried when she broke up with him, I cried when she had to say goodbye to Abraxas and Co. and I cried another billion tears after Harry and Tom died. I can't believe that I still have tears left to cry. So, good job because you broke my heart. Keep writing because it really touched me. Which is a weird thing to say considering I just said that to describe my experience while reading a tomione fanfiction. But its nevertheless the truth. Thank you.
sunshinealeia chapter 12 . 9/6
I was giggling out loud during the snowball fight a few chapters back and now with this trip to Honeydukes. Fun reading! :)
sunshinealeia chapter 4 . 9/6
Oh I love the duel scene! How fantastic!
Paeng chapter 33 . 8/28
This is truly brilliant fanfiction. A solid plot, with believable and consistent characterizations, as well as fluid and powerful writing. How you weaved every scene, how you relayed Tom and Hermione's emotions, and that beautiful build-up to the final battle? Masterfully done. I've also read the alternate, or rather, original ending, and I'm so glad you decided to post that one, too; it was the perfect remedy to the ache I felt after I read the last few words of this fic. Nonetheless, this ending was every bit glorious and befitting of Tom's redemption. You pulled it off so well, I can just gush about it over and over. I immediately picked up on where things were headed once you mentioned Dante's Inferno, but it didn't make the reading experience less enjoyable for me. But I do wonder why you decided not to stick with the original ending in the first place? Just curious.

Anyway, I wish I can come up with a more eloquent review as to how this particular piece had left me with so much emotions, but ultimately, it all boils down to a big THANK YOU. Thank you for not choosing to get rid of this despite your concerns in regards to "critical flaws" and "glorifying abuse" (which I personally think is not as grave as you think you've portrayed it given the context of a romance between the series' main antagonist and heroine). Thank you for writing and sharing a poignant piece of fiction that resonates with readers. You made an impact; thus, you've succeeded with this story. Again, thank you.
Gullb3rg chapter 33 . 8/15
Aaaah this freaking story, I read it in like 3 days and loved every moment. I read your note in the beginning about this being a story glorifying abuse so I expected it to be a lot worse than it was! Loved how you actually made Tom heal and made him feel emotions in a believable way, I've read way too many stories where he just suddenly feels every emotion (like no?).
Thank you for writing this story :D
tbirdstar chapter 33 . 8/13
Okay so I adored reading this story. It was heartbreaking and brought tears to my eyes. I so wanted a happy ending for them, but the ending you gave them particularly tom was so beautiful.
Ditto Princess chapter 14 . 7/9
I'm in love with this story!
siredwizards chapter 1 . 7/3
I hope you never delete this. This story holds such a special place in my heart. And please know that while from a certain perspective, this might "glorify abuse," we can't really fully apply that to the context of the story seeing as they're wizards and Tom literally has his soul broken into pieces. I mean, the story is about Tom finding remorse because he's literally handicapped to do so. Contextually, it's understandable and well, it's Tomione... a ship between a villain and a heroine... it's almost impossible for there not to be some sort of abuse while staying true to what makes the characters themselves. Actually, this story is a lot more light than other Tomione stories out there because it's a story about Tom's redemption. Some stories have him as completely evil and it's Hermione who becomes dark. You crafted this story well that it's not as blatantly problematic as your warning in the first chapter makes it out to be.
Guest chapter 4 . 6/10
There are so many things that I liked about this chapter.
Toadtelic chapter 33 . 6/1
Whenever I'm feeling looking for a solid fanfic I always come to this one. And every time I cry at the brilliant ending, it can't be helped. Thank you for keeping this up and writing it. All the best.
those other things chapter 1 . 5/12
This fic is one I always come back to. ywy Thank you so much for writing it! Thank you so much for keeping it up! Congrats on your publication. :")
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