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SkyArrow chapter 27 . 10/7/2013
It just occurred to me that the last time you updated was literally ON MY BIRTHDAY and I didn't notice until now. But I really love how the story is playing out, and it looks like Itaav will soon realize that he's Vaati. And hooray! More VaaZel! But one part of me is still loving the little bits of Zelink thrown in there, so I'm very conficted as to who I should hope she ends up with, so I think I might just be happier if she doesn't end up with either of them just to relieve myself of the inner confict. I'm also very curious as to how Groose will come into play...
fleets chapter 27 . 9/10/2013
All righhhht time for Link and Zelda to play their respective roles! The adventure doesn't really start until Link gets his costume eh? XD
I can't help but wonder how much Valoo and Jabun knows about Itaav and his connection to Vaati, since they seem to know quite a bit.
Also Ganondorf? I didn't think I'd actually say this ever since I'm usually not fond of him, but he's creeping up into my favorite character list for this story.
But dang gurl 27 chapters and we're just starting to get into the real plot. In terms of scale and sheer detail and care to story development I don't think many stories on this website can achieve that kind of epicness :O
Keep it up!
fleets chapter 26 . 8/30/2013
So much happened in this chapter I don't know where to start!
I was excited about the play not for the play itself but for Itaav's reactions to it, and I definitely wasn't disappointed. I've been looking forward to seeing more of those evil-Vaati aspects of his personality :3
Can't wait to see how far those Voices will develop hehe
I guess we're still waiting to see just what roles the Gerudo will play in this story, so I was also pretty stoked about their reappearance in this chapter.
Another plus one for angry dragons! (angry dragons? yes please)
And lastly...
I have a love/hate relationship with cliffhangers. Love them because they make stories more intense and forces me to be more involved with the story, hate them because, well, that means I'm on this constant anxiety trip until the next update.
Speaking as a fellow writer, cliffhangers are pretty darn awesome, so I forgive you :3
Wonder who Itaav's Fire Realm correspondence is? If it's the fire realm, I'm going to guess Goron, but idk you can still definitely surprise us. Another one that comes to mind is that Hylian soldier in Spirit tracks with a pretty depressing story to tell at the Fire Realm. But I'll just shut up now and wait for you to tell us the answers in one of your updates :)
fleets chapter 25 . 8/28/2013
Wow. Laruto. Because I'm the type of person who is extremely, extreeemely shy/terrified/horrified/whathaveyou when it comes to showing affection and talking about omg feelings, I respect her bravery to tell Link what's what. Really. I mean I know some girls in real life who are able to be like Laruto, and whenever I see them I just think 'wow, why can't I do that?' Anyway, same kind of feeling while reading this. Props to her, and now I'm kind of bummed Link doesn't like her like that.
But not tooo terribly bummed because I still do love reading about love (insert some kind of convoluted geometric shape here) and all the troubles it brings.
Which also reminds me. Din and ONOX? Did I read that right? And then Onox pissed at Vaati because Din cheated on him? I'm just imagining the characterization you had of Onox in Reversal and I can't help but giggle at the imagery. Aaahhhh that's just too good.
And ahhh Itaav. Trying to fly. I can't wait until (if he ever reaches that point) gets so good that he can just hop on top of tornadoes like Cyclos and Zephos and cause all sorts of havoc. But for now I suppose we'll have to settle with him hovering a few feet off the ground. It sounds like quite a lot of effort though: sounds like he'll have to practice quite a bit on this! :O
Guest chapter 26 . 8/20/2013
ooo la la love triangle!
Swamp Dragon Princess chapter 26 . 8/17/2013
Yaaay, new chapter. I can see Zelda and Itaav getting a bit friendlier, it's almost as if he needs her. If Valoo was a bit psychic with Zelda did he see anything with Itaav? Sorry for all the questions but I have just one more (for now). Does Itaav have the little mark under his eye; I know I drew him that way but I don't recall you mentioning that he has it.
That One Anon chapter 25 . 8/6/2013
*leans in and softly chants* Threesome, Threesome, Threesome!

((Sorry, I'm not much one for leaving actual reviews. I do love this fic and your character interpretations (geez Blind, I like your style) and the world you've built, though. Also, is it okay to wish for a happy ending for Itaav? I don't want my (or his) poor heart to be broken... Or him to end up dead or most certainly not sane anymore.))
CrAcKeRs oN CrAcK chapter 25 . 8/4/2013
Ok so I've skirted by this story a couple of times, and kept telling myself to read it. Finally, today, while waiting for hours in a clinic to see a Doctor, I read all 25 chapters and I must say, you have done an incredible job with this story (and alleviated hours of boredom!)

The premise of this story reminds me a lot of the Last Exile for some reason, probably because of the airship lol. Also, your characters are fleshed out, and make the story that much more enjoyable. What is also impressive is that you incorporate characters that most people probably forget about such such as Anjean, Byrne, and Cole, not to mention Malladus! (I personally enjoyed Spirit Tracks, so seeing the elements of the game incorporated in your story is quite exciting!)

What I enjoy most is the world you have created. It is unique, and very emersive. What is also quite intriguing is that you have managed to incorporate characters and elements from many games into this exciting atmosphere created in this story. If it were a game, I woud purchase it straight away.

Overall, a very impressive story. I will be anticipating your updates!
Swamp Dragon Princess chapter 25 . 8/4/2013
Traits of Vaati? Okay, challenge accepted.
Arrogance: He completely believes he can warp air into a solid form despite the fact that as far as he's aware, its never been done (I'm not saying he can't, just he's so damn full of himself about it). Also, he is totally unfazed by how much power and magic it will take, he is so presumptive that he can do it.
Lack of compassion: In the way he belittles Link, dismissing Zelda's concerns and goes as far as to try to show him up.
Irresponsibility: In not fully thinking out the effect of summoning a tornado AND admitting to Komali that he's never taken responsibility in a relationship.
Underlying inferiority complex; Possibly just my own personal interpretation but when Link reminds him of the whole Din/Onox incident he gets embarrassed and defensive, even responding quite aggressively when his pride is hurt (poor sausage)
Egomaniac: Okay so this ties in with my first point a little, but; he turns into a blabbermouth when talking about his own power and livens up significantly when his someone massages his ego (ie Zelda). Also, he doesn't want to lose face in front of the Rito over not being able to fly.
Bit of a control freak: Again, possibly just a personal view but I think there's something akin to Vaati in that Itaav doesn't really care if Zelda and Link like each other, more that it leaves him out of the picture?
Inner Voice: Can't help but notice the capitalisation of 'Thought in the Back of his Head'. It's almost as if there's another character hiding in there- am I right? The violent and vengeful side of Vaati perhaps. My current interpretation is that this literally is Vaati!
Finally,no respect for station: Simply in the way he addresses Komali

How'd I do?
fleets chapter 24 . 7/3/2013
I want to see the play! I want to see the play!
And Itaav taking a flying lesson? I can see him being super competitive about it with the other Rito kids... can't see this ending well, unless he decides to play nice for once lol
D'awwww oldies high five gurl! Samezies
Gojira Geek chapter 24 . 6/24/2013
update again please
Swamp Dragon Princess chapter 24 . 6/20/2013
First of all, well done! You promised a great story and wow, you are delivering on that! Second of all I really am loving the conflict of Itaav in whether he wants to be alone or not. It's a constant thing in the story that he says he wants to be alone, doesn't need anyone etc etc, but I can't help but notice that you had him build the Helmaroc with space for passengers, which I'm certain is intentional. The slow build of the relationship between Itaav and Zelda is really enticing. During the tidal pool scene I was all "Zelda! Kiss him!" but then you took it in another direction and I love you for it. There wouldn't be all the tension that there is now!
Just two little questions though.
Is DarkLink making an appearance (that would be awesome cos I luuuuuurve him sooooo much)?
One possible teensy weensy plot hole. Itaav mentions that he and Link are friends because Link saved his life. But when Link tells the story to Zelda he mentions that the two of them were messing around together, suggesting that they were already friends. I wouldn't be surprised though if you tell me you put that in intentionally though and it's all part of the master plan, but I just...wondered.
Anyways please keep up this amazing story, I'm totally hooked!
deku chapter 24 . 5/31/2013
love how you're exploring flying here. and woah. Itaav's dark side is starting to show through. :O
TheWindMage chapter 23 . 5/12/2013
fleets chapter 23 . 4/13/2013
First off, CONGRATS! That's impressive, too, considering how the Vaati story readership has inevitably shrunk since back in the day. And hey, I know what it's like about updating. I think the fact that you keep updating is a feat in itself, since many authors here just... drop a good story and leave it for dead D:

You're handling the love triangle thing really well by the way! Having a normal romance is difficult to develop, and adding a third party just makes it that much more complicated. You seem to be keeping it relatively equal so far, and that's really admirable. I'm curious if there's going to be a clear pairing by the end of the story... but I'm sure you probably won't answer that one (or maybe you will...?)

And I'm so happy you included Niko and Blind here! Particularly happy about Niko, since I just love him as a character: he may not be the strongest or bravest, but he has a whole lot of heart :)

hehehe well sometimes, I wonder what it would be like if either of us stopped writing altogether you know? Gotta admit that at least for me, this website would be a heck of a lot lonelier without a fellow LoZ writer who shares a lot of character interpretations as me.
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