Reviews for Of Whoresons and Nobles
gty chapter 15 . 7/4/2010
the plot thickens...
Annikaya chapter 15 . 7/4/2010
I'm blown away! I had no idea it was even possible to write something this good about a game. I love all the character quirks you put in and how you managed to stay so true to everyone's characters. It's especially cool how you did the thing with the Warden not really having a name. And your descriptions of his emotions and how he deals with his family issues is just brilliant. I can't wait to read more!
Sianna-san chapter 15 . 7/4/2010
Just wanted to say that I enjoy this story immensely, I think you portray the characters perfectly, and I hope you'll go on updating as quickly as you have so far! :D
Zhe.Xinna chapter 15 . 7/4/2010
I hope your happy - keeping me up all night reading your deliciously smexy and hilarious story (I almost woke up my roommate with my stifled giggles)! ;3

God, I love this website; I can easily find both amazing writers and artists (which you are a brilliant example of). But, it also means that the bar is raised with with every awesome story I read. It makes it hard to find the next one to read...darn you.

Oh well, I won't have to worry about that until your quirky story is finished... *sigh* I rue the day.


P.S. I must mention that I think keeping that air of anonymity both in your art and story is best way.

P.S.S. I also was wondering if you were thinking of writting fics for any other of those games? I was heartbroken when I saw you had no other stories to tide me over. ;]
Metalcraze chapter 15 . 7/4/2010
I just read fifteen pages with no sex wth?
Ingu chapter 15 . 7/4/2010
What? NO. Plot progression is just as important as steamy man-on-man... eh I'm not going to... no... must refrain from... argh...

Um, where was I? Oh! Great chapter. XD I love your characterisation, the mix of in game dialogue and those your own design was absolutely excellent (and seamless if I may add). I love how natural it is... D Alistair is just as adorkable and Morrigan huffy as in the actual game. Your writing is awesome. And cliffhangers are bad... D No more...
Lijia chapter 14 . 7/3/2010
You're AMAZING...amazing! Or as Zevran would say ridiculosly awesome!
Shadow of Darkness 22 chapter 14 . 7/3/2010
Such cruel and beautiful timing. But a wonderful dog at that! XD I couldn't help but laugh at the last sentence.
tyren chapter 14 . 7/3/2010
Eva Galana chapter 14 . 7/3/2010
Sooo...the Warden has a playful streak, eh? Well, of course we've seen it before, but this...nicely done. Something Zev could appreciate, if he were the one doing the teasing.

LadyDarksbane chapter 14 . 7/3/2010 yummy a chapter! I'm totally in love with this story... I wish I'd found it sooner~~

Can't wait for more!
Ingu chapter 14 . 7/3/2010
Saren's the big bad(...ish) of Mass Effect! Was that an intended reference? XD I find myself that much more sensitised to ME references in this story now... heheh...

And... that was... smexy... indeed... _ Loving your updates.
Lynnwood chapter 13 . 7/2/2010
Very well written, you stay true to the characters' personalities and dynamics VERY well, and I enjoy that a lot. I also very much enjoy the way you've written your PC Cousland . . . and I do hope we get to know what his name is eventually. Lol Great job, looking forward to more.

LadyDarksbane chapter 13 . 7/2/2010
Ooooooooo...delicious...can't wait for more.
Ingu chapter 13 . 7/1/2010
Awesome chapter! D I love how naturally their relationship is progressing, makes it so much more realistic. XD Looking forward to more!
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