Reviews for The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
Enigma-Hare chapter 1 . 1/26/2012
Oh lala

Nice craz


Air kisses love it
Enigma-Hare chapter 1 . 1/26/2012
Oh lala

Nice craz


Air kisses love it
mischaburns chapter 1 . 9/22/2010
I honestly like this short better than the longer crossover that made the finals. I always tend to gravitate towards more psycolocial, less long and winding plot, stories, and this certainly qualifies. Killing off Crane is a nice touch, and one that I suspect many people couldn't get away with, so you get brownie points for that too.

I want to know what happens to Sherry afterwards, though. :D
The Illegible chapter 1 . 8/2/2010
CHARACTERIZATION: I liked this guilty!Sherry. I like the fact that she was in an abusive relationship with Bo and only broke it off because of what happened to Jonathan at the end rather than anything he did to her. Suggests quite a lot about her self-esteem. Her line about Jon being cute when he was confused was also sweet—despite the fact that he’s nothing extraordinary to her, it gives her this nicer side that makes Jon’s attraction more believable.

I also really liked Lacy, secondary character though she was. I think it was that she wasn’t just a ditz, but a ditz with survival instincts like a bear. XD Also bought Bo as the guy who won’t take no for an answer, even following Sherry into the girl’s bathroom. Lacy calling him out on that was a CMOF for me.

And you actually managed to bring back the endearingly!awkward Jonathan that I’d missed in the Moench comic. It made his end feel so much more tragic to the point that I was bawing at the screen.

I was a little confused during my initial read that you’d shifted the Halloween/Prom events to Junior year rather than Senior year, but it works for this version of the story. Might be good to clarify that somewhere though.

INCORPORATION OF CANON: I think this was the most Batman Annual-faithful entry, except of course the twist ending. What worked best here, however, was that you managed to take all the things the comic tried to do (Jonathan’s nervousness, the prank, Bo as a bully, the horror/tragedy of the accident) and did it RIGHT! I felt like I was reading the comic as it should have been written, for real. Was very impressed.

MECHANICS: “Wreak his body” should be “wrack his body”. Jason’s sentient arteries read a little funny to me. Some run on sentences, e.g. “She yelped, and seeing the Scarecrow approach, bolted up and fortunately dodged past him to run through the cornfield and towards the bathrooms, which would hopefully lock behind her.” Generally speaking though, it was very good.

IMPACT: I was VERY impressed by this fic. Didn’t expect the twist with Jonathan’s death (though I did wonder what happened to him at first), bawed when I read it, and loved the twist at the end like nothing else. It was awesome and surprising and highly original IMO—a real pleasure to read. As a crit, the last two lines feel unnecessary to me—“And I’m going to fix it for him!” felt like a more powerful conclusion because it’s implied that she’ll be killing Bo and Lacy, it’s yelled in the heat of the moment, and it’s easy to picture in context. What comes after created a sense of distance in my opinion, makes it feel somewhat impersonal. This was, however, an exception and definitely didn’t detract much from the story for me because everything else maintained great close third person.

STYLE/TONE: Was pretty consistent with show-don’t-tell, and on the occasions where tell did come up (such as saying Lacy was Sherry’s friend instead of trusting their interactions to say as much) it never became an Achilles’ heel because things were always backed up with concrete details/behavior. Some awkward repetition with “came back”, “backing”, and “backwards”. Suspense, tragedy, horror, and the occasional moment of comedy all translated very well throughout.

OVERALL: Unpredictable, exciting, sad, and honestly human. I think you took a very daring approach both in the ways you stuck to canon and the ways you took it in a different direction. It absolutely paid off. :-)
Pierides chapter 1 . 7/24/2010
CHARACTERIZATION: Though he only showed up periodically, I really applaud your Scarecrow/Jonathan. You caught his awkwardness during the prom scene and the events leading up to it. The fact that it took him a week to work up the courage to ask Sherry to the party, and his hesitation to kiss her all built up the awkwardness that Jonathan experienced in his younger years and you pulled it off wonderfully.

As for Sherry, you pulled her off as a typical teenaged girl. She didn’t like Jonathan, thought he was weird, but knew what they had done to him at the Halloween party was wrong. She was your typical snooty, popular girl, at least at first. Great job.

Bo was Bo. Piggish, brutish, and a little dense. The description of him bending Sherry’s arm to get her to cooperate in the prank was great. It sounded so much like him. He was very straightforward, nice job and you did great.

INCORPRATION OF CANON: The main events you kept, but you had Scarecrow die. Had someone mentioned this to me in passing, I would wonder how it would work, but upon reading your fic, I must applaud you. You sewed a story together flawlessly from bits of both canon and imagination. You kept the break-up of Bo and Sherry, the Halloween Party, and the events of the party intact, but upon the incidents of prom night you took the story in a whole new direction. Jon’s end result was not the paralysis of Bo and murder of Sherry, but the accidental death of the Scarecrow himself. It was so vivid and wonderful, but also very possible. Jonathan’s own death could very well have happened and I wonder if he ever considers this. In subsequent stories of Scarecrow he eventually gains revenge on all the living souls that tormented him, including Bo if I’m not mistaken, and your use of Sherry is brilliant.

MECHANICS: The sentences flow together seamlessly. The sentence structure is effortless and all the punctuation makes the story wind beautifully.

IMPACT: Guilt really eats away at you. That is the message that I get from this. Sherry’s guilt drove her to madness. It is a scary realization and a message that is like a final blow with a hammer. It is a moral and one Sherry learned.

STYLE/TONE: Your style of writing certainly pulled off the tone. One spectrum you had the ease of tone that describes a college freshmen especially one from Sherry’s background. Sherry unease throughout the text permeated the scene or gave it an underlying discomfort and finally the when the climax was reached, you could feel it in your tone.

OVERALL: This story was terrifying in a great way. It shocked me to find out that Sherry was the Scarecrow, but seeing her fall to the depth of madness, it was amazing. I truly enjoyed this story and you pulled off killing Jonathan, not many authors can do that. You have my respect! Wonderful tale!
AZ-woodbomb chapter 1 . 6/8/2010
I like. His death scene is revolting, stuff of real horror. It would probably work out pretty well for Scarecrow to be an ethereal threat. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen him die and possess someone. It’s a pretty neat idea. Nice story.