Reviews for Stolen Tarts
Guest chapter 1 . 11/2/2015
love it :)
Blonde-Existentialist chapter 1 . 5/26/2014
This is fun and well done concept! The meat of the story is encapsulated and you get a good feel for the cast and characters without it dragging and end up in a happy place.
splattermusic chapter 1 . 6/27/2011
What the hell? Why so little reviews? God, this is amazing. And creative reverse gender names! Except for Deadpool's, then again, Wade is a difficult name to turn feminine. I love this story, oh my god, I can't even describe.
CaraM chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
This was a complete mindf***. Sorry, that's the only way I can think to describe it. Very well done. You didn't let Andrew become too girly and the pool scene was brilliant:)
scribblemyname chapter 1 . 6/9/2010
Ooooooooooooooooooooh! We so happy! Thus, the rant:

The queen of hearts, she made some tarts all on a summer's day. The knave of hearts, he stole those tarts and took them clean away. — despite how apropos this verse, I'm inclined to think that Riley's more the knave, regardless of the absorption factor. :grins:

Omorede rolled his eyes affectionately as he began to lead the way from the swamp they'd just dragged themselves out of. — Oh, THAT is really a story you ought to tell. :giggles:

"I think you enjoy being vague far too much for your own good, my friend." — and I think Omorede has the girl's number.

"Is it at all strange that's not the oddest thing that's happened to us this month?" Scarlett asked once having heard the whole sordid tale, pinching the bridge of her nose just below where her glasses sat. — Funny, this is almost my favorite line in the entire story.

All in all, there was nothing particularly extraordinary about the room or its contents, save for perhaps the pair of black gloves that sat on the nightstand. Considering it was the height of summer, the necessity of gloves escaped Gambit. And as such out of place things often did, captured her curiosity. — The neatest description of Thief habits possible, without once mentioning that she's a Thief. :applauds:

It would have taken a sharper eye than either man possessed to catch the swift flash of an almost predatory expression on Riley's face. — Uh, huh. I read attraction. And trouble, definitely that.

Andrew didn't offer a hand to shake. He just set his book aside and reached for the gloves. — again, with the hyper observance.

"Pleasure's mine," Gambit replied. "And please. When I'm not workin', it's Riley." — already in too deep. is that a NAME I heard?

He nodded while pulling his gloves on. "It's good to meet you." Finally, an extended hand. — Like how you drew this out, all those lovely little details and interestingness. taking so long made it stand out.

The feel of the rough, aged tiles against his palms and fingers was soothing. — Talk about a sign of deprived touch!

"My apologies," came a voice, snapping his eyes open and pulling his attention behind him to see Riley standing at the apex of the roof. "Didn't realize this seat was taken." — I love this recurring image, finding each other, requesting permission, invading space.

"Suppose not." Carefully chosen words, those ones. — Riley's not the only one to CREATIVELY use truth.

Unconsciously, Andrew shifted half a foot to the left. — bare feet dangling not that likely to actually touch you, Andrew. :sighs: Rogue has never realized the depths of his/her paranoia.

"A little," he conceded, fingering the sleeves of his shirt and ensuring they came down over the wrists of his gloves. — I rest my case.

Now, if I was a gambling woman - which I am," Riley began — Amen, sister! :grins:

"No-one's told you about my powers then?" — Should be no one without a hyphen between.

"Shame." She stood up, stretching lazily towards the sun. "Never did like solitaire, me." — Love, love, love (yes, fangirl squees do come out of my mouth frequently, rather than in-depth commentary of any kind. :sighs: ).

Looking back at him were the two mirrored faces of the Jack of Hearts. Andrew took to using the card as a bookmark for a while, which likely wasn't one of the wisest things he'd ever done. — I love this, the resonance of this with all the other 'verses and just THEM, the way this Rogue realizes not so smart, but never can resist. :smirks: But then, neither can Gambit.

Plus, he imagined the 'you're a girl and she's a girl so you must know' logic would go over like a lead balloon. — ROTFL

He must have thought he was being so furtive too with all those peripheral glances, measuring looks, and being around convenient corners. — :giggles incontrollably:

Two, he'd see it, get it, and there'd be some kind of absolution there. She'd never been good at admitting anything aloud, and Andrew's skin had the potential to be the confessor she needed – all of the soul-baring and no words necessary. — Yikes. The psychological messed-up-ness of that and vulnerability and yet confidence in escaping the trouble with that... it's almost beyond comment. It makes you want to take it all away, but not this way. Oy.

Too much thinking. Too many options. Too much past. — I love your writing.

The Jack of Hearts, tucked in the front cover of the book he was enjoying over breakfast, smiled knowingly at him. "Morning," he answered, pushing the Jack further down in his book so neither of its faces could look at him. — And just who does Andrew think he's fooling? Not himself, not the jack, not Riley, and not us. :sighs: But he just doesn't get that.

"I say it was a bad thing?" Riley fired back, far from unkindly. — Yes, Rogue, you're in trouble now.

You, Andrew, are plannin' to distract me with Humphrey Boggart, Lauren Bacall, and James Dean until Mom and Dad get home." — I know your taste, girl. :giggles: But LOVE the bit about Mom and Dad. :more giggles:

By moving like molasses in January, she was able to fly under Andrew's radar. — I'm not sure whether to be aghast or amused.

"You're distracted today, Andrew," Professor Xavier observed. — understatement. might want to mention gender earlier. took a while.

The Professor looked at Andrew askance. — told him he wasn't fooling anybody.

"I think we should talk about Riley." — Ya think?

"When she replaces two of the most prominent figures in your mind's eye, it behoves us to not just note that it happened, but to examine the why behind it." — Love the whole tone of this. small note: behooves is correct spelling

At three the next morning, Riley woke clammy and visibly shaken, biting down hard on her tongue. — favorite scene. chocolatey rich love and awe and read again and let me just soak it up. LOVE

You got your energy drink on during the mission briefing, ran the gig, and then would come back physically ready to crash but absolutely wired mentally. Not a pleasant sensation. — grimaces

"Enjoyin' the show, even if it got cut a bit short for my taste. — :snorts: Is that Gambit or what?

"-the cat? They also got nine lives to spare. And again with the derailin'." — So Gambit. :cracks up laughing: Love this Gambit.

"Oh, Andrew. I think we got a lot of catching up for you to do." — Oy. Does she know how to charm the pants off a guy!

frustrated - in more ways than one — I bet.

Three or four days later, Riley was stalking the halls of the Mansion after dinner. — Somehow that word stalking REALLY fits.

"You know that sinking the eight ball ends a game, right?" — My second favorite scene. The dialogue and situation just totally... GAH. Love it.

Oh, cher, she thought, reprimanding herself instantly for making him more than a means again through the use of an endearment she'd actually meant. — Oh, this says soooo much.

Riley's hand was on the doorknob, but she was still facing Andrew. Sorry I could not travel both... — I felt this so much.

Carefully positioning herself so her ear rested over his chest, she listened quietly to his heart's slow, steady beat through the flimsy cotton of his shirt. — for some reason, I wanted to cry at this.

"I'm waffling between trying to broach this delicately and beating you over the head with it. I'm kind of liking beating over the head right now, but that's just me. Any suggestions?" — I adore your Scarlett. This is why.

"Can't tell you before you define your 'it', can I?" — Naturally, I also adore Gambit. :grins:

It probably wasn't healthy that this was cheering her up, but if she knew anything, it was that you snatched your patches of sunshine where you could. — This section, lovely homage, had me giggling.

One Thursday night, Andrew and Riley were in her room for a change. They were just conversing, sprawled out on her bed together — seems Gambit is finally settled.

I'm still here. — and that's everything. for now

"So where does that leave us?" she eventually asked. "At the beginning, I think." — Best place to be.
ishandahalf chapter 1 . 6/8/2010
well, hot damn! you know, reading this after a long, drawn-out, utterly unproductive day was just... perfect. somehow it made the entire day better. oh, and just fyi - when i saw the title to this, i went downstairs and got a tart to eat while i read it, cuz i'm that much of a nerd. ;)

anyhoo! so, yeah. genderswap, eh? i have to say, i don't ever remember reading one before. or rather, i probably have, but seeing as i don't remember, it obviously didn't make much of an impression. and honestly, i wasn't sure how i'd feel about it - but once i started really, well, i love! not only andrew and rily, but a female xavier? and even though it was the briefest of mentions, i nearly did a spit-take at the thought of a female wolverine. frankly, the swapping got me a bit introspective - at one point i sorta wanted to slap riley, but then i realized that the stuff she was doing i'd basically read a thousand times before in other fics, but when it's a male gambit, somehow it didn't elicit that same reaction from me. huh.

but aside from the genderswapping, just overall greatness. such great banter! and holy subtext at the pool table, batman - nicely done. i really enjoyed the psychology within, like riley's two options of either finding a reason to eave or bearing her soul. this line right here - "Andrew's skin had the potential to be the confessor she needed – all of the soul-baring and no words necessary."? wow, i don't think i've every seen it stated so perfectly and succinctly. BRAVO.

so, yeah. fabulousness. you mentioned more written in the universe? ooh, i sure hope so. i shall sit here, impatiently waiting. :)