Reviews for Souls Abound
odonnellzoo99 chapter 20 . 6/6/2019
I'm surprised how much I liked Sybil and Frank. Maybe it was the torture they put Tom and Riddle through.
Thanks for writing.
aradia1967 chapter 20 . 5/20/2019
loved this story hope you write more just like this one
Guest chapter 1 . 5/16/2019
Good good
Epicboss67 chapter 20 . 5/13/2019
Ngl, that was a pretty good end to the story
christinemarie13 chapter 20 . 5/13/2019
Another good one with storylines that are new to me which is so difficult after having read so much in the past decade. I like the idea of using the chamber too. It's always nice to see something useful utilized rather than forgotten.
Epicboss67 chapter 16 . 5/11/2019
I wish there were actual consequences to what people did on the good guys side. Like Frank not dying, even though he killed himself.
Epicboss67 chapter 15 . 5/11/2019
Dang, I was hoping Voldemort would get a body. He isn't in this story nearly enough and there isn't really much conflict after Dumbles left
Kai chapter 7 . 5/5/2019
I've been reading the story a couple times now and every single time I'm laughing my arse off at the idea that Remus would take the family silver and run. Okay, Granger doesn't know that the precious serving platter would burn Remus' hands off, but I do. Hehe!
MarkuzBlack chapter 20 . 4/29/2019
Beautiful fanfic.
Kushka chapter 20 . 4/18/2019
Great story
Joliver63 chapter 20 . 3/30/2019
Thank you for another fantastic story!
coul532003 chapter 12 . 3/29/2019
It is not enough to be envious of your ability to so skillfully create your excellent fan fiction stories, but I have to also admit being envious of your ability to come up with glorious one-liners to accentuate the comedy sometime wrapped in them. The idea of Hermione and Harry doing anything in the center circle of a football stadium (another of your stories, of course), or Ron's reaction on the idea of Rhubarb Crumble, just stagger the comedic imagination. My happy congratulations.
V. L. Crawford chapter 20 . 3/22/2019
That was another exceptional story from you.
Guest chapter 20 . 3/8/2019
One word, BRILLIANT!
Rory O'Kane chapter 5 . 2/27/2019
This story has funny parts, and some good ideas for a plot, but the characters are not at all believably written.

I am not opposed to criticism of any character in principle, including criticism of Dumbledore. But in this story, Dumbledore and the other bashed characters are very OOC. Harry and Hermione accuse Dumbledore of various things, and every time Dumbledore is portrayed as being unable to give a single argument in his defense, even when there are obvious such arguments he could give. Also, suddenly every single Hogwarts student not in Slytherin believes Harry about everything and is willing to follow him in his political plays. There is no challenge – just Harry knocking down dummies in the shape of familiar characters, and everyone praising him for it.

If you need examples of Dumbledore passing up good arguments, here are two. Dumbledore could have stopped Harry and Hermione storming out by explaining why he now trusts Snape – by explaining that he is a *former* Death Eater, and now a spy for the light. Even if Dumbledore is wrong about Snape’s character, that is at least what he thinks, so he should say it. Also, Dumbledore shouldn’t have just let everyone accuse him of stealing from a child when the basilisk was originally school property (of Salazar Slytherin). It is not obvious that the slayer of a creature should receive 80% of its corpse and the owner of the creature should receive only 20%. Given this principle, I wouldn’t believe that Minerva would automatically agree that Harry and his friends should take 80% – she should be fairer than that.
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