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Miharu-Chan chapter 1 . 11/3/2017
Tenten is my favorite character, and she is so unappreciated!
I cried!
I also love Bombshell Records!
Wish you updated it!
Going Merry chapter 1 . 11/2/2014
"She is Tenten, changing herself because the boy she loves has taken over her mind."

So scarily probable. I'm glad Tenten becomes herself again at the end Thank you for this!
floating on clouds above chapter 1 . 5/13/2013
I love how you wrote this! :)
pyr0technic chapter 1 . 12/23/2012
this is amazing, the message it sends out is really touching and're a great writer.
Critics United Fan chapter 1 . 6/27/2012
This story is in violation of this sites rules on sexuality. It is not in the M-rated section. This story will be reported.
A note to CRITICS UNITED chapter 1 . 8/31/2011
I'm posting this here since her anon reviews are disabled

Wow, amazing... just amazing Cha's Aegis or whatever that fat bitch's name is, has now resolved to bullying people online instead of school, I know where you live also I know you worked at Chaparall Middle School one of my friends you already know who she is : Claire, remember her?

You really hurt her feelings that day, it's not her fault people made fun of her you're supposed to help people with their problems not just tell them to 'deal with it' I'm glad the principal fired you and I hope you're homeless on the streets. Atleast he had some inkling as to why Claire came crying to him that day, he was kind enough to listen to her and understand the whole bullying situation, so Sally used to be a bit fat back then well guess what? She's not now, she can fit into a size 2. That day when those guys were bullying her you just laughed, seriously? IT WASN'T CLAIRE'S FAULT SHE WAS BORN THAT WAY! I'm glad the principal fired you because you totally deserved it you egoistic cunt.

Just because someone is "different" or "ugly"/"Unattractive" does not give you any fucking right to make their lives miserable or laugh at them when they come to you for help. Of course people like you who were raised thinking that only attractive people deserve to be treated right wouldn't understand that.

I know how you look like too, you weren't exactly 'skinny' yourself either. Pathetic and Racist - the only words to describe you, remember when you assumed Sally was a Muslim? When she was really an Atheist? People used to bully her over that all the fucking time before they made an seminar in the class explaining the differences between Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, etc... Remember that girl who pushed you over the stairs? The really gorgeous one? That was my girlfriend, Claire. Now, she's lost weight,a lot smarter than you will ever be, and was accepted into a good college. Admittedly she's a lot more attractive than you.

The thing is... if you keep judging people by their looks things aren't going to work for you. Instead of writing fan fiction you should be looking for a job or atleast ATTEMPTING TO. Of course with you 'people' that's a complete alien concept. 6th - 7th.. It really wasn't Claire's fault as to why she was the way she was, we all go through a stupid stage in our lives, so Sally was a bit different, she didn't like going to dances, that doesn't mean you have to treat her like dirt! Thanks to her English teacher she's alive today! She had a lot of problems going on at home with her parent's divorce and all.


Unlike you - a conflict mediator who doesn't even settle conflicts but instigates them instead! I hope you are living homeless on the streets the way you deserve to! You overweight, illegal immigrant!

If it weren't for me and her teacher Claire would have been dead as of now. Honestly I don't know why you and your little group are patrolling the site like a bunch of Nazis, instead of reporting the stories why not just direct them to a website like Quizilla? Script is totally allowed there and so are song fics.

Now for the other reason I'm here:

Also, thanks to you my favorite authors: SummerCat9,Lady Natalie,Mjm Chan, Melanie Sky have stopped posting stories. Hell, SummerCat9 abandoned her account! Because you kept flaming her story "Out of Spite" there was NOTHING wrong with that story the last time I checked it, it was a simple story about a girl named Adelei and The Mole and how they help Thrax, everything was spelled correctly, it wasn't a song - fic or even a script! , nor was it breaking ANY RULE WHATSO FUCKING EVER! Because of you guys going around hurting people's feelings instead of redirecting them to appropriate sites, they've abandoned their accounts. Thanks a fucking lot cunt..

BUT: I DO UNDERSTAND IF YOU'RE GOING AFTER RULE BREAKING STORIES! But reporting a story ( THAT ISN'T BREAKING ANY RULES) just because you don't like it/the pairing/etc, doesn't really make any sense, if you don't like reading after the first time then just fucking don't bother looking at it ever again! And just to let you know :Summer DID have a BETA! In-fact, Summer has BETA'D many stories herself. Thanks a lot you fucking losers thanks to you Out of Spite is GONE! GONE! Summer abandoned her account and probably won't write anything ever again! Thank goodness she still responds by PM,but she's lost the confidence to do anything! Yeah, She did have SOME grammar errors, but THIS ISN'T A PROFESSIONAL WRITING WEBSITE! EVERYONE IS BOUND TO MAKE A COUPLE ERRORS! Summer is NOT a troll, she was just writing a simple story "Out of Spite" for fun, but you guys had to come along and bitch at her for it. I mean yeah her story at the first chapter was confusing but since everything HAS to be perfect for you losers you reported it anyway! I'm not sure if the admins removed it or she did herself, but ALL her stories are GONE. This started when she got a review from one of your members bitching at her for grammar ( guess what though?) her grammar was PERFECT. Yeah, so the formatting was fucked up, blame the site for that not her, she uses Windows 7 ( or I think she does). She DID fix the formatting and everything, her fans are pretty disappointed that the story is taken down, there weren't many reviews on it since nowadays only shit - fics with neko -cunt/girls. get more reviews than anything else. Out Of Spite was a very unique story, it had reviews it was still getting reviews too. But some people just enjoyed nitpicking at the tiniest grammar mistakes for example the word "Color" is spelled "COLOR" in AMERICA. In the UK it's spelled - "COLOUR". Sorry Summer is from AMERICA and not UK. So she's going to spell COlOR like COLOR. It's not the right spelling for UK but Summer's not from UK so she will spell it however she fucking pleases. One of your members "Ness .. whatever" bitched about that. Summer told her to fuck off as any person would for being ranted at about such a simple mistake. Soon she grew tired of it and decided to stop updating for awhile.

Eventualy Summer decided to call it quits and abandoned her account, I still don't know who took down the stories, Summer or the Admins. The last time I checked the motto of this site was "Unleash Your Imagination" not "Oppress and Dictate"

I seriously hope you guys die or get killed.
I HATE HETALIA chapter 1 . 8/29/2011

Bonus Kun looked at TRGTS. He was busy grading homework, Bonus didn't know how to express hsi feelings, he decided that h would tonight at the party, it was being held at the college so students wouldn't drive off drunk and die.

later that night.

The party was great, Bonus for the first time got drunk and was lying on the couch, TRGTS was near by incase someone tried to take advantage of him, but he too was drunk. Bonus walked over to TRGTS to chat with him.

"TURRRTTTGGGSSS...," he drawled falling into his lap. TRGTS looked down a bit surprsed as he saw Bonus pulling his tie with him closer. Bonus lost his stance and couldn't get up .

"Ugh... youawww..are drukn ...," said TRGTS who was slightly sober. ( I KNOW HE'S AN ANGEL BUT HE DOESN'T LIVE IN HEAVEN ANYMORE). Bonus was quite drunk, he took off his shirt and pants , and was only wearing black, tight boxers that made TRGTS stir a bit, he knew he couldn't lose his virginity but he didn't give a fuck. Tongiht was the night. Bonus llaid down across him very suggestively and started stroking TRGTS face.

"urrrr..rrr.. So beautiful TRGTS," mumbled Bonus rubbing himself against him.

TRGTS wrapped his arms around Bonus' soft skin, it was even smoother than the imagined it would be.

"On yoyour knees slave..," said TRGTS, his eyes dwelling with lust.

"w-Wht/!" yeleld Bonus as TRGTS pushed him down tearing his boxers off.

TRGTS pulled of his underpants and paused to marvel at Bonus' massive hard. He began to tease it with his fingers stroking it up and down.

"TRGTS!" he yelled. TRGTS took out a whip and gently lashed Bonus on the back.

"Slave, if you don't address me correctly you are in for a severe punishment! Understood?" he barked viciously.

"Y-Yes M-M-Master," replied Bonus obediently.

"Good boy," replied TRGTS, he bent down on his knees and began licking Bonus' balls from under his ass and teasing them and stroking his large cock at the same time. TRGTS then took his pants off and whipped his cock in front of Bonus, he then made Bonus get onteh bed on his knees.

"Suck it, slave," he ordered smirking at his slave's suffering from his hard. TRGTS knew he was his guardian angel but hey it was about time Bonus paid his dues.

Bonus flicked out his tounge and wrapped his lips around TRGT's hard and began licking his shaft ( the long foreskin part) running his tounge up and down on it, until the shaft became smaller, he began to suck vigoursly on it like an animal.

TRGTS squeezed his eyes shut as he felt hsi testicles becoming harder and tighter he was about to shoot all over his slave. But Bonus' mouth got tired and he storked off the suddenly he exploded in Bonus' mouth, who fell back panting.

"Not bad for your first time slave..," with that he stroked Bonus off without forcing him to delay orgasm.


1 Year later.

TRGTS and Bonus were going steady as of now. One day ( read Sea Angel story)

"Bonus, look... as your guardian angel..I can make you feel good..," he said with an inviting look oon hsi bed.

Bonus sighed and went to him.

"Honey.. I-" he was cut off by his lips. Within seconds he pulled off Bonus' pants and thrusted his throbbing man member inside his anus, Bonus' back lurched from the pleasure. He grinded his hips deeper and deeper on Bonus' tiny asshole, Ordering him to not cum before him, It was pure torture for Bonus to keep delaying his orgasm like that. Suddenly TRGT's hips arched and he sprayed his love juice within Bonus.

"I-..I love you TRGTS..," sighed Bonus panting. TRGTS returned the favor with a kiss.

- 3 weeks later.

"NO! This.. this can't be.. No..I promised I would neer harmd Bonus!" cried TRGTS.

"TRGTS.. please I.. I'm glad you gave me this child..," smiled Bonus hugging his angel.

"W-What!" snapped TRGTS.

"Yes, I will glady bear your child," smiled Bonus. TRGTS smiled and put his hand on Bonus' still -flat stomach.


Present day.

"Allright, Bonus here's your homework, you may be pregnant but you can still do this," siad TRGTS hadning him his homework.

"YWWWN.. oh come one!" goraned Bonus. TRGTS hugged him and patted his bulge. "If the baby keeps kicking and distreactign you just eat a mint leaf," said TRGTS goign out the door.

"Well, he's already done enough," smiled Bonus finishing his homework. "I know, Iknow you'r ebored too, tell your daddy that," said Bonus patting the fetus which was kicking violently inside.

- 4 months later..

"Push Bonus, you can do it come on!" yeleld TRGTS. Bonus was in labor and it was not goign well.

"I HATE YOU TRUGTS! I HATE YOU FOR DOIGN THIS TO ME!" screamed Bonus as another contraction feeded his miseries. TRGTS was his guardian angel so he eventually stopped the pain.

"One final push Bonus, come on,' encouraged TRGTS.

"Unnghh!" growled Bonus pushing out the newborns, that wailed happily.

"Congratulatins! Twins!" said the nuse smiling. TRGTS looked at his lover.. he couldn't be more happier than he was now. The nurse gave him the newborn baby girl to hold. Bonus was holding the other one. TRGTS kissed Bonus' sweaty forehead.

"Great work gorgeous," he hugged Bonus tightly. Bonus was in tears, tears of joy that is.
Kara no Usagi chapter 1 . 8/7/2011
This was absolutely beautiful. I'm practically speechless. It's just so lovely. c:
glitterings chapter 1 . 8/3/2011
I feel empty like this sometimes. & I know how Tenten feels, pining for someone who was your best friend until he met that one girl, & then everything changed.

I'm tired of change.

Lovely story, by the way.
Tearhart chapter 1 . 7/14/2011
Great! I loved every detail!

Dear, Cha's Aegis...

What does that have to do with anything? We really don't care that your fat and is sex drived. Goodbye.
Crazy Cherries chapter 1 . 7/2/2011

I was stuck on this story from the very first line.
Cha's Aegis chapter 1 . 4/30/2011
I am going report this story because I'm pissed I have a fat jiggly brazilian butt and I cannot find a better way to express it. And I haven't had hot smexxxy carpet from my lesbo lover Jewel in a long time. Becauz my butt guetz in da way! And I use it to walk too!

Cha's Aegis of Critics United - come and flame our forum!
My Bittersweet Ending chapter 1 . 1/13/2011
beautiful (:

absolutely beautiful .

you're writing style is awesome , and the way you portrayed Tenten is fantastic . Awkward, but totally relatable .

i hope you continue to post up more more amazing pieces of work .
the sky's bouquet chapter 1 . 12/12/2010
The end, it was just wonderful.

A burst of Tenten's strength after all the angsting.

"She can be pretty, the shitty in-between." Tenten doesn't have to be beautiful, exotic, cute. She is strong, just enough to make up for everything else.

I...loved it. (:
RayBansandSkittles chapter 1 . 12/7/2010
I love it. Its so easy to relate to.
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