Reviews for Oh What Shadow Clones Can DO
Bosma17 chapter 54 . 11/12
Please update
Nate chapter 10 . 10/29
Another fic where everyone panders to the fucking Uchiha just like in canon.

Pointless shitfic - I'm out.
StrikerTheFallen chapter 54 . 10/30
Looking forward to your next chapter. I was highly impressed with your work. Many people would complain that Naruto is overpowered due to the shadow clone jutsu but reality is he should have been over powered in the original story anyway. Kakashi neglected him when even if he was training chicken butt hair, lol, could have had him study at the library etc. Ah well I'm loving the story, I feel you created a more realistic love story for Naruto and Hinata as well so bravo to you.
DrLevoda chapter 1 . 10/28
Yaaaa, nice premise, shitty execution.
Venus914 chapter 38 . 10/27
Kurenai? Nah, im not really convinced she's a jounin. Im know she just isnt given a chance to shine but without Asuma and Asuma's son or Konohamaru's cousin, she's really just an ornament in the series
Jostanos chapter 27 . 10/27
Sakura Wins! Flawless Victory!

Naruto Wins! Flawless Victory!

And now for something completely diff.. completely diff.. completely diff.. completely diff..
And now for something completely different: An Invasion that is about to... *static*
rbear1231 chapter 54 . 10/27
ok was able to get caught up reading...
Venus914 chapter 35 . 10/26
I dont know. I mean, the Rasengan should stay within a few people only. Like Minato, he only taught Jiraya and Kakashi. The canon Naruto taught Konohamaru. I wont mention Borotu because i havent watch it so im not aware. But here, Naruto is so free with his fathers jutsu. It should be precious and stays within the family. His teammates are OCs so in my mind, not important.
Guest chapter 31 . 10/23
Pulled another rabbit out of your hat? In this chapter you have several days effort resulting in "(not) a square inch of ground within 1,000 square feet that was untouched from Naruto’s jutsu."

1000 square feet defines a circular area having a radius of nearly 36 feet, despite that in the prior chapter you have him musing that the top end of his effective range would be no more than 20 to 30 feet, at most.

Of couse the statement in the current chapter begs another, and perhaps more serious, question. You never say "within 1,000 square feet" of what, so the implication is that Naruto was located at the center of that circle. So even the square inches where he was standing were not "untouched" and Naruto must have been seriously injured himself? So this enhancement is planned as a suicide jutsu? Otherwise, it wouldn't seem a very useful tactic to seriously damage onself during a high-level fight. ;-)
Damien NightFall chapter 54 . 10/25
Very interesting.
Conchamp1998 chapter 54 . 10/25
I am so so happy I found this story. I love everything about it. You took in a lot of great points that are simple logic, and you have started to weave a story that while different from Naruto, stays in that realm of possibility that it could happen in the Naruto universe. I love all the references you make, and the way that it is all being built up is fabulous. You have also kept up the ideas on Naruto's part. One thing that always bugs me in stories like this one where the Shadow Clones do play a bigger part, they do a lot for Naruto at the beginning, then just dies off. What the crap the matter is with those people I do not know. At this point Naruto has been constantly making and dispelling Clones in massive amounts, time building up, and chakra reserves boosting. He can continually make more and more. People ignore the fact that in the Ninja World, it is rare to live long enough to get to Sarutobi's age. People have been doing these feats in smaller amounts of time than what people would think. I am so happy that Naruto is actually achieving his full potential. The only thing I wish you could add to this, would be some more suicide bomber techniques for the clones. I am giddy with your progress in this story, and the fact that you are not just assuming something, and are thinking it out carefully. I cannot get over how happy I am to see someone actually do a story that points this out and uses is right. Some would say that A Drop of Poison does this too, and it does, but they do it differently. I so wish there were more stories like this out there, but I am happy for finding this and wish you the best of luck to continue!
Guest chapter 26 . 10/23
To answer your Noted question, the following is quoted from http: (slashslash) .com (slash) wiki (slash) Mount_My (percent) C5 (percent) 8Dboku

Mount Myōboku (妙木山, Myōbokuzan, Literally meaning:Mysterious/Exquisite Tree Mountain), also known as the "Mountain of Bewilderment" (迷いの山, Mayoi no Yama)[1] and the "Land of Toads" (蝦蟇の国, Gama no Kuni),[2] is one of the big three unexplored sage regions, a legendary place that is equally famous as the other two, Shikkotsu Forest and Ryūchi Cave.[3] It's the land of toads, the place where all the toads that Naruto, Minato and Jiraiya have summoned live...
Jake chapter 1 . 10/22
I would read this but your summary has errors in it. If an author can't be bothered to proofread the first sentences someone reads of their story, it's usually a pretty good sign that the rest of the story is trash. The summary is like a first impression, and yours is shaking my hand while burping in my face
death390 chapter 2 . 10/24
The excuse itself is not terribly lame but more how it is presented. If it was slightly better written then it wouldn't seem as bad.
Venus914 chapter 23 . 10/24
Fifty dollars? You mean, Ryo, of course, because that's the currency in the Naruto world.
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