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loyolasimmer chapter 18 . 2/4/2012
This is, by far, the best fiction I've ever read, from start to finish. When I read the first part of Shattered Mind, it was, what, a few years ago, and it made me inspired to play through final fantasy IX again. Back then, my username was different (lucky-da-bunny or something, I forget), but my comments I said before, way before this, as that name, are still the same. You're a fantastic writer, and I love this fanfiction more than any other I've read on this site. Final Fantasy IX was and still is my favorite game, and since it helped create this story about Trevor and the group, I love it even more.

Thank you for a great read. Is the next book out yet? And that ebook you've almost finished (or finished by now? Now clue, but hopefully...), what's the title? I'm more than happy to pay for it. Completely worth it.

Again, thank you. You've made a sick college kid pretty damn happy. And with back pains included, that's a feat in itself.

Keep at it!

Cherie R. Lynn chapter 18 . 1/19/2012
I have to get up in a few hours, but I just couldn't tear my eyes away from this story. The writing is phenomenal! Please keep up the amazing work. :)
Welded chapter 18 . 12/22/2011
Alright! The end of SMD! (...Sorry about the abbreviation; I just got a bit lazy...) I knew you'd be able to finish this up, and I only hope SMC is just as good. I have to say, I'm really relieved that Trevor was able to make peace with everyone. And I'm really REALLY pissed off that Trevor is dying! What the hell, Krim! You put him through all this stuff, and now he's dying without a known way to stop it... It kind of reminds me of how my grandpa's best friend fought in the Korean war and the Vietnam war and survived through all the horror, and then died from cancer...

Anyway, I loved how you portrayed Garland in this chapter. He always seemed like a guy who just wanted his race to survive no matter what the costs, and you wrote him as being such. I always hated it when people I knew dumbed down Garland's character as a purely evil one.

I don't have much time, but I will say this. So far, SMD has been one of the most satisfying reading experiences I've had this year. As always, keep up the good work. (And I can't wait for that ebook you're releasing. If it's 30 pages of the best writing you've done so far, that's saying a lot.)

...And happy holidays, Krim! Sorry for reviewing late again...
Yuleen75 chapter 18 . 12/12/2011
Thanks God that I didn't have much work today, or I would had send to hell everything just to read this chapter.

And it was awesome! Of course, I'm still edgy because Trevor didn't really talked about Earth, but... now he's rotting? Wow, you're awful...

Thankfully, disc 4 is the shorter of them, so I'm hoping here that I won't have to wait for two year to reach the end. The suspension is killing me! And the cliffhanger too! And you too because you're the one torturing me!

Also, put me in the list for your book! I have been waiting for the release since you posted a part a looooong time ago. Sadly, I don't have an eBook and I don't have a lot of money so I can't buy sucks.

But congratulation in finishing the third book of this awesome fanfic!
FF and STH chapter 18 . 12/11/2011
This chapter was awesome and I glad that Trevor got his friend back but sad that he going to die, I do hope that it won't happen but whatever happen is going to happen.

Seen all that left is book 4 but I do wonder how much you are going to do of that one since it short as hell and I do not think you do sidequest.

You almost done with your whole story, I hope after this you still be writing other thing on this sites and about the ebook, I don't know how to get an ebook so I hopeing that I can get it by email.
Rndm Lurkerr chapter 18 . 12/11/2011
Not gunna lie; almost had a heart-attack when I saw this was updated...

Sometimes I wish this story could last forever...
Aurineko chapter 18 . 12/10/2011
Woot! Book is almost you have to have an ereader? Can you download those on normal computers? Hmmm...

MagusKyros chapter 18 . 12/10/2011
I'm not so good with reviews, nor have I done so many, but I do have to express my happiness by saying that this is a pretty good story.

For a self-insert, you've done a very good job compared to others, and on top of that, we can all see that the time put into this story is fruitful.

I imagine the next book will be the last, with maybe a possible epilogue. I look forward to the next book.

origin of summoners chapter 18 . 12/10/2011
can't wait to see what your book is about also yea u do love cliffhangers but then the final fantasy universe practically gives them away.
Chang-Tong chapter 18 . 12/10/2011
Oh my God, you finally revealed your real name to us? O_O Because if you had done so

before, I am SO going to feel like an idiot for missing that. XD Alleyway Jack, much?


I am applauding you right now for how you have written this entire chapter. Especially your

portrayal of Garland here. Many a times, I have read fics where he is portrayed as an evil

mastermind like most typical bad guys... but you kept him in the grey line, as he was in the

game. He's not evil, he just has his own plans and wishes (ie, protecting Terra's wellbeing: after

all, it IS his home planet: would some of us have not have done the same thing?) that were

unfortunate enough to class with Trevor and the rest of the protagonists. He does feel regret for

the more unforgivable things he's done, as logical as they may be. Just logically speaking, mind

you; betraying someone is not admirable, but at least he tried to protect them. His hand was

partially forced when he did in the end.

And hey, he helped the others trust Trevor again. He deserves some brownie points for that. Oh, speaking of which... I'm surprised that Eiko, who hasn't had much friendly interactions with Trevor, is one of the people that easily forgave him. She seems like thetype to hold grudges, and I figured she would be at least skeptical of him next to Freya. And Amarant would not care enough to offer Trevor a grin. I'm sure Steiner would give him the benefit of the thought, but would still keep an eye on him. Well, those are my thoughts anyway. The rest are fine. :)

And that makes Kaiten's respect and love for him more understandable, and his grief when he

'died' more heart-rending. I really do feel bad for him, which is a big difference from Hart

Innural's death. At least THAT monster deserved it, and I was satisfied with how he ended up.

I see you have managed to add in a little humor that mixed well with this exciting chapter. For

example... Trevor and Kaiten bickering in the Silver Dragon ship as they fought the actual Silver

Dragon? Made me laugh. They seriously sounded like a married couple in a car at that one

point. XDDDD Seriously!

You're almost done! The final battle is near! Are you going to get straight into writing Memoria till the end? As much as I would like to read you do some of the sidequests, like Conde Petie being sealed off/destroyed (the Black Mages would have noticed, as they traded with the dwarves regularly) by the roots of the Iifa tree, visiting Daguerro (why not resupply at the place that sells some of the best weapons?) and then some. But I'm sure you might have trouble fitting those in, so I won't push the issue.

I hope Trevor finds a way back to both get back to Earth and into his original body, and maybe even leaving Kaiten with his Gaian one. Hopefully that's not too much of a wishful thinking. D: I don't want him to die, especially after several chapters of getting back to his old self again...

Aw man! We have to wait till February for the start of the next book? That's so-! XD

This is one of my favorite chapters, Krims! Again, I applaud you for keeping me in suspense with each paragraph!
Shikyo no Kyoufu chapter 18 . 12/9/2011
Through the power of half-truths (the best kind of lies)Soul Breaker Trevor has been able to unite with his friends yet he has learned that his time under the sun is almost up! How will our hero cope with his impending death, how will he route the new mist that blankets the planet and will he ever "score" a fine piece of tail! Stay tuned and find out in the next soul rending installment of Shattered Mind!
Ezakiel chapter 18 . 12/9/2011
God bless ugly beanbags!

Finally, I didn't fall off my seat because of YET ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER! I mean, you told us it would come, and yet I'm thrown completely off guard by it. After all the shit Trevor's through, he finally sees some light, only to find out that he's going to die in days, maybe weeks? I don't know how long it will last, but it can't be too long.

I really liked how you made Saiko/Garland have an actual conscience, as opposed to Hart, seeing as he actually regretted doing to Kaiten what he had done. I was wondering from about the middle of the chapter onward what will happen when the others join Trevor in his battle against Garland, seeing as he would be able to give him away completely. So you can imagine how excited I was to find out that he was actually helping him keep up his cover. I feel kinda bad about him being dead now. For some reason, Garland never struck me as a downright evil character in the game. He was just determined to reach his goals. You managed to flesh him out to be not only this big, powerful enemy, but also the person he once was, three-dimensional, if you so wish, and that was one hell of an accomplishment.

I feel bad for Kaiten, too. He lost his world, for good this time, and again has to expect to lose a close friend, as well as his life, over again. Trevor, too, because he struggled so hard only to have the end held right in front of his face, or rather, painted on his stomach. I wonder what will happen if/when the others find out.

Ultimately, I wonder what else you have in store for us. Game-wise, there isn't much left. I don't really think that you're gonna involve any Disk 4 sidequests, seeing as they wouldn't really fit into the urgency of the situation, but with only Memoria left, there's hardly enough plot left for another book. Also, as far as I can see, your original plot has been dealt with. Trevor has all his memories back, bar that one book that was destroyed by Damien. Hart has been dealt with, and with Garland dead as well, only Kaiten remains. So unless there's something unforseen impending in Memoria itself, or Kuja having something original up his sleeve, I can't think of anything to pad out the book.

Agh, there you have it! I'm sitting on the edge of my beanbag now. I didn't even know these things HAVE edges. And to top it off, there's gonna be no update in January. If I suffer any permanent damage from falling on my ass so much, I'll hold you responsible.

On a lighter note, that E-book you're almost done with really interests me. I would be glad to read it once it's done, preferably sent via e-mail. I'll PM you my address if you want. Can't wait to read more of you.

Well, nothing else to say except: Keep up the great work! I'll stick with you to the end! Cheerio!
D3athrav3n92 chapter 18 . 12/9/2011
OH MY GOODNESS I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING AT ALL! And your cliffhanger wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be.

The idea of Trevor and Kaiten not being compatible makes sense. I mean, no two people are exactly alike, so it would make sense that no two souls are either (or three, if you count the other Trevor).

However, I find it a little strange that after the initial anger, most everyone (save Freya) were mostly accepting of Trevor again. I think, realistically, they would have doubts for a good long while before realizing that Trevor was actually a good guy. I mean, if I were attacked by someone I thought of as a team member, who then proceeded to destroy our ship, I would harbor doubts, mistrust, and a bit of a grudge as well. But that's just me.

Anyways, great chapter! See you in February!

whereami2012 chapter 17 . 11/25/2011
This story is golden. Excited for the conclusion!
Welded chapter 17 . 11/18/2011
Sorry for not reviewing in a long time; I had a lot of stuff going on in my life that needed taking care of. And to be frank, not all of it is taken care of yet, so reading Chapter 16 and 17 of Shattered Mind really helped to get me away from the stupid problems that I'm having. In fact, most of me right now is waiting for December 9th...

So! Chapter 16. When I first started reading this, and saw how little the scroll bar went down for every press of the down arrow key on my keyboard, I was a little intimidated by the length of the chapter. However, when things started picking up, I found myself actually wanting the scroll bar to be moving at even smaller increments than it really was. Because if there was a lot of room left in the scrolling panel, then that meant even more material on Kaiten and Trevor working together to beat Damien.

The fight scene was incredible. Every time Trevor and Kaiten thought that they were done with Damien, he would just keep coming back for more, and this impressed me because after a while, ideas start to run cold, because people run out of ideas and ways to kill off a being in an epic fashion. However, this wasn't the case with you, and this isn't meant to be flattery. Every single time Trevor and Kaiten thought they were done with Damien and he came back, I actually thought a little bit on the inside that if Damien were anyone else, Trevor and Kaiten would be correct in their thoughts. Because finishing Damien off with that tower was pretty damn insane (not to mention epic). However, when I saw how much was left to go in the chapter, I knew that Damien would be coming back for more. And the resiliency that he showed was pretty awesome, and the mental image you painted of him was awesome as well. I mean, blades coming out of one's back? ...Man, if I could have that for one day, that would... Not be good because then I wouldn't be able to walk around without having the military on my ass XD But yeah. Damien is awesome.

And the way that you had Trevor dealing with his mental world was enthralling as well. It kind of reminded me of Ichigo and his mental world in Bleach lol. Very creative, especially how you used Trevor's memory books to do stuff. And talking about that, I was really surprised about how Damien was finally stopped. At first, I felt kind of let down that Trevor and Kaiten couldn't completely obliterate him, but when I thought about it, you can't ever really get rid of anger. And the way that Trevor was able to seal him away seemed fitting. Damien was an angry individual, and sealing him away with a memory of Trevor's mom, who to Trevor was one of the kindest people in the world, seems like it would balance out.

After all that business was done, I felt myself really wanting to see Innural smashed in the face. Yet you ended the chapter before Trevor and Kaiten could. Of course, it was expected because that chapter was extremely long already, and continuing it to have Trevor face Innural would have been a bit much. But, if I had read Chapter 16 when it came out and not just now along with Chapter 17, I would have been a little bit upset lol.

And now for Chapter 17. This chapter... started off slowly. I was thinking to myself, why is Kaiten talking about Terra and all that? However, looking back at it, Kaiten's dialogue with Trevor was providing atmosphere for how much Terra had changed, and it hinted at how long it had been since Kaiten's assault on Ckelen-te-Clu. -(I hope I spelled that right...)

But, when 17 started to pick up pace, with Kaiten getting pissed off that he couldn't find Innural, I found myself ignoring just about everything that wasn't Shattered Mind. I wanted to see Innural pay, and I wanted him to pay with his life. In a graphic scene. With a lot of blood and gore, guts, brains, snapped bones, gouged eyeballs... You get the idea. So I was pretty hyped up for the battle, when... Boom. Weapon to the chest. ...OUCH. Second time taking a severe wound to the chest. I have no idea how it feels to get pierced by anything anywhere near the chest, but I do know that it would hurt like a bitch. Although I was really surprised about how Kaiten was still able to talk with the spear hurting him. Showing that he was able to take that pain and still talk showed just how much of a badass he was, and how much pain he was able to withstand... If I were him, I would probably be cursing at the top of my lungs and trying to stay as still as possible to not hurt anything. And when Trevor asked to get the spear pierced through him again to get it out of him... Damn. That was vicious. Which is why Elixirs are always awesome. Gotta love those things; Ozma would have been twice as hard without those things lol. But why did Innural have an Elixir at his desk...? Maybe for the long research nights or something? XD

When Trevor and Kaiten started to finally get there revenge on Innural, I felt their rage as well. I wanted that guy dead (even though he is a made up being in your mind). And when he started to pump out information, I can say without shame that I had goosebumps when Innural said that Saiko was actually Garland. I didn't see that. At all. I always wondered how Saiko tied up with the story, since someone as powerful as a Terran general would probably be mentioned in the game for you to talk about him in Shattered Mind, and the way you did so left me speechless.

...Anyways, back to Innural's fate. When Kaiten started to chop Innural into pieces, I was actually getting kind of emotional. ...Not my fault, that was an emotional scene. With all of Kaiten's friends being dead and gone forever, and having died "useless" deaths, I could only imagine the pain that Kaiten was going through. Reading about him having tears in his eyes as he yelled his comrade's names out with every attack he dealt almost had me getting a little teary as well... Someone as badass as Kaiten shedding some tears as he inacted revenge for his fellow soldiers, Trevor, and himself is a really powerful moment. As for Innural just staying in his lab as a head forever... Man, I hope it stays that way. If like, a gust of wind blows Innural towards a machine of his that can get him back into working condition... That would piss me off and it would be really unfortunate. But his fate really satisfied me, and I found myself thinking about if I were in his situation. Man, that would suck. You can't even look at anything except what's in front of you. o_0

And finally, the last little section of writing that caught my attention was Kaiten talking about the Silver Dragon jet. When he talked about Harriers, I couldn't help but laugh. It seems just like Trevor to have those kinds of descriptions lol. It was a nice break to have some humor in the chapter after all those epic revealings of the plot.

Now, I can only hope that the next chapter is as good as both 16 and 17. Because 16 and 17 were downright amazing. I couldn't have asked for better chapters than these. They really made my day lol. So. Continue writing and continue the good work. I can't wait for the next chapter, and thankfully, now I only have to wait 21 days for it to come out, if all things go well with your schedule. (Of course, if your job is asking more of you, or you have some games or books you really want to dive into, or you have problems with your life, DO NOT feel obligated to update this story at the intervals you've been pumping them out in. It's amazing how you've been able to keep this up, now that I think about it. None of your readers will feel like you have cheated us if you don't update at the time that you usually do, because if we're forcing you to do so... Well, then we're stupid ignorant assholes lol. Basically, I'm saying this because I've recently gotten Resonance of Fate for the PS3, and I haven't been able to play it due to real life problems and it's pissing me off lol... XD So yeah. Also, this chapter didn't seem rushed at all. It seemed just as good as all of your other chapters, and so far, this and 16 are probably some of my favorite chapters out of everything in Shattered Mind.)

Long story short, chapter 16 and 17 (not trying to flatter here, again) were fantastic. ...Sorry for the long review; I kind of got wrapped up in my thoughts and threw everything I was thinking about into it. XD

P.S. Get an e-Reader, you say? I'm getting a Kindle Touch. ...Now, what can you be planning? Whatever it is, I'm looking forward to it. As is the case with just about everything coming from you; especially chapter updates.
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