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P.T. Tucker chapter 2 . 10/28/2016
This was really interesting. I love the idea of Genesis being whipped as punishment - it's very brutally militaristic, especially with his commanding officer being the one doing the whipping. (Though, I bet Seph would have volunteered anyway even if Gen hadn't been his subordinate.) Likewise love how Seph was like "call me General until this is over" since it seemed to make the whole thing even more "official" even if it was just Seph's anger.

I really love that it was all arranged & agreed upon by all the parties involved. It's a very realistic way of Genesis rejoining ShinRa while ShinRa can still save face. And I love how Gen mentioned that Sephiroth ripping out his feathers and using Masamune were NOT part of the deal.

It was cool of you to point out later that if Gen hadn't left they wouldn't have known the cure - so even if he was "wrong" he was sort of right cause he would have died if he hadn't.

And, of course, I loved how Sephiroth unfurled his own wing later on. I just really loved the imagery of that.
gDeIpVhIrNoEtt chapter 1 . 1/6/2013
Best Sephesis fic (so far) that I have read. This was so full of emotion and sadness and pain and the way you wrote everything was really stunning and made me feel the pain Gen and Seph did. This fic is very...wait...maybe the word is...real.
Everything is realistic. You didn't deviate much from the game's storyline and the concept of the degradation, and that's what really fascinated me. It's not some outrageous setting or senseless whatever. Everything is realistic, and you made the characters come so so so alive. Gen and Seph, you made them look very much human.
The words you've chosen and the way you write? It's awesome. Simple yet elegant.

You've put in a lot of effort. This fic is just so excellent and touching. PLEASE WRITE MORE SEPHESIS FICS!
xDrifter chapter 2 . 9/9/2012
AGHH! I cried when I read these two chapters! This is sooooo beautiful! Thank you so much for writing this. You explained everything so well, and it all turned out logical, meaningful...Ugh, thank you so much! This was truly magnificent! Usually I skim through various works, but this one...I read every single word, and I never grew tired of it once. You never left me hanging, you continued to give with words. I actually felt sad after finishing, I wish I could've just kept reading and reading. TT_TT I LOVE YOU! -dies a bit-
Afuri chapter 2 . 4/17/2012
omg Alex! Your fic always awesome!
CodeLyoko chapter 2 . 2/17/2011
Oh that was amazing! I love how both of their wings were out, and just too happy that Genesis was saved D And how come this fanfic hardly has any reviews? I loved this and it's amazingly written with details and emotions galore. You kept the two in character perfectly and had me drooling throughout the story, even when gen was being punished. A wonderful job Keep it up!
OnexLostxSoul chapter 1 . 12/20/2010
Pure gold, Alex. Pure gold. Congrats to both you and your partner in crime.

The opening description absolutely floored me. I reread it several times, simply enjoying the fluency and imagery. Sephiroth's inner musings cleverly reflect the dynamics of his relationship with Genesis.

"Genesis would not stand for Sephiroth's silence, would not allow his hero to close him out or push him away. He took every opportunity he could to claw beneath Sephiroth's skin, making his presence known and felt, and finally, he wormed his way into the silver general's heart and bed."

Can I just say, 'wow'? This passage was so incredibly powerful, and its implications so characteristic of Genesis. It's a breathtaking presentation of Genesis' longing- no, insistence- on becoming a part of Sephiroth's life. The subsequent effects on Sephiroth himself are very well presented. His thirst to make Genesis understand his effects not only on Shinra but Sephiroth himself was an extremely genuine motivation.

The whipping scene itself was well described, so much so that it made me wince and I started to feel a bit of back pain. XD

Genesis is characterized amazingly here. The notion of him loving himself too much to die made me chuckle. His stubborn insistence to maintain his justification is excellent. The dialogue between Genesis and Sephiroth in the following scene was simply sensational. You allow us a glimpse into Genesis' mind, his motivations and thoughts in the event of his desertion. You added a whole new dimension to his actions.

The wingkink acted as more than just a kink during their union; it was a powerful symbol for their mutual suffering and common ground. Very well employed.

The best piece of yours I've read so far.
Katana Black chapter 2 . 9/9/2010
This story was so very awesomely good. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing!
KitaraStrife chapter 2 . 6/30/2010
Damn, this was hot! Even the first chapter. o_O Usually that sort of thing would turn me off, but you guys made me keep reading! Great job! Loved it! I love how you managed to keep Seph and Gen in-character! 10 STARS!
VioletStar98 chapter 2 . 6/22/2010
Aw... it's already over. At least it was great while it lasted! You always manage to write tasteful, dirty, primal smut, Alex. If I had even tried to write smut like this I would fail horribly.
Koakuma Tsuri chapter 2 . 6/16/2010
Just thought that I'd share the love on ff too 33

Keep writing the Sephesis awesome hotness!
Soyna chapter 2 . 6/15/2010
This was a great addition.

Sometimes pain and blood must be shed to allow the feelings to move on... does that make sense.

They need each other to be complete.
NoLongerActive11111 chapter 2 . 6/15/2010
I adored the first part. The way you brought everyone's motivation, emotions and struggles. I absolutely love the way you described Genesis' reason - it's exactly the reason he would have had if he were Seph's lover in canon. Genesis' has too much pride for his own good (OK, Sephiroth does as well, only a different kind of pride) - but we wouldn't love them any other way, would we? *Sigh*

Sephiroth's anger and frustration also was believable; and as I told you before - you totally made the make-up scene the way I love it. No stuff - like, I couldn't live without you. I cannot agree less that these things just don't suit them both. Referring to the first part - when Sephiroth decided to move on - was a very spot on reaction from a personality like his.

And, well, Genesis shines. :D

As for the sex scene... as I told you before - it was the most hardcore sex scene I've read. XD So that was quite... new. :)

Loved this little piece. (You told me you had another Seph/Gen idea; so I am all for it. ;D)


KirasTastefulTragedy chapter 2 . 6/15/2010
that was absolutely amazing!

the emotion and heartfelt feelings... I loved how Gen explained himself... and seph just couldnt hold onto any animosity once he had explained... it was beautiful!

I wish it wasn't done... this has the appeal of a continueing story. But none-the-less it was really amazing! thanks to you guys for writing it!

*thumbs up to you*
IA1979 chapter 1 . 6/11/2010
Stunning writing! You've always been good at writing details but with this story, you've taken your writing to the next level.

All the pain described here, both the physical and emotional, was ripping my heart apart. I felt Seph's pain but Gen's pain was completely tangible.

Indeed, there is a fine line between pain and pleasure and I'm thrilled that you didn't cross it. Gen's a very sexual character, so he would be turned on by the pain but you didn't go too far with it. You quickly returned to his misery instead of giving him a hard on and that's why it all felt so realistic.

I think that this is the first time that I've seen Seph portrayed like this, it was quite unnerving yet amazing. He is either written as a good character, as a villain or as a sexual sadist but here, you see the complexity of his character. His anger has a strong motive, he isn't just vicious because he enjoys giving pain.

There were instances where I was debating whether he had gone too far... Therefore, I'm especially interested in how he's written in the next chapter.

Is there room for absolute redemtion?

Can't wait to find out - and graphic smut, yes please!
chance969 chapter 1 . 6/10/2010
Well it is just so Gen to cause so much trouble, you know, I would gladely voluteer to whip that sexy, freckled back of his, you made it so tempting for me my dear.

And your Sephy, (pant, sigh) almost made me want to be the one strung .

Ok, serious now. This was so well written Alex, I'm amazed how you have improved so much in such a short time. Your attention to detail is un-surpased in my view, and I can easily imagine this world you have created in my head. It gives me great delight to see the emotions you describe flit across thier faces, I could easily imagine that thier situation is real becasue you describe it so well and with such realism.

The storyline its self is wonderful, anything with men in chains is wonderful. The pain they both go through emotionally as well as phsically is fantastically portrayed.

And Sephy's evil intentions towards his mutinious lover was such a treat, adored it.

I am eagerly awaiting for the next chapter.

big hugz Chance
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