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JoVersify chapter 31 . 1/16/2022
Oh please, pretty please have Jake imprint on one of the she-bears and find some way for Edward to be the king of all of them because he has the blood of their spirit bear in him or something... maybe? Somehow? Omg, in Bella's words, "This sucks".

And I know it's not healthy, but I find Bella's reckless alcoholism so endearing. Shrugs. Guess that's what I get growing up in a family of total lushes.
JoVersify chapter 29 . 1/16/2022
Can't review, must read...
JoVersify chapter 28 . 1/16/2022
Oh Damn... we finally get answers about these bears?! I'm terrified for Bella! Biting my nails off!

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JoVersify chapter 25 . 1/16/2022
Uh... I really want to review this chap... I do... but I am struck dumb... I dont think you would be able to read the incoherent gibberish... that's all that is currently in my head right now. All the synapses have misfired like a teenage virgin boy.

I am... maybe probably very likely going to have dirty fucking sex dreams about your Edward tonight. So, thanks in advance for that.

Fucking hell.
JoVersify chapter 21 . 1/16/2022

Puddle of goo.
JoVersify chapter 20 . 1/16/2022
Well DAMN. Jesus I love the unpredictability of your writing. Your foreshadowing is subtle, finespun (unless I'm a very obtuse reader, but I didn't see the phone sitch coming).

But the afterward... I mean, it's so well done. Real. She's been so careful about her substance issues. She's not dumb. But now she's not thinking rationally. Anxiety, panic, depression, grief... all crushing in on her at once. Powder keg. I always have difficulty reading stories where Bella or someone else OD accidentally... I mean, people do it all the time, I know, but I find that most writers have a difficult time showing it occurring realistically, with all the angst, confusion, and agony that needs to go with it to create that perfect storm.

And Edward... well, I have no words there. Let's just say that I heard his cry of anguish clear as a bell in my mind. Clear. As. A. Bell. That entire encounter had me on a knife's edge and on the verge of tears.

Yeah. You're writing is some fucking gilt-edged, world class, top-shelf, par excellence magnificence. Brilliant.

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JoVersify chapter 19 . 1/16/2022
Sighhhhhhhh. Is it a good sigh? Or a bad sigh?

Both. Definitely both.

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JoVersify chapter 18 . 1/16/2022
Seriously! What is up with the damned bears!? They retreated under vamp threat, like they understand? Why do they want to attack Bella? Because she's responsible for the Kermode's death? Gah!

And holy hell do I need her to understand what Edward is already! The angst is my kryptonite! I love and hate it with fiery passion!

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JoVersify chapter 17 . 1/16/2022
Oh boy... she's in the shit now...

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JoVersify chapter 16 . 1/16/2022
Oh man. When she said, "This is all so fucked." I almost said out loud, "You got that right!". Hahaha. You are so good at this! Keeping us just on the precipice of disaster... arrrgh, it's so well done!

And I am still utterly and completely confused about the damned bears! I mean, I know they are not real, or maybe not actual bears but shifters too? Gah, I just DONT KNOW! Who was the Kermode to them? She had to be seriously important for all the bears to change demeanor as they have. And Edward (I know he didn't want to kill her) regressing in his control around Bella since the incident... that caught me so by surprise. I dont know why, but it did. This story is so intriguing!

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JoVersify chapter 15 . 1/16/2022
Had to stop and review because this was such an awesome chapter. This whole story is wonderful. A bit more angsty than I usually go for, but angst always improves a story, but such a different spin. I love when someone takes the story and completely retells the entire thing with such originality.

This exposure on Edward's part is about as original as it gets.

I also find it enthralling how subtle you are with the supernatural aspects so far. I mean, we all know what this is (the readers), but you keep it so true to Bella's POV. I wish I had this kind of restraint in my own writing. I agonize over POV in unhealthy ways! Yet, it's so simple. We don't need to show everything all the time. Sigh. You do this VERY well. There are entire chapters in here where you can almost forget all of the supernatural aspects of the story because we are so entrenched in just, Bella.

Enjoying this story immensely!
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JoVersify chapter 5 . 1/15/2022
Oh, how I love the dichotomy that is 17 year old Edward with the suave of a millionaire genius playboy. Having Bella older is a MUCH MORE interesting dynamic than the teenage puppy love scenario!

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JoVersify chapter 2 . 1/15/2022
Well, hello backstory! Whoa... the Bella comes with some heavy baggage! I do like a juicy backstory. Bravo on character development! And I love our new OC... this quirky Cuban psychiatrist!

Loving everything so far!
JoVersify chapter 1 . 1/15/2022
FINALLY. I'm FINALLY reading this! YAY!

Very much liking this twist on the Twi Universe. Very interesting. I'm wondering how old Bella is here? I assume you'll divulge this eventually.

Well, on to the next!
twirob chapter 37 . 8/19/2021
AWESOME ! Thanks for completing and sharing this amazingly strange story with us ;D
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