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LivelyLaura chapter 12 . 6/10/2010
I just finished reading up to this point and I would go back and review each chapter up to this point but I am too lazy! I just have to say that using the name Mercy Brown is pure genius! Not only is it an obscure vampire reference, but I can so see that she could be the real Mercy Brown! Now this characterization of Bella is beautiful! She is acting like an adult but still likes to have fun and when I think of her and THIS Edward together I think it is Perfect. Your Edward is also acting a lot more mature than Cannon Edward and I am really appreciating that. While he may be physically 17 he also has the maturity to see that he and Bella belong together! But also the character to know that he can't always get what he wants. All in all, I think this has to be my favorite story in terms of well developed characters and plot!
egirlsmom chapter 11 . 6/9/2010

I absolute adore your bella. I think she is relatable and real. Lately I have been feeling as though some fanfics are just a little too out there for me, don't get me wrong, I still go bat shit crazy when they post. Your story however has a subtlety that is so sweet yet still adult (thank god she is not a teenager anymore, it's becoming harder and harder to relate with each passing year...)

Things I can't wait to find out...

Banner - dude is lame...when is she going to end all that chaste bs? I mean I get why he is there, the safe choice yadda yadda

Jacob - I love this new twist on that relationship, not just the "buddy"...

Edward- love him obvs...little creeps me out in that I am a teacher, but of middle school and there is just NO way in hell 14 is anything but hyper, smelly and gross so I am safe there...but how is his circulation "condition" going to play out? how will she react? will it change her views of him being "17"?

The Boat - I feel as if she is a character all unto herself...I don't sail, but I do live in the PNW on the water, and I must say, I just love this whole CWIA made everyone want to get tattoos and piercings, I think this boat is going to make everyone want to sail!

so in short (well really not so short at this point), I just absolutley love this version of the world we all love to escape to...can't wait for saturday!

Kelly (egirlsmom)
AGirlintheSouth chapter 1 . 6/9/2010
You rock Myg...I know I'm reviewing ch. 1, but I've read through 12...awesome so far - looking forward to seeing where it goes next!
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