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Fleur50 chapter 10 . 2/15
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PINKSAPPHYR chapter 37 . 1/19
Well... That was pretty incredible! Honestly, it was hard as hell sometimes.. Especially with Bella sleeping with J or Derek, but it was such a crazy whirlwind of emotionss, I thought I was the one with mania! The ups and downs made me feel like I was bipolar or something... It was dizzying, at times so so sad while other moments made me so happy I felt I owuld burst!
It was one heck of a story Lady Myg! It will stay with me for a long time... Thanks for sharing it with us, it was deeply appreciated. Cheers, Cecile
Elise de Sallier chapter 37 . 12/29/2014
Thanks for writing such an amazing story. I was a school counsellor for many years, and you nailed it. I laughed, cried, and cringed at your true to life depiction of Bella's career. The only thing I couldn't relate to was falling for a student (thank God!), though it probably helps that I was in my forties when I switched over from counselling for a govt agency to working in schools. ;)

Congratulations on your OF publishing opportunity. I hope you have wonderful success.

xx Elise
nolongerlurking chapter 37 . 11/22/2014
What a lovely story and thank you SO Much for the HEA!
Toni Masen chapter 37 . 11/19/2014
WOW. What an amazing fantastical story! The Bella at the beginning of the story was an absolute wretch what with the pills and the booze, she was a bit too much. The love Edward and Bella had was very intense, to the point of being overwhelming. Jacob as usual was a total pain, I wanted to squish him like you would an annoying mozzy. You had my heart in my mouth, I actually thought you were going to let Bella marry him, nooooooo my poor heart was screaming, but you didn't, phew!
Great story, I'm glad it helped you in your sorrow as we the readers benefit from your wonderful imagination. :-)
Toni Masen chapter 1 . 11/14/2014
Well the first paragraph had me laughing!
Hmm, nice athletic show Alice and Rosalie, most unusual.
I'm curious for more.
Vamps09 chapter 37 . 10/27/2014
I loved this story it truly was different, and I did not expect the whole Bella goddess. Thanks for writing.
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