Reviews for Teach Your Children Well
hi chapter 5 . 12/11
damn it i wanted him to die. guess sasuke just pisses me off, and killing iruka... THE LINE!
Guest chapter 22 . 12/8
crazzyredhead chapter 22 . 12/5
Wish there was more amazing great job
Owen Copper chapter 22 . 11/25
Holy fuck that was a copout.
Lord Xantos A. Fowl chapter 22 . 10/30
Kinda meh ending but I can see the reason for it
Good fic
Lord Xantos A. Fowl chapter 19 . 10/30
Regarding the furry little problem line, that was something that the marauders called reamus's werewolf problem in harry potter
Lord Xantos A. Fowl chapter 16 . 10/30
Saw that end of chapter coming
Not crazy about it
I like the fic as a whole, though I skim the kakashi/ikura segments

It's less the m/m and more that I really just don't see the chemistry between those two

Regardless you have your same high quality that I saw in another brother
Leo chapter 22 . 10/24
Love this story. I like to go back to it every so often and read it from start to finish.
MalayTheDynamo chapter 19 . 9/28
The furry little problem was Remus Lupin's Lycanthropy.
kitsunells chapter 4 . 9/25
I love this its soo interest to think what a person would do in a situation like this I really love ur story so far n will enjoy reading more thank u for the hard work author-sama
Deep in the Night chapter 22 . 9/24
Ha! Honestly, I think I much prefer this ending over dragging it out. Very nice! I loved it! ...Although it's kind of sad that Kakashi is going to forget the old timeline. But that's probably just a personal sentiment.
Deep in the Night chapter 15 . 9/24
Sweet Irony, how save laughs xD
Deep in the Night chapter 8 . 9/24
Haha HA! YES! I freaking LOVE the changes!
Bloody Alpha chapter 1 . 9/11
I was not expecting the ending.
Sephiroth'sGhost chapter 22 . 9/11
I'll be honest, the ending was a tad abrupt for my personal liking... Still enjoyed the story though :)
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