Reviews for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Realms of Iniquity
Guest chapter 16 . 5/1
To sum it all up this to me was AMAZING! -NovaDelta
Rogue Krayt Dragon chapter 16 . 4/12
As glad as I am that this story came to a fulfilling conclusion, I'll miss these characters and their adventures (although you did mention a possible sequel, so I'm hopeful). Firstly, I agree with your assessment of this chapter. It's nice to see the characters not in a perilous situation, and I think that's what makes epilogues, this one in particular, effective: they are meant to wrap things up, and I feel like this story is complete. I like how this chapter takes the story in a new direction that is distinctly separate from the main story. It's organized well so that I don't feel like I need another chapter (if you decided to leave the characters here, it would be just as effective a story). I'd also like to point out what exactly wrapped things up nicely for me. First was Grovyle and Aurealis' friendship. In a story where the main character and partner struggle to get along sometimes (I novel idea I enjoyed reading in this story), it's quite satisfactory to see that their experiences have strengthened their bond. Second, the inclusion of the minor(ish) characters was effective as well. Simply mentioning that Zeph is Guildmaster had me thinking about all kinds of possibilities, and Abby in particular was one of my favorite characters. I especially enjoyed reading the part about her interaction with Grovyle. They have very nice chemistry as characters (in the general sense of the word, though I thought I detected a hint of romance that worked nicely), and I'd love to read more about them. Finally, then scene at the end really hit home. I'll admit, I was a bit caught off guard by the graphic brutality in the later few chapters, not because of its placement (the explicitly darker nature of this story was violent in nature throughout, so it made sense), but because it's not something I associate with Mystery Dungeon as a whole (the second installment of games made it clear that horrifying darkness can be achieved without outright killing [I always found the phrasing used in the game {e.g., "get rid of them"} to be not a veil over the eyes of younger audiences but all the more ominous because it implies death in an unspecified manner]). However, pervasive brutality is necessary to this story, and Grovyle's trip to the Loran Temple at the end really makes the rest of it work. The tiny bit of revival that Grovyle is able to achieve gives the reader closure because it strikes an balance between life and death for the future. I'm not frustrated by Grovyle's disappointment because the end makes it clear that he will eventually be able to gain control over his powers. It feels like the rest of the story has led to this moment: Grovyle is very clearly not a fighter throughout the story, and the end reveals that, unlike his own assessment, he is not at all unimportant for not being a fighter. He is a healer instead. All in all, I loved the end of this story, and it has very much inspired me to finish the latest chapter of my own Mystery Dungeon story, which is right around the corner. Keep up the good work, and when you publish another story, be it a sequel to this one or something totally new, you can count on my readership!
Guest chapter 16 . 4/12
Wow, such a mysterious ending. Please do the sequel! You're awesome with Pokemon stories! I'd love to see a sequel to this story, and a different name suits better for some sequels anyway. You did such a fantasic job, even though it, I have to admit, did take you about four years and nine months, but it was worth it!

If you do make the sequel, then I will no doubt return for it!
SilverScepter chapter 16 . 4/10
I have no words to describe how much I enjoyed this fic. I read it all last night, and my mind is still blown. Pure genius. Well done.
Miaomii chapter 16 . 4/9
So the long journey finally comes to an end.

It was a fun ride and I enjoyed the time spent together with Grovyle although he was sadly weak and whinny at times...he grew on me.

I'll treat the end as a cliffhanger for a squeal cos I want one k?


...can we get to see at least one moment of a powerful badass Grovyle once? Maybe? pls?
Talgoran chapter 2 . 3/30
- Sorry, had to give up after chapter 2. It's extremely similar to the games. You literally switched around some names from the Explorers, and called it a fanfiction.
- Aurealis? Pfffft. Eh, better than my own fanfiction's parter name hahaha.
- Nice sentence flow. You have various sentence structures, lengths, and styles. Makes it easy and fun to read.
- Realistic, smooth dialogue. I like when the main character moans and says "Is it far?" for example. It's not just, "We're the main characters, let's do what's obviously going to happen!" It's embellished, and made more interesting.
Thanks for the read. I hope to learn from your writing to improve my own, as I move forward.
Guest chapter 15 . 1/25
such a sad ending. (!;!). i highly await more of not only this story but more of these characters continuing along in even more stories. this story despite being very slow to update, was an emotional trip to me and i adore these characters. i will be excited for the future of these characters.-DAT4120 i am glad to have read this story and stick with it to the very end.
Smashing Good Time chapter 15 . 1/20
Glad to see you back, bud.
Rogue Krayt Dragon chapter 15 . 1/18
I'm glad to see that you've updated again! It's been quite a while since the last update (but I can't really be talking, I go a long time between updates as well), so it was quite dark in tone, but I really like the way you ended this chapter. It provides the hope that this chapter needed. I'm also a bit disappointed that this story is almost over. As much as I like having a complete story to read, I'll miss the updates that'll solve just that much more of the mystery. I look forward to reading the last bit of it in your next one or two updates!
Guest chapter 15 . 1/15
Finally! Another chapter! Please don't stop here! Try not to disappear for another year, kay? Keep up the great work! So emotional, this chapter! Poor Zero. At least Grovyle is still alive!
Flying Dragonite chapter 15 . 1/11
YAY I mean, the story is sad, but I'm happy to see you back, if only for a single chapter! I'm actually writing the next chapter for my PMD story now so... hehe D. Looking forward to the next installment, sorry I'm not good at giving critisms XD
Grov.light chapter 14 . 11/11/2014
Uh...where are you? It's been a year and nearly four months now.
Oac chapter 14 . 10/10/2014
Rogue Krayt Dragon chapter 14 . 9/22/2014
It's been quite a while since I've been able to read this again. First of all, I completely understand the length between chapters, as I am a slow updater myself (still working on my next chapter from a year ago...hopefully should be uploaded soon). Anyway, the best thing about this chapter was the final reveal of the villains. I HAVE been anticipating that part. However, with all the sadness in this chapter, I hope we get to see some light towards the end. If this is the penultimate chapter, it would be very nice to have an ending that ties it all together soon. Honestly, I wish I was this far along in my similar Mystery Dungeon story; I'm pretty early on as it is. Keep up the writing!
Grov.light chapter 14 . 8/21/2014
Hel-llooo? Are you coming back? I'm still waiting for chapter 15! I love this story! Please don't keep us waiting for much longer!
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