Reviews for Awakening of the Serpents' Avatar
Beertjes chapter 5 . 3/24
Love it... Please continue... Can't wait to see how Harry and Nagini's relationship progresses..
Master Xehanort chapter 5 . 3/24
I love it this is great so keep going my friend.
Darklight9999 chapter 5 . 2/27
asas4496 chapter 5 . 2/5
To anyone who is reading this review and thinks this story is very awesome,
It has been 4 years since this story was written and I honestly think this story is abandoned. The author has been inactive online since the last 2 years on any of his profiles. This will forever be one of the most epic stories on fanfiction and we are the only hope to continue it. I ask all readers to request all authors on fanfiction to continue this. I plead all authors to continue this. I plead fanfiction to post the story on different sites with messages to continue this. this story is a work of art and must be completed.
if you agree you know what you have to do.
anonymous chapter 5 . 2/1
Please write more chapters. IT BEEN FIVE YEARS. Oops, sorry about that. My caps lock button got stuck. But seriously, write more chapters the story just got intresting.
cjvandebogart chapter 5 . 12/21/2014
new reader chapter 5 . 11/14/2014
Why haven't you updated in four years? I want to see the reactions of all the people harry will face. I bet Ron's will be price less
mememme chapter 5 . 10/16/2014
update story
Guest chapter 5 . 10/11/2014
Write more!
pennywise123 chapter 5 . 10/7/2014
you should update this if you are still alive
booklover41 chapter 5 . 7/3/2014
A smashing good read! Truly smashing, I look forward to the next installment.
simeon234 chapter 4 . 6/8/2014
Harryxnagini lemon
Lee Sins chapter 5 . 5/28/2014
Such a great story! Since it's been several years I'd assume that you disappeared, but more updates would be nice
The Observant Reader chapter 5 . 2/19/2014
Hope you continue this story, it's a good one an shouldn't be ended here!
d1x1lady chapter 5 . 2/13/2014
Such a great story! A little disturbed by this pairing and Harry's transformation, but love the rest of it. Can't wait for Dumbles to pay!
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