Reviews for Memories
Flamme des Nefs chapter 1 . 7/2/2010
I like your story. A bit repetitive maybe, but good. Anyway, I'm always a good audience for a bit of Shane angst.

I must confess I've never been that much enthralled with that "good and nice Max" thing. I could'nt help seing him as a kind of "nice doctor Frankenstein" with many paradoxes and an odd sense of morality. Maybe I'm not the only one after all.

Sad for Shane. The loss is big for him too and he doesn't seem to get much support through it all (to my point of view). Not that he would ask for it, but still...

I'm a bit disappointed we don't get a conversation between Shane and Zach, or Zach's point of view : he was quite harsh and unsympathetic in this episode and he must have had his reasons for it apart from "just doing his job".

(Sorry not too review more often, but writing in English things that make sense is a very slow and painstaking task for me :P)