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poserz30210 chapter 1 . 1/6/2014
Morphing back
The squelch is quiet in the hush of this underground cavern as the Yerk enters his ear yet it is slow and resounds around the dank space, I shiver in horror at the reality of the small creature worming towards his brain. It’s a nightmare for me but the crowd before where I am crouched hiding break into panic. No it is not panic, but, frenzied excitement. I have been an anamorphic these past four years and the leader we had as long as we and they the Yerkes can remember but today is nothing like other days today our leader Jake … just Jake takes his last look at planet earth. As a tear rolls down my cheek I think of the prince and his spacecraft, where are they now, will they be in time to rescue us from the Yerkes and can it really be the end? I, Melanie yell out a weak willed cry as I look on in startled shock “Jake nooooo!” I moan and they all look on. Hundreds of yerklings are gathered staring in a large circle and he is on a platform a strange bonding ritual being created and there are onlookers hundreds of strange humanised Yerkes staring chanting and watching from a distance running rows back calling orrg almille orrg almille meaning get turn him turn him in the language of yerk. He twitches and turns in his chair then Jake sits upright the small slug inside his brain fighting his conscious loosing and dying slowly as it takes control. And he smiles but with a vacancy that shows he is now one of them or at least almost gone. There he is strapped to the chair and tied by the wrists to the chairs arms thrashing and trying to get loose. The controllers hold him down and place the wriggling orange alien into his ear hole. They are all watching from above and around as he struggles against the alien festering lodged in his skull. I Jake in this dank underground base I take my last self preserving and free willed breath and then my head feels sharp pain, the world goes white then hazy, blue as the alien enters my brain then I slide forwards and all goes dark and cold. I think of the prince and our mission as the alien melts into my brain and a single tear drops from my face. And then white fire screams under my temples and my eyes blur out of focus and I am gone. !-[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]- !-[endif]-

Twenty feet above: Melanie’s POV:

Melanie clung to the bolder overhanging the cavern precipice. She was crying tears running through her thick loose long blonde hair. “It’s not possible. He can’t be taken away from us he was our leader” she sinks to her knees and sobs on the dusty earth. Then fingers a locket in her hands that contains a picture frame she knows it well it contains the passage that they found that night in the barn when they were all fourteen. She opens the worn clasp and the dirty metal chain and pop open the case to read the small picture “congrats you’re a year older, oh wise Owl” and as she stares on at the paper she sobs a little it was her brothers and now her brother is one of them a gross drone and if I don’t do something we will be one of them too, and my friends and family they all will be too. My first morph was as an owl. His was rabbit I laugh at the oddity of it the hunter and the prey but now the roles are reversed. How hysterical. As a false choking laugh leaves me bubbling from my dry throat as I think of Jake and what he’d do the answer is keep safe he wouldn’t want us his friends to be caught and turned too. I crouch low out of sight as they turn to look at where the yell came from and gather breath. I feel hopeless at the thought of it, this being the way it ends and the princes dependency on Jake and now my brother is one of them gone! So what now? Am I bitter and or am I angry the Jake we knew was a hero, my hero, more by luck and chance facing life with courage and a lot of luck. Melanie knows she would die before being one of them so would he. Getting up on her feet and brushing her sandy hair to one side, she straightens her denim skirt with dusty palms and heads out of the observation range of the Yerkes meeting. She doesn’t like the idea of leaving Jake there she must to go and search out the other morphs so they can find a way of bringing him back.

That’s when she gets up slowly to leave but as she turns around she sees two men smiling in a grimacing sort of way both in their forties and balding one short and one substantially taller and they grab her arms

“let me go, lemmie go , lemmie go” she yells startled and kicks them in the legs. Startled their grip loosens and then she is flying a bird past them owl formed and out of the cavern. The adrenaline of a swift morph is wearing off and she is tired its always so draining to morph instantly. She soars on though determined a small brave tawny Owl against the gathering dark night as a storm rolls in.

Some time later: Thud. The door to the clubhouse slams shut .and I stare around me in the gloom of the evening. the others will be here soon but for now I sit and I cry. I just cry water cascading down my cheeks as I think about what I have just seen. now that the yerks have Jake I can hardly stand to breathe. I think back and I recall how we got into this mess in the beginning. Two weeks earlier:

I ran sprinting through the golden autumn air, as the sun beat down on the sidewalk I might have enjoyed it, running is a pass time of mine but I was running for my life, behind me two men ran not twenty yards away chasing me down the ally-way and around the next corner. I was nearly there, a few more yards and id be at the river by the highway and then I could morph. I clutched the stolen vial even tighter in my hand and continued more determined in a dead sprint over the last few yards, I was at the river "so long fish ears you Yerkes can’t scare me" I yelled to them as I jumped. My clothes fell away and I became smaller and smaller as I turned into a white and blonde poodle dog and swam the distance between the riverside and the bank, deep in water up to my neck. It was freezing but my fur responded differently to a human’s skin and I was invigorated instead of chilled. It took a while for us to work how to morph clothed and there were finitely some cringe moments in the time in-between. We had to keep hiding behind trees. And one time Jake only turned half back and his tail could still be seen through his jeans and his nose was twitching, we all laughed for weeks. "Woof, Woof" I let out a long bark and felt myself adjusting to the water there was no way that they'd catch me now. The vial was now safely between my clenched teeth and I swam upriver to the bend by the dam slowly but surely as I thought of the others. when we are morphed we can telecommunicate a thought and I sent a thought "we'll meet in the clubhouse, come at once all of you, im jakes eyes and ears today, at three hurry" to Amy, Marcus and Ryan immediately I had only just begun to unwind when the current picked up and I was dragged into the centre of the river. It was a whirlpool and I was being sucked in. I paddled as hard as I could and got out on the opposing bank but the vial slipped from my grasp into the water from my mouth. I paddled madly for the shore I would have to get other live Yerkes next time I was outside the caverns but it was no good now, it had taken me hours to get past the guards this time, and now they are on red alert. I stole a drivers licence to take a delivery truck to the foot of the yerk pool, it was dumping warm orange magma like goo into it is that how those slimers feed? Ugh! Well anyway it’s Disgusting and I grabbed two of the little ones with my gardening glove and stuffed them in this test tube then the alarm went off and I well, ran away. And with that the vial sunk as it came out from my grasp in the river current and our latest mission failed. I feel the weight of disappointment on me it’s my first solo mission and I messed up. I sensed there was no way of retrieving it and so made a beeline for the bank where I morphed to human form and sat down tired and deflated. The bank was muddy and strewn with early autumn leaves. I would have to tell Jake, he was going to be cross but I knew he'd understand, what I didn't realise was as I got out of the water a truck pulled up alongside the river and moved alongside me slowly, crawling forward unaware I got out of the water and morphed to human form. I didn't know it but the second I morphed I wasn't alone and someone, on the far side of the embankment with black hair and a camera stood taking pictures further up on the highway bridge.

I stood at the edge of the bank pausing as I blinked and looked around in the afternoon haze. The road was nearby and Lorries and cars were shooting past I watched a small golf polo make its way of the bend of the junction shading my eyes in the autumn sun. Evening was coming and I was going to start the track to the cabin, and our clubhouse slowly. Tired and feeling drowsy I was not five minutes up the other side of the highway when an eagle swooped and landed nearby. I recognised it instantly and knowing it was Marcus, so I stopped to wait for him to transform. He stood moments after touching the ground human again and immediately wrapped his arms around me and hugged me.

He looks alert and stares at me for a long moment then swings into action and grabs me in a hug round my torso.“Melanie I came from downtown by the creek the Yerkes are moving what they’re doing we don’t know but an old couple were nearly drowned and turned by the river. And their dog is dead. I thought you were one of them too for a second.” Marcus states releasing me from the hug.

“Sorry I was slow getting up and I find it hard to breathe after exercise, my asthma y’know?” I respond and brush my fingers through my messy wet hair fishing out a leaf. “Gee I’m sorry about that though, I hate to guess what old timers can do for them. And it’s just inhumane to kill a dog too” I sigh because I am worn out and I look a
BriiDream chapter 1 . 8/24/2010
Sweet of Cedric to fly with the younger girl (there's a 4-year difference, right).

Great story as always, and great characterisation.
RavenEcho chapter 1 . 6/15/2010
Love this! Wouldn't have ever thought of it...
in sync chapter 1 . 6/14/2010
I really liked this story. I personally wasn't sure how you'd manage this pairing myself, I'm not sure I could write one of this pairing. It was really good, keep up the good writing!

Bruteaous chapter 1 . 6/14/2010
I thought this was a cool little snippet and like most of your snippets, though short they may be, it managed to capture the essence of both characters head on. I always thought that Ginny could have been a much stronger character than Rowling made her and I'm glad that you gave her, her own thoughts here. I also like how, since in the past six months you've been writing like a woman on fire, you've conquered almost every Harry Potter pairing to exist. ;] Bravo. I look forward to more stories from you, though I have to admit that every time I get to my email and read through the story alerts of yours, I feel just a tad bit shamed as well as completely impressed with your productivity level.

Keep this up and they'll be naming a fanfiction award after you like O'Henry has in fiction. ;]

Cheers and keep on writing!

opaque-girl chapter 1 . 6/14/2010
This is really good. I am glad you did not mention Cedric dying because well every Cedric story has that and it was nice for a change not to read a girl crying over his death :)

Original :)

L.A.H.H chapter 1 . 6/14/2010
Loved it. Thanks for writing. x