Reviews for The Sealed Kunai
dantezess chapter 16 . 10/9
You really did make everyone but Naruto retarded didn't you? and even that is debatable.
dantezess chapter 4 . 10/8
I found this fic for a second time today but I couldn't remember reading it, then after reading a few chapters I realized why that is. I ended up dropping it the first time because you exaggerated all of the negative aspects in everyone and generally dumbed down 99% of the characters. It's a shame to because the idea of there being a legitimate conspiracy against naruto causing him to be last place at everything is golden, completely messed up but golden.
sesshomarurules01862 chapter 30 . 9/24
I love this fic. I just hate the damn tangents that the author does
Blandy8521 chapter 69 . 9/22
This was amazing and I'm glad I found it
Guest chapter 11 . 9/15
Oh boy another fanboy
You do realize this guy wasn’t even half as strong as you’re potraying him right now right?
narutodarkfan chapter 68 . 9/5
HALO jump, what a thrill
Nercius chapter 5 . 9/4
Seriously, Kabuto is a text book example (if the Naruto manga were a textbook) of, defeat enemy, destroy the head, and burn, freeze, electrocute, and dissolve in acid every last bit you can find. At least that way it will take care of someone for at least a few arcs. Then again, I do understand how it hard it is to create a good villain and you can't just go around offing them.
narutodarkfan chapter 55 . 9/3
army without borders is a way to be played like a damn fiddle
Guest chapter 5 . 9/2
I have an idea
How about instead of naruto having to shout and brag that he had his strength sealed away,what if he wore a sign on his neck explaining everything? That would cut down the first few chapters to half its length. I mean seriously,when he fought kabuto,he was being underestimated. That was a good thing. Naruto himself admitted that he could beat kauto because he was underestimating him. But then he explains to kabuto how his strength was sealed away and that he was one who infiltrated their base years ago. The story is good but man do you have to make it so cringy at times.
CrazyLich79 chapter 22 . 9/2
Thanks for the chapter.
CrazyLich79 chapter 21 . 9/1
Thanks for the chapter.
kavoss chapter 9 . 8/30
naruto has no damn reason to be this strong
narutodarkfan chapter 23 . 8/30
Didn't Sasori kidnapping Third Kazekage trigger the third shinobi war?
CoffeeHandShaky chapter 24 . 8/28
"Naruto panickedNaruto got upset" and these are happening in the middle of a battle and he was supposed to be an elite of ROOT that can take on S class missions? Lmao this is turning into garbage real quick, even Sasuke in canon fcked Deidara up with his lightning element, certainly Naruto here didn't even counter Deidara with lightning. This writing is meh, the concept is really good and I like how you portray Danzo because that is his true nature but your execution is terrible. LOL so much for a ROOT elite my ass
narutodarkfan chapter 5 . 8/27
Sasuke kissing naruto at the last fight like how Liquid Ocelot kissed Solid Snake would have made my day
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