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Guest chapter 52 . 4h
Your story has recieved a lot of reviews and rightly so since it is well written and has few grammatical errors. The plot is interesting and Naruto is powerful though compared to his true adversaries he gets powers slowly keeping things eventful and preventing any fight from being boring.
That is for the praise.
The thing is despite all that there is no spark to the character. Naruto is smart and powerful but he is just another ninja. Canon naruto for all his faults- and there are many he is foolish, loudmouthed, brash, limited for the most part(only a few jutsu in his arsenal) was unique among his contemporaries- with his much derided talk nu jutsu. He truly worked towards peace and wanted it going so far as to forgive Nagato who had killed his mentor and destroyed his village. While I don't want this Naruto to be the same- he couldn't be having been trained by Danzo- he should be somewhat different from the others. As it is his most notable factor is his power not his is not one instance in the story where he does something that another ninja with his power wouldn't have done. Its not simply about ruthlessness or that- one has to be ruthless against the enemy. He sees nothing wrong with the current climate where ninjas even children are used as tools and kill each other and innocents for their villages power. This is best encapsulated where he was willing to destroy Amekegure during his fight with Konan- not caring about the lives of the civilians lost. Sure it is a wake up call for Konan herself as to what she was doing but Naruto sees it as nothing more than business as usual not a tragedy as he slaughtered any genin or low level ninja who came at him. Most of the alliances he made are not because of anything he did to gain the understanding of other villages but because he simply completed his missions (the wave mission is the exception but at that point he was canon Naruto). The only aberration in this pattern was when went to save Yugito nee and when he disagreed with Danzo about the Uchiha massacre. Every other time he simply did what any other ninja in his position would have done. HE has alliances because people respect his power. Sure he cares for Konoha like no other true- but many other ninja do too- he simply has more power. he doesn't care if he has to kill or assassinate other people simply to gain ground for Konoha. The redeeming factor is that he doesn't see himself as something different and acknowledges what he has done with no attempt at justification knowing that what he did was only for Konoha and did not in anyway make a better world...
tralalalala chapter 33 . 19h
Great fight scene.
Anonymous chapter 18 . 10/3
That's… that's… that's the most evil kind of torture anyone could think of. I congratulate you, and I now have the upmost respect of your imaginative ideas of torture.
Anonymous chapter 10 . 10/3
Quite a song to put there, good story.
lexus4444 chapter 56 . 10/2
Bringing up what you are talking about if the Sharingan, Rinnegan, and the Bakugan is from the sage. How come the Bakugan is so weak. Quite an story you have written. Enjoyable .
Anonymou chapter 7 . 10/2
Wouldn't it be more logical for naruto to want to face shino and shikamaru first? If he fights everyone else before them then they have time to watch his skill and plan a counter attack. Well, besides this, it's a very good story, I'm a stickler for logic.
lexus4444 chapter 48 . 10/2
I've read quite a few Naruto's stories and you are the first author to follow this story line that I have read. Loved the fight scenes. Good chapter.
JayJay-san chapter 14 . 10/1
Are you a Ron White fan? That whole drunk in the woods/forest part was totally a parody of his drunk in public segment. haha
CriticalParty chapter 40 . 10/1
Well that's rude maybe my name is Naruto, and I could be part automobile, so do you own me? Oh I see how you came up with "Maki". I imagine you just said "I don't own Naruto" so many times that you thought..."Uzumaki, uzu, maki" and came to the conclusion of "Maki" as a character name. Yes I realize I'm being that guy with this corny joke someone had to, and I'm sure I'm not the first.
ramze chapter 69 . 10/1
damnit, update your stories more (
Sazi94 chapter 64 . 9/28
Awesome story
Gary chapter 45 . 9/28
just finished chapter 45 well written story. However, you just had to give Naruto a sharingan. That just never ever works well in a story. Period.
Hammer chapter 68 . 9/22
Well, this was a good read in general. The writing was decent, and your ideas were very interesting to read about.

There is a big but though: once the Shinobi War arc came about, I can safely say that the story got dull. Maybe I was affected by the fact that canon got really boring itself past the Pain invasion arc, or maybe I got burnt out from reading this too fast. ( The fic is a beast in size after all.) But yea, once that arc started, it was just one fight after another happening, without anything of interest really occurring. I mean, I ended up skipping the last ten chapters and had no problem understanding what was going on in the end.

That said, if we set that final segment of the story aside, as I said, you have got a very impressive and enjoyable fanfic there. Well done for having such a big and popular story written.
feic.flame chapter 69 . 9/14
Great story
armegedonknight chapter 69 . 9/13
I don't know how long this has been completed, but bravo to you sir. You occupied my imagination for an extraordinarily long amount of time. You actually may have broke my addiction to WoW with this story. Thank you sir. May life smile upon you.
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