Reviews for The Sealed Kunai
EeveeTheImmortal chapter 1 . 7/15
Dude I know that I'm commenting after this is finished but I feel the need to say this because of the word count:
Arsenal chapter 31 . 7/13
This was a waste of a chapter. I don't need that lemon. And I don't want to see women such as Hamako do things like that to Naruto, not letting him into his own home.
Arsenal chapter 5 . 7/13
Whatever medium, it is not good to be explaining things to your enemy. Monologuing is not a good plot device. You face the enemy, you beat and then capture or kill them. That's all.
Arsenal chapter 1 . 7/13
Well that was crap.
daveadrian4 chapter 69 . 7/11
Damn.. this is one of the most brilliant/engaging fanfic i've ever read
Naruto v sasuke v itachi is by far the best moment... i was gripping my teeth dammit
Chapter 21-25 aint really fun tho.. but overall HIGH PRAISE
Zabzab chapter 69 . 7/3
What to say ? I ain't even sure you're gonna read this author but whatever. That was awesome ! Seriously so. Of course some parts were slow and a few straight up boring but damn what a ride it was overall.

Nothing to say on your writing : funny, moving, well done, great, readable combats... No glaring mistake apart from a few repetition due to inattention. Yup, nothing to say. My inner grammar-nazi didn't stir even once, and trust, it doesn't need much.

As far as characters go, well... It's basic. But I understand how complicated it is to make it really interesting. I mean, you have such a large cast of characters, it's impossible to flesh them all out. So most are caricatures. But whatever. Naruto was good enough, Sai was extremely touching, Tayuya deserved her little spot under the sunshine... Just a shame in my opinion you made your hero such a lady killer. It kinds of contradict his "way of the ninja". He is so committed for his village yet so frivolous in his love life... Oh well, contradictions are part of people I guess. One thing though : the servant girl was entirely useless. Apart from a lemon and a crash course in fuinjutsu, you got absolutely nothing out of her. You could get rid of the character and replace her by a few didactic scrolls and another lemon scene (Where the fuck is my Naruto x Temari lemon you bastard ?). Actually, you could have fused servant-girl with Maki. Same result.

Now for the rhythm... I honestly skipped the last few chapters, reading them diagonally (not missing the lemon with Maki, I'm no fool, nor the Tobi/Naruto fight) because they were basically full of fundamentally boring fights. Don't get me wrong, it was written well enough. But nothing was hanging on those fight. That's the problem when you have a cast of dozen of character but one clear hero : everything revolves around the hero, so any other fight is basically irrelevant : you know that as long as the hero wins HIS fight, then victory is assured. Overall, until chapter number 60. everything was flowing well.

So, final say for the curious people out there who want an opinion ? A good read, don't hesitate one second.
Lady cooky chapter 6 . 7/2
You cannot begin to imagine how long i have waited for a chapter like this! 3 years of reading, 3 years of imaging. And finally! You have blessed me with the true " uzumaki barrage " THANK YOU!
Reaping Shadow chapter 56 . 7/1
I simply love that you foresaw the whole Kaguya and her whole family are aliens which happena in Boruto like 6 years before it even happened... You sir have my respect
Saurito chapter 13 . 6/28
Fuck it’s a harem, bye.
Cerberus2005 chapter 1 . 6/18
Love it
Cosmic Nihilist chapter 24 . 6/11
I have read this story several times, I enjoy it so much, but this part has always bothered me. I hadn't realized until now why that was. The introduction to the OC is too scattered? if that is the way to put it. Her intro just takes me out the story for awhile. But the thing is its really only this part, Im fine with her litteraly the next chapter. I think too much info was dumped at once and made her out to be too perfect of a character tbh. The information itself is fine, her being a level 9 sealing expert, making the statue, Uzumaki's apparently being the best at sealing being level 7 by 15, Jiraya being only a level 8, but all that info together back to back really just makes her out to be too perfect a character. If the info was spread out over a few chapters and we were introducded to her a bit for gradually I feel it would make more sense. She seems to be a prodigy, and while that is okay, its strange thay she was an unknown during her time, we would think that at least Jiraya, being a seal expert, would have known about her in the past. Since she is a higher level than Jiraya at lvl 9 and being only in her teens. Honestly this was my only major gripe with the story, it was just an info dump that made a character out to be too perfect on her introduction.
Justin Carrasqui chapter 1 . 6/10
Damn bro why they gotta seal him bro
AlphaWolf02 chapter 69 . 6/3
Just found this fanfic. I have to say this is one of those stories I have developed a true emotional bond to. Amazing. You did so good man. If you even still get these notifications. I hope life has treated you well and thank you for this story. Truly one of a kind and amazing all the way through.
MadiiMad chapter 69 . 5/27
I love this Fanfic
Avid reader 11952 chapter 1 . 5/24
Best naruto fanfic ever.
Thanks for sharing such a masterpiece with us.
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