Reviews for The Sealed Kunai
NaruKushi6023 chapter 7 . 8/30
In every Naruto fanfic I've read, there was always a part about Sasuke gnashing his teeth. This however, is the first time I bust out laughing, for no reason, when I saw it.
SomeGuyFawkes chapter 1 . 8/28
read marker
lisa.francis.96780 chapter 69 . 8/27
Great story! I can definitely see the improvement over the course of the chapters. Thanks for sharing.
On a side note I checked the word count on all your stories and did you know you have written the equivalent of over 5 1/2 complete Harry Potter series? That's over 35 full length novels. Amazing!
Crusade chapter 30 . 8/27
Wait... what? How did that happen? Neji jonin before naruto?...
Is naruto just too dumb to be promoted so no matter how strong he is he will not be promoted?
Probably the only good excuse, guess its pretty much like canon then, except he is chuunin and not genin.
Centaurious chapter 3 . 8/25
His muscles were underused while under a gravity seal... Nope, not buying it. Gravity seals are used to strengthen the body. Adjust to a larger body and changed chakra network... OK to a limited degree. Re-learn jutsu? No way! Get his speed of doing the hand signs I agree with, but he KNOWS how to do the jutsu's he's learned.
Crusade chapter 28 . 8/25
How did kankuro and temari get jonin before naruto again? He was chunin while they were genin, he has been chuunin for 2 years now, pretty sure he should have been promoted by now, he kinda took down an s rank dude as well...
blahblahblech chapter 69 . 8/21
I am very late to the story, but it was well done.
Guest chapter 9 . 8/20
AddictedDucky chapter 30 . 8/20
More rants please!
Crusade chapter 11 . 8/17
Dude, dead bone pulse doesnt make you fucking near imortal, that fight should have ended way earlier —_—
Arrexu chapter 48 . 8/15
how can jiraiya scribble porn scenes on his notbook with one fucking hand while standing in Tsunade's cursed office filled with paperwork?
I'm known as Xana chapter 14 . 8/14
I'm just going to stop right here for a moment before continuing to say that I love this story so much. The humor in this is comedy gold and the fact that it transitions from that to seriousness so smoothing is just beautiful. Dunno if it was your intention or not but this is the most beautiful thing I've read and it's only the beginning.
RamenKurama chapter 13 . 8/9
Harem? Really? Waiiiiiiiiiii! ;-;
Elarmi chapter 69 . 8/8
Man that was a really cool story ! The whole story was interesting even if the start was a little sloppy at times but after that, that was excellent ! The whole plot with root was great, your characters are really well writing (i love your Sai and Danzo) and your OC (Maki and Hamako) are really cool, i wish they were in canon. Oh and the way you writes the fighting scenes, they're excellent !

You have done a really good job !

So first i've read "Better Left Unsaid" (I love it), Then this one (really good too), the next one is "Great Clan Days"

See you on your next story !
Blitzstrahl chapter 47 . 8/2
Well shit Obito still gets the E.M.S. did Itachi have time to destroy Shusui other eye? Or is it now a heirloom of the crows?
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