Reviews for From The Ashes
Guest chapter 4 . 8/22
Haven't got a clue, hope to find out soon Please.
celajwhitney chapter 23 . 5/13
great story, thanks for a wonderful escape to forks. iv'e been there, it's just as boring as described.
Rita01tx chapter 23 . 11/4/2016
Guess I still have a lot of work to do on myself 'cause I automatically expected Sekhmet to be reduced to ash...silly me to forget you can kill with kindness LOL!
Many thanks for what has been the most amazin' I won't soon forget!
Rita01tx chapter 22 . 11/4/2016
Oooh, this chapter gave me chills...and HOPE!
Rita01tx chapter 21 . 11/4/2016
Okay...we're gonna NEED an outtake of Emmett's meetin' with Sa, which might or might not end up in a friendly wrestlin' match LMAO!
Rita01tx chapter 20 . 11/4/2016
I'm sure Benji is anxious to get to Hathor, as are they all, but it would be dangerous to go before endin' Sekhmet!
Rita01tx chapter 19 . 11/4/2016
Eeeep! Gonna have to read the next chapter through my fingers!
Rita01tx chapter 18 . 11/4/2016
Oooh, I can hardly wait for Sulpicia to feel his wrath when he finds out what she did to Carmen! Hell'n Bella won't get a chance to touch her if Eleazar has his way!
Rita01tx chapter 17 . 11/4/2016
Loved the ceremony...Alice certainly outdid herself! Esme's speech made me all misty and Jasper's was so Jasper LOL! Gonna have to hit YouTube in a few to immerse myself in NKC's wonderful music!
Edward can't read Sulpicia/Carmen's mind? That alone would send up warning rockets red glare!
Rita01tx chapter 16 . 11/4/2016
Oh, my! That dress sounds fabulous but what a horrible vision to plague her, especially not knowin' when, where, how, etc.! Good thing Bella's made of sterner stuff and won't let this ruin her special day!
Rita01tx chapter 15 . 10/26/2016
Evil bitch! Eleazar's gonna be so devastated!
Rita01tx chapter 14 . 10/26/2016
Poor Jaru! At least Eleazar managed to escape Sulpicia *phew!*
Rita01tx chapter 13 . 10/25/2016
Well, that was way better and far more production than huntin' down Jake and Leah!
Rita01tx chapter 12 . 10/25/2016
With such a celestial portent, I do believe their short reprieve is over *sigh!*
Rita01tx chapter 11 . 10/25/2016
So, no one, includin' the gods themselves, has the power to stop Sulpicia but Bella! Hmmm, hope that little tidbit of information doesn't go to her head!
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