Reviews for The Call
LoLiPoP chapter 1 . 7/25/2010
Fucking garbage.
DezoPenguin chapter 1 . 6/23/2010
A solid short and a nice introduction to Celica and Tizona for those who haven't already been reading "false light." I enjoy the combination of magical-combat action and espionage/criminal plotting.

Fulton, for his part, is a workmanlike villain; the whole N23 enhancement question is a plot germ I'd be interested in seeing more of (particularly given that when Stele breaks things they do seem to tend to stay broken, so the chain of events whereby the N23 ended up in the hands of the Vartis pirates). It also gives some structure to what occurs in the fight: Fulton's egotism in letting his lackeys get the decks wiped with them (because he's overconfident in his own enhanced abilities), an enemy with enough power to match up with Lutecia so that Celica doesn't end up standing around twiddling her thumbs, and the reason that this supposed "close-combat specialist" with anti-magic Device doesn't ruthlessly beat Celica down. After all, when we hear "S close-combat specialist" we think Fate, but what we really have here is a one-trick pony who's better at close-combat than ranged bombardment but not necessarily a master-skilled mage at either, and who owes his S to artificial enhancement, giving him lots of power to fight with but not the ability to necessarily use it to its best efficiency.

Fiore was a nice enough character; she doesn't get a lot of development due to the story length but she gets thumbnailed nicely enough to have a personality, a mental image come through (which is necessary to make us care). The Lutecia-Miranda, Celica-Fiore, and Lutecia-Celica relationship parallels and mirror-reflections are a nice bonus for those of us who know the entire Shadowverse canon. I like the change to the ages, there-it makes her feelings seem a little more meaningful, less "kid crush" and more "first love."

One mistake was left over from the date change. In Lutecia's introduction scene with Chrono, the JS Incident is referred to as being "five years ago"-it should now be seven in MC0083.

All in all, a good story and a fun addition to the Shadow stories; I always enjoy getting to see the magical-universe espionage-adventure type of fics.
IzanagiMikoto chapter 1 . 6/16/2010
Overall, I thought this was a nice flashback/background story for Celica. The action was well written, though I felt the non-action parts painted me a better image of Celica and her social life.

If you had written and posted this before "false light" I probably wouldn't have expected Fiore to die, but there was something about her that screamed "expendable" as a character. That and the fact that there's no mention of her in "false life," especially when it became apparent she was close to Celica.

I would have liked to seen more of Celica with Fiore outside of the fighting. If there had been more development of Fiore I might have been more emotionally invested in her.

I did feel that Lutecia's desire to recruit Celica and Celica's acceptance of her transfer opportunity looked a little forced. Perhaps, if she had had more time to grieve over Fiore, then I could have accepted it. Lutecia also seemed to be bumbling over her emotions in the aftermath of Fiore's death. While I could accept that part of it is Lutecia's core personality, after x-amount of years of working as a Shadow, I would think she would have learned to compartmentalize or control her feelings. If the last two scenes had been presented over an extended period of time or been slowed down, I might have been able to swallow them better.

Aside from that, there's no mention of the other Shiva crewmembers' deaths. How did Lutecia feel about them, or did she only care about Fiore because she died in front of Lutecia's eyes?

I felt the combat scenes were good, although they did make me question Celica's unusually high combat prowess. She and Fiore tore through most of the Vartis pirates without getting significantly injured or tired. I understand that the duo are probably higher ranked mages, but in my mind they should've been at least a little winded with a flesh wound or two. It was only when they went up against the captain that they were hurt. Aside from a bump on the head, Celica didn't seem to be wounded much. Since Celica is an analyst and not a frontline combat mage, I would expect her battle experience to be lacking compared to the unofficially trained yet battle hardened Vartis pirates.

Celica and Fiore's immediate suspicion of Lutecia introduction as Reika Jennings also seemed strange. I guess because she's an observant analyst and thanks to Tizona, she was able to discern Lutecia's true nature. On the other hand, Lutecia is a trained Shadow, who as a spy, should have been trained to conceal her identity and fit whatever role she needed to. And even if Lutecia walked like a warrior, why would that appear strange to Celica? Celica herself is not exactly a typical analyst. If Chrono sent her undercover to the one person who could see past her facade, I seriously question his decision capabilities.

Looking forward to the enxt update of "false light."