Reviews for Second Chances
Clover1302 chapter 7 . 7/14
While I get her reasoning,Rose is extremely annoying.
PaleandBroodingsGirl chapter 19 . 7/11
another unique and intriguing story! i hope to read its conclusion someday!
vampireacademygirls chapter 19 . 6/28
Simply amazing so far! I suspected that Rose and Scorpio would break the curse but I didn't expect it to take place like this.
Totally Spazz-tastic chapter 19 . 6/24
Thoughts?! I NEED AN UPDATE!
Happy chapter 19 . 5/5
Super amazing!
AnnaMerteuil chapter 19 . 4/9
how lucky Rose isa Verla and a man both devoted to her ! can't wait the next chapters, especially the lemons
AnnaMerteuil chapter 16 . 4/9
why the fuck you did this?
AnnaMerteuil chapter 14 . 4/9
that's a lemon
AnnaMerteuil chapter 10 . 4/7
excellent lemon
AnnaMerteuil chapter 5 . 3/31
great lemon
Florence Nightmare chapter 19 . 3/11
noooo it cant end there.
Ju Narcissa chapter 18 . 3/10
About the characters: I read few nextgen fanfiction, so I I don’t really have much to say about their personification, but if I had to think about it I’d say the Rose your wrote is exactly the way I imagine her! And I love that Scorpius is a Puff at heart! Even though he’s still the womanizer here, he’s cute and good and insecure with a lot of stuff and you’re amazing at showing it! I liked all your OC except the Veela

About the smut: wet again

Well, I know it’s been 3 years. Read here this is on hold but that you intend to finish it someday, I reaaaaalllyyyy hope you will! I will be waiting!

Also read you’re soon to leave ff net to ao3.. I will follow you there, too!
Ju Narcissa chapter 19 . 3/10
First of all: I’m not a native English speaker so I previously apologize for maybe not communicating properly!

I kind of binge read the whole fanfic in the last couple of days. It sorta makes me ashamed I haven’t written a review before but I guess one’s never too late, right?

I must confess I’m definitely not a great fan of creature themed fanfiction. I decided I’d give this a chance because I was mad to read a good Scorpius/Rose and your story had a lot of reviews and why not? I really can’t tell how happy I am I did it!

So, about the fic, since I’ve been a lame reader and didn’t write reviews during my time reading, I’ll try to explain what I felt of it in topics!

First, about the plot so far: wow. That was really creative. At first, when I read summary and chapter one, I thought it all seemed a little too crazy for my taste but you made it up so factfully and, better, you wrote it so dawn well that it all made sense and even though it was a bit crazy it became endearing and addictive! All the drama that you slow built (Eleri’s relationship with Scorpius, Scorpius and Rose’s first time, even Corwyn and these OMFG Elohim thing what a cliffhanger), I could really recall from the previous chapters moments I should’ve paid better attention! You’re awesome!
Masked.Lee chapter 19 . 3/3
What a cliffhanger it’s been years has the rest been lost really would love to see the finale soon this has been a great fic
Lupinara chapter 19 . 3/1
OHHHHH MAN OH MAN. I am finally caught up with this, and now I am chewing on my fingernails in anticipation for the next chapter, whenever it might grace my teary eyes!

RZZMG you are a kindred spirit, and having read dozens of the fruits of your tireless fanfiction work, I feel as though I could tentatively call you a friend.

One sided it may be, you have shaped my fanfiction preferences, not unlike how a casual dalliance with carbs might affect one's waistline.

Brusque, yet amicable regards,

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