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Flufferz chapter 1 . 9/14/2011
I was dying of laughter when this happened: Jay: So...why aren't we fucking? Matt: I dunno. Get naked. xD Ohhh Matteh. Always straight to the point!
BellaHickenbottom chapter 3 . 12/18/2010
That was pretty funny! I love all the nonsense bickering!
takers dark lover chapter 3 . 12/8/2010
Ok I just finished chapters 1-3 yes they are weired, but sometimes you need differant. Enjoyed reading these hope you will do more.
ilzehs chapter 3 . 12/7/2010
I have always considered Jeff very flexible. I see the roughness edge in his personality, even in his looks as well. I have never had a problem getting connected to him in a top role. And you know I see your point about some people declaring Jeff a strict bottom when it used to be either way in past. When you come to look at it, Jeff is their favorite wrestler. Main guy. But I would like fans to differentiate between their favorite Wrestlers and favorite Characters in slash. Its two different things. I am not saying Jeff shouldn't be a bottom or he doesn't suit in that role cause he does, but let him top in pairings where he can. Where he is paired up with a bottom guy. He deserve to be a top too you know. Adam, Mor, Matt, Punk are those very few guys he CAN top, so why not? There are million stories with Jeff bottoming, cant we have few where he tops with the right guy?

Aww and I can't stress it enough how much I appreciate your Addy bottoming habits. You have me totally whipped nowadays for you. I sometimes feel I found my slashy soul-mate in you. *giggles* LOL, yeah, like you already know now my favorite Jeff is a normal Jeff. All thanks to Jedam shots goodness and 'TML's awesomeness.

After reading 'Figment's thick angst I get to read a humorous piece by you and it reminds me all over again how brilliant you are in any genres. I can't decide on what I like the most from you. Your angst wrench me up literally (In a good way). Your humor make me gasp for breathing for laughing out so much and making a fool outta myself for on lookers. Your romance just melt me completely. I think I am in love with your whole self. Yesh, I am gloaming in Terrah love all-round.

LOL Cody fucking mirrors? I mean...really? And I thought Matt was the sane one around.

*Blinks* Ok, Matt is not kidding? Cody is...fucked up. I agree Jay. But can Jeff, Adam and Jay be more idiotic than this? And wait, what the hell is happening around with these titles? Suddenly we have got a world full of title fuckage and mirror fuckage and title narrating its sex experiences...I am having a giggle fit here.

'Adam: (scratches at hair) Goldust? Jeff: (snorts) Jesus, no. The Million Dollar Championship. He fucks it and Maryse gets to watch.'

Jeff, to be honest Goldust would have been just fine. My mind just got assaulted with very unusual images of Ted and Million Dollar belt.

HAHA! Oh fuck...Terrah, how do you work this stuff up? Fucking Ziggler in his shinny little pant..disturbing thing is I can so totally see it happening :P

'Adam: (narrows eyes) Yes, we have. I just would like to not think about Cody fucking a mirror the next time Jeff fucks me in front of a mirror!'

OMG LMAO! Ignoring Adam's issue here, now I am imagining Jeff fucking Adam in front of a mirror...fuck..and its drool worthy. Beautiful. Really, it needs to be written somewhere.

LOL Matt/Jeri's sudden and totally random appearance..and the image of Jeri sitting in Miz's lap in a make out session made me laugh and Aww at the same time. Hehe, Wonder Twins..I like this name for this loudmouth couple.

'Matt: (blinks and shakes head) First Cody fucking mirrors and now the silence of the Wonder Twins. (sits back down) What's next?'

Don't ask.

'Jeff: (continues) Adam could get 'Property of Jeff Hardy' on his ass. & I could get 'Adam' right above my dick.'

He asked! FUCK LOLLLLL...YUMMMYYYY...AWWWW...yeah, that's how this line made me feel. I have been bugging Jeff muse to get that tattoo on Addy's ass but what made me laugh was Jeff's said location of tattoo on his own body. I can so see how he think it'll suit there ;)

'Jeff: Awe, come on. Then when HBK or Cena pantses you out during a house show, everyone will know who you belong to.'

They already do ;) Hehe, but yeah, that would be gold if Addy's ass hang out and show's its owner's name proudly in-scripted on it.

'Adam: Then why my name above your dick?'

Lol, they always have to ask!

'Jeff: Hey, it's where your lips and your ass goes. Usually in that order depending on how drunk you are. (smirks)'

*Drools*...*laugh hysterically*...ah...*gain some control* ... Seriously, that's the most disturbing yet perfect excuse I have ever heard. LOL..Terrah, I simply fell in love with you all over again for let alone this theory of matching tattoos..its fucking hilarious yet so fucking cute! Jeff is sure not shy to provide visuals of what his pretty Addy do for his cock hehe.

'Jay: (hangs head and pouts) Just the initials.'

HAHA LOL everybody wanna declare their cock's destination to be Edge's ass. Not that I blame them. If I had a cock, I would have done the same thing ;)

'Jay: Moan it passionately, like this; (seductively) Matthew (lays head on Matt's shoulder)'

Jay is so dirty and slutty for Matt hehe.

'Jeff: (growls) Hey, I'm not little! Tell him, Addy! Adam: He's not little. (giggles)' cute! Yeah, hehe I am sure he's not little or else Edge wouldn't be his little cockslut ;) Edge is a whore for BIG things ;)

'Adam: (blinks and looks up at Show in astonishment) How'd you get in here?'

*blinks too* First Jeri/Miz, now Show? This is the most random yet amusing shit ever.

Oh fuck, the last part had me laughing my ass off...LOL Cody really is the most self absorbed individual I have known. Hehe, he's really fucking mirrors! This is crazy hilarious shit!

If its so fucking funny and make you loose control with laughter, it doesn't matter its stupid or not ;) You my friend are so talented I just wanna love on you forever. This made me giggle insanely, specially the tattoo part. Also brilliant take on Cody's gimmick. Me thinks, he take it way too seriously. Dolph's shorts always seem to get tinnier and tinnier every week. Its disturbing.

Anyways, big huggles yet again for entertaining me so much!
Esha Napoleon chapter 3 . 12/1/2010
redsandman99 chapter 3 . 12/1/2010
Wow, I'm never going to think about Cody and mirrors the same way ever again lol
Animal Luvr 4 Life chapter 3 . 12/1/2010
I can't stop laughing...this was too damn funny!
BellaHickenbottom chapter 2 . 6/24/2010
Poor Poor Monty! Now everytime Jericho goes on Monty search Imma think of this story and laugh!
myers1978 chapter 1 . 6/23/2010
lol, I remember that tweet, hilarious
BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE chapter 2 . 6/22/2010
LOL, at Shamus and Jeff...and yes, he is scary.
BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE chapter 1 . 6/22/2010
LOL, I love this one, I laughed at everyline! Literally!
ilzehs chapter 2 . 6/22/2010
Ok, first an off-topic thought sharing. This comes out of the frustration I have been feeling with same old shit in slash fiction, with the combination of your recent twitter posts regarding Edge and his usage in slash fiction, particularly with Jeff. You are not the only one who feel that way. Its a sad thing how very few people wanna write something new instead of beating the bush by taking on the old pairings, old characters and old ways of using them. It has honestly made some characters hard for me to enjoy and read. Mainly cause of their lack of flexibility. I have always admired your bravery of taking risks and writing things and equations people havent picked on yet. You make them work and you dont write something without any connection between them. There is a huge amount of slashers who consider and prefer Edge as a sub. Actually mostly does. He is one of the hottest and sexiest guy on planet, anyone with two eyes would be insane to think otherwise. I personally think he is too pretty to top, but thats just me. There maybe people who see him as a top. I respect and accept that. Why is it so bad if Edge is made a bottom to Jeff I dont understand. Its irritating as hell when people wont give Edge as a bottom a chance in Jeff/Adam pairing when he is as pretty as Jeff. If Jeff is too pretty to top, than so is Adam. That way they shouldnt even be paired together cause they both are more suitable to sub roles. But Jeff/Adam is one of the most well-liked slash couples of all time. So when they are paired up, they both have an equal potential to play the sub role. There are people who like Jeff as a bottom, and I respect that and have no problem with it. But I have a problem with thoes who have a hard time accepting the fact that there may be an equal amount of people who like Jeff as a top to Edge. Infact, many Jeff/Edge work I got around back in the day had Edge in the sub role. You dont like it, you have a choice to not read it. But let people who love Jeff as a top enjoy it. I personally hate Jeff as a sub. I am extremely tired of it. Jeff has been such an over-written character as a victim and sub that it wont hurt to tweak it a bit and give it an edge of psychoness when he can so easily fit with the right guy, like Edge or Mor or even Punk. I dont think people have a problem with Edge bottoming. People just dont wanna accept there maybe people who love Jeff as a top which is stupid. I LOVED him as a top and found him to suit perfectly in his role.

I dont wanna sound like a broken record when it comes to uke/Seme status but all I am saying is it pisses me off when people have a problem with thoes who like certain someone in certain role. Anyone who consider you or someone else a freak for writing Edge as a bottom must be a freak herself, or possibly insane. Edge's looks and character are clearly suitable for a sub role. He is sneaky, bitchy, slutty, and pretty as a girl. It doesnt make sense to me when someone finds it hard to see him as a bottom but everyone has an opinion. Plus, I personally think Terrah that amount is very minimum. I have been around slash world for 6-7 years. I have gotten around to almost every slash that featured Edge. The amount of Sub Edge is clearly much larger than that of top Edge. Most of the authors I have been around write him as a sub. There are always gonna be a small amount of people but with big impact that would make you feel otherwise. You are perfectly normal for considering Edge a sub. Remember, 'Sold' is your most sucessful story yet. It experimented a top Jeff and a bottom Edge. Clear proof of my point. I personally find it strange if someone write Edge as a top to someone like Randy. But I dont question their sanity. People just need to learn how different people have different choices and opinions.

I am extremely sorry for the long irrelevant rant but I have been very frustrated. I also didnt want you to feel you are making a mistake by writing Edge as a sub. You are doing exactly the rightful thing and there are many people who love the way you write him all adorable and slutty. I want you to keep doing it cause I have read alot of Edge fiction where he bottoms, but no one has ever done it as awesomely as you have. I wish you stay in this mood forever and ever. I also wanna personally thank you for providing me with this constant entertainment that is keeping me sane. Ignore the haters, they are very few ;) Edge has one of the biggest fanbase in WWE. Specially among girls.

Lol, you know stuff like this can actually make things like Sheamus hate kind of fun. The taunts on his looks, on-air or in slash both can prove to be pretty amusing. I have always prefer and read Christian as a wise and reasonable man, but this is the first time I have enjoyed him written as such a dork. Told ya, you can make me like things I never thought I would. (Except for Edge and Mor as tops ever hehe. That'll never happen)

Aww Edge as a Hardy pet is something he should just stop arguing over with. He just wanna be a drama queen and huffs like a chick everytime. Than he question his diva status. I love it when he obeys Jeff like that while acting all upset. Didnt we agree he wasnt ever gaining his manhood back? He can protest all he wants but we all know he enjoys being a Hardy pet too much to have it any other way.

Why is Chris always getting himself in troubles and he always take Miz to be his partner in crime? Jay and Adam are such little sluts. There thoughts even when they are surrounded by the ghost talk is well fulfilled with sexual talk. Its hilarious how Matt has to be the Daddy of the group of idiots always. He seems to be the only sane guy around. I find it hilarious how Jeff has to be over the top psycho or over the top innocent in fics. This guy isnt capable of being just normal.

I dont want to say it but, poor Sheamus. Lol at Jeff's antics. He cracks me up all the time. The drama caused by him in the elevator was hilarious. Your grip on humor never cease to amaze me. There wasnt a sentence that didnt had the touch of hilarity.

Aww why wont Jeff carry his Addy? Hehe, I love Addy when he is being this cute. He wanna be pampered but boy, is Jeff being difficult. Well the situation calls for it. I love it when Addy make demands to Jeff and Jeff denys like this. Hehe, it gives me images of Jeffy spanking Adam so he could make him behave in future.

I cant believe Matt asked Jeff that! Even if Adam didnt have a brain, his beauty alone is a good enough reason to fuck him on permanent basis. Hehe, Jeff is one dirty arrogant man. I love his boldness when he talks about Addy's ass and the pleasure he takes from it via his cock. Hilarious thing is, his description was for his own brother. God he has no shame. I love him for that.

LOL, Jeri is such a queen. I love your Jeri. He always makes me laugh even when he isnt trying to be funny. And wow...Jeff have such a respectful way of talking to the ghost. Well duh, the ghost is gone and Jeri's whinning is amusing me.

Emm Winchester brothers making an appearence only made things sexier. Hehe, the Dean bit was funny. This was absolutely entertaining and hilarious. Loved every bit of it!

MAJOR YUMMMS! Randy/Edge/Miz equation is all smexy and hot as hell. Edge is rightfully so in the middle. Sexy hot studs playing with sweet pretty Addy...hehe me likey likey very much. Hopefully you write it someday. Between, MorJiz is a perfect name for that threesome. I like Morrie and Addy in the middle very much. You do it very well. I love you if you didnt already know it. Hopeful to see 'Sold' updated soon. Awesome work!
redsandman99 chapter 2 . 6/22/2010
Wow, that was epic. I'm literally dying of laughter over here.
GrandpasGuitars chapter 2 . 6/22/2010

I loved it. It was hilarious (the jumping into Matt's arms and when Jeff told Christian to cover his shame really got me) and the Winchester cameo made me grin so hard. Poor Chrissy, losing his ghostie pal. Ah well. He has Mizzie, I guess.
QueenofYourWorld chapter 2 . 6/22/2010
Now before i read the author's note at the bottom I had a fun time laughing at Chris cry over the ghost.

However reading the author's note where you had Jer Miz Jiz. Then Jiz Morrison MorJiz had me on the floor.

God, i love your oneliners
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