Reviews for Code Geass: Manami's Revenge
Tryst chapter 1 . 1/6
This is fun too and I would like to see where it goes!
Kmon13 chapter 1 . 8/20/2012
I found this story to be interesting what if since Suzaku never had a sister in the series (Or if he did phased her out by saying the rest of the family wanted nothing to do with him.) still If you do add more to this it would be nice to see how far you go with it...

It would also would have been nice how Suzaku would have to handle fighting his sister if she joined the Black Knights of if she ended up with a customized Knightmare Frame.

But since this as a series instead of a one-shot...
Akuma-Heika chapter 15 . 5/31/2011
Subs and dubs should be available at animefreak dot tv. if that doesn't work PM me.
Ever Autumn13 chapter 16 . 4/30/2011
Omg you stoped there! You HAVE to continue or I might DIE! Ya I know over reaction but it's awesome! Please update! (/)
chocolate-ribbons chapter 15 . 11/1/2010
Try . :D

As much as we all want it, you might want to cut down a bit on the coincidental/accidental Lelouch/Manami moments. Spread them a little farther apart.

And when Manami or other characters are explaining something for a second time, undead of explaining exactly what happened (if we already know it), just say, she explained what happened.
chocolate-ribbons chapter 13 . 10/6/2010
Well, I'm not really a big fan of battle scenes either. However, I think they are necessary to this anime. But if the story is good, then I can make an exception. :) Update soon!
chocolate-ribbons chapter 12 . 9/27/2010
Geass's Revenge, huh? :) Aww man, if one is knocked out they both are, couldn't one be sorta backup? XD

An idea: Why don't you describe Manami's nightmares? Like, in italicization. Her nightmares are kinda vague.

Yeah, that's it. Your story is great, except it needs more fleshing out at some points. More details and such. Not the boring type, like I woke up, showered, changed into this and that (too much description of clothing isn't too good).

But it'll come with practice.

Narita? I'm excited for Zero's first big battle, but we all know what's gonna happen...[
chocolate-ribbons chapter 11 . 9/15/2010
I don't think the terrorists would see themselves as terrorists. Or at least, they wouldn't call themselves that. How about, Mayumi wants to join us?

Speaking of Mayumi, how much older than Manami is Suzaku? Isn't it a bit strange, so many lost siblings? Just my opinion. A twin can come in handy. X3

I forgot: How did Manami find out Lelouch was Zero? lol. And can A2 turn that mind reading thing off! XD

How did Lelouch and Manami communicate telepathically? Shouldn't they have at least thought, how are we doing this? It seems that they're taking all these strange powers in stride.
chocolate-ribbons chapter 10 . 9/14/2010
Yay! ManamixLelouch! But maybe you shouldn't put TOO, just spread it out in the chapters. 3 Err, and you might not want to make them seem like the perfect know, they both like each other, and they're great together...I did that and my fic was XP!

How did Manami do that? Won't Lelouch and Suzaku wonder? But explain please. Also, Manami knows the siblings are alive. Why was she crying? Was it a flashback?
chocolate-ribbons chapter 9 . 9/14/2010
Yay! A long chappie! When A2 said Manami had to chose between Lelouch and Suzaku, I think he should have been more cryptic.

Also, maybe A2 doesn't have to like pizza like C2. An obsessive food would be good, but maybe not pizza? Something original.

I think you spent a bit long describing the Zero costume thing. And how did Manami get the parts for a Knightmare? Surely she can't build the whole thing by herself, at least not obtain the parts.

Isn't it a bit hard to fake being a princess? Maybe just a Britannian, or some other royalty at most. Just not princess.

Don't get me wrong, I love this story and look forward to the next chapter, it's just that there's nothing left to say except help you make it even better! :D Also, you might want to consider taking a Mary Sue test. You DON'T want Manami to turn into a Mary Sue; it's a BIG turn off. Consider giving her a fatal flaw or the like.

But I love this story, KEEP IT UP! :D
chocolate-ribbons chapter 8 . 9/13/2010
Mou, you have to update faster! I love this story! Ohoho, so Lelouch is jealous is he? :D *is happy* I need more ManamixLelouch! X3

Wait, what exactly did Suzaku do that got Manami and Lelouch so upset?

Anyway, great story, and keep it up! If you're stuck for ideas, maybe you could try getting a few cannon ideas. Or picture dramas for filler dramas.

Something goes wrong at the school dance, they go to the beach...etc.

Yeah, but I'm sure you want to get to the point. Well, update!
chocolate-ribbons chapter 7 . 9/6/2010
This was inevitable: Cornelia suspects her! But why? And Suzaku transferred, huh? What if ppl notice how alike they look? *bites nails* This is a great story, keep it up!
chocolate-ribbons chapter 6 . 9/1/2010
Ack, tension! Haha, A2 is just like C2. Pizza! Careful of turning Manami into a Mary Sue! I need more LelouchxMinami. Anyway, nicely done. Update fast!
chocolate-ribbons chapter 5 . 8/22/2010
Lol I can see Lloyd driving a jeep. (ะท)- maybe slightly slowed down would be good. But ur pace is great. Keep it up!
chocolate-ribbons chapter 3 . 8/14/2010
It makes me smile when I think of lulu having a friend. O.o lol gym was hilarious!
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