Reviews for So Says the Legend
contact-typhoon7 chapter 2 . 11/16/2019
I'm sure the story is dead and gone by now, but just in case, I'm gonna drop a fave/follow... :)
zestycrouton chapter 2 . 7/29/2014
A few days ago, my little brother came running excitedly into my room to tell me that he'd found a way to play Crystal Chronicles again. It was a game that I'd only ever played once with him and another brother years and years ago over the summer while my parents were away. Two of us are in college now, and seeing as we're home for the summer, we decided to pick it up again and give it one more play through, for old-time's sake. It was a whole ordeal; finding working game boys and rediscovering all the secrets and levels that we loved from our childhood. We're about halfway through now, and loving every minute of it.

Out of curiosity, I logged into fanfiction today and decided to forego my usual Zelda stomping grounds and took a gander at the FFCC fandom, which I'd never before experienced. I didn't expect much; my forays into other fandoms haven't always been pleasant (pokemon, for example), but I can honestly say after reading a couple of your story's that I'm glad I did. You're a phenomenal writer, and have a way of bringing this world to life in ways that are both comical and tragic. It's just a shame this story didn't continue- I love the direction it was going, and actually like the diary entry story telling. It fits in well with the game.

Well, it's been years since you (or apparently anybody) has been active on this section of the site, but I'm still gonna peruse what's left. And who knows; maybe I'll toss in a submission of my own.

Keep it Zesty.

NotMeagain chapter 2 . 2/5/2012
I'm glad that you continued this story! Shame that you don't like the journal style anymore since it was interesting to read the tale the way the current caravanners were. But you could probably launch into a full-on narrative- like, instead of it being read by the others it's being imagined. I dunno if I'm making sense.

But still, I'm really stocked, haha. Specially after this later development about a death god and such. Nice bit of foreshadowing when they mention Eric's age, leading to the true effect of the dice. I still think there's more to it than just that- that Eric may be older than he's suppsed to be, or something of the like.

Patrick's flat What at the end was perfect, too.
x0chu0x chapter 2 . 2/2/2012
Love it the way it is now, it would be a shame to change the diary format ...
extherian chapter 2 . 1/21/2012
I'd totally forgotten about this. Not much that needs to be said here except the following:

You always know to write just enough. No more, no less. A sign of accomplishment, no doubt. Characterisation feels authentic, tension is raised effectively. Honestly not sure how I feel about the idea of death and resurrection, but this is a supernatural tale, after all. I prefer to see dead characters stay dead. But if there's a spirit world, there's always the possibility of eternal torment if he 'loses'. Not to mention dire consequences in the world of the living.

Diary format could work, if the character's commentary provides some insight into the workings of the present work. What do they learn from reading Eric's tale? Surely their commentary has something important to teach us-they reflect on the tale as well as the reader does.

In fact, the fact that the narrator knows what is about to happen to him adds to the dramatic tension. He dreads reliving certain memories. I skipped reading the dice part completely to see what the outcome was. Trust me, this is a good thing.

I'm curious as to why you're writing this. Don't see what outcome the journey could have on the world. I'm guessing that the god's bets come down to how the protagonist's character is tested. I wonder how he'd cope as a leader. In this game of the gods, could he be held responsible for the failures of caravanners under his command?

Also, I always thought eight characters was too much for a caravan. Too many people/character development/personal histories and relationships to focus on, so family members and characters they meet along the way get sidelined. Don't know whether you intend to do that or not, but it would be intriguing to see how you'd handle it. Most likely all would be shown from Eric's perspective to avoid the aforementioned issues. Also, nice name for your hero. I was going to name an original character with that same name, then saw you'd taken it. If I recall, Eric means 'Eternal Ruler' or something to that effect. Appropriate if leadership will me a major theme.

Since your writing style is so focused and minimal, it's hard to find any fault with it. In the absence of the need for improvements in style, these suggestions are all I have. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing more of this one.
The Trinity Tree chapter 2 . 1/21/2012
A new chapter! Yessss.

Not to sound stalkerish or anything but I've been desperate to read something new from you, I've been checking your page every other day (my updates alerts don't work for some reason so I have to check manually, although I'll try and add this story again). And to find it's this story! I remember you telling me you thought the moment for this story had passed, so I'm super pleased to see an update.

The idea is so strange! I mean, lone caravanner with no experience going out to face the monsters is pretty promising, but then you add in the fact that he gambles with Death himself after being given a present of a crystal die from a strange old man? Eerie. I genuinely don't know where this story is going, but that's brilliant for me. I can guess all I like.

The thing is though, with all the little clues you've dropped about Eric's personality so far, I can imagine some really weird scenarios - he doesn't talk about his time on the caravan, so maybe he did something he was ashamed of? Or was it simply that he thought no one would believe him about meeting gods? But if that was the case, why did he write it down? Something important must have happened that he really wants someone to read, it's just that he doesn't have the courage to up and say it. I'm honestly just hoping that he didn't go on to another dungeon by his own, meet a caravan on the way there, murder them all and take their myrrh instead! Or maybe I am secretly. It would be an amazing departure from the norm considering how saintly most caravanners are painted.

If you don't like the diary format, how are you going to present it? Just slide into third person, or remain in first but drop the "By my hand"? I quite like the structure, it's like I'm sat listening in with the rest of the caravan - but obviously if you hate writing like that it's a chore to keep going, so that's up to you.

Favourite bit?

"And that is how I died for the first time.

...I cannot believe I have actually just written that."

I laughed out loud. Now that I think about it, how would you explain dying to someone without sounding ridiculous? The idea of his internal compass just disappearing was really thought provoking - after all, when you're dead, your sense suddenly become obsolete. It was quite disturbing to think about it, especially when he mentions that he went on to die another three times! ... and beat Death again. My only question is whether the phoenix down now has any relevance for Eric? If that die now acts as a sort of buffer against dying, providing he rolls right, does he not need it? Or is the phoenix down necessary to be given the option of rolling? An interesting thought to be sure. Even more interesting... who has that die now?

I also enjoyed the little narrative additions made by Patrick and the others, offering their opinions on how they remembered Eric and how it compared to what they were reading. It's really interesting to have a character dissected by so many contrasting viewpoints. Plus, I love Patrick, so every time he talks my happiness increases.

Phew, long review. But for such a good chapter! I await the next with bated breath :D

- Trin
BreathlessCyan chapter 1 . 6/17/2010
Oooooooooooooooooooh. This sounds good. A lone caravanner out gathering myrrh, when even his heroes have fallen to the beasts on the journey. I love your writing style, the depth in it all. And maybe, hopefully, I'll get some writing done soon, too.
authorgal282 chapter 1 . 6/17/2010
Wow. That's some heavy stuff. I like that you don't sugar coat the life of a caravan. It makes it more interesting to read. But at the same time, you don't overdo the death and destruction. I like this new story. It seems interesting. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Authorgal out.