Reviews for West of the Moon, East of the Sun
Donna-Darko chapter 76 . 7/1
I just Finished Reading this and it was fantastic, the way it switched from past to present tense mid paragraph was a little weird but the story itself was great.
Martha chapter 1 . 6/18
I love how this story has no "Glory and Dawn B/S. It's awesome Spuffy. :)
theLadyCheshire chapter 76 . 6/16
i read "West of the Moon, East of the Sun" several weeks ago the first time, and probably left a review then. Since that time, it's stuck with me as i went on to read many other fanfics through multiple fandoms. Eventually i had to come back and read it again, this time reading Part 1 and Part 2 simultaneously, which is way more work than I'm typically willing to expend. Anyway, congratulations on writing something so good that i had to come back and re-read it.
j'aime.volonte chapter 76 . 6/4
I loved this! Such a wonderful and original idea. Thank you for writing it!
mcrmyrangerbabe chapter 64 . 5/5
I realise this was written over 4years ago, and that you may not receive reviews anymore but I have to comment to say that this is sheer bloody brilliant and that there are those of us just discovering it new,now, and love it, I like the slow journey and realisation, and spike squeaking at a polar bear is just bloody adorable, glad she's found him and they're toether, kudos for such an amazing epic story :)
SlayerDaniWho chapter 76 . 5/4
So I took a little time to finish the fanfic, read another one I'd had on the back burner, then come back to this. Awesome, awesome piece. Absolutely understand how you've amassed such a favorites following and am in awe of the story you developed here. Really, really well done and so, so, so creative!
kurtainkid chapter 1 . 4/30
Just realized that your title here was a Tolkien quote. I like it. :)
SlayerDaniWho chapter 55 . 4/29
Love that you pulled out Nikki, that she thunks Spuje's ahottie, and that she had a message for Buffy to give Robin! Love it!
SlayerDaniWho chapter 40 . 4/28
I am madly, madly in love with your Spike. And I really want to have sex with him, too. Lol! You've done such a wonderful job of staying true to the character but have thoroughly gifted him with the edge he couldn't have on network TV. Really liking this story.
SlayerDaniWho chapter 36 . 4/28
Love the reference to sucking Sunnydale into a hell abyss. Awesome.
SlayerDaniWho chapter 35 . 4/28
I adore the voice you've given Spike. That's precisely as I hear him in my head and is really, really natural-sounding. You've a real knack for dialogue.
SlayerDaniWho chapter 32 . 4/28
Oooooh, well played last line, there. Well done, well done. ;) This angst is positively torturous!
Fitz Darcy chapter 76 . 4/17
Aww! I LOVE this story! I think this is my third time reading it! Love it so much, you are an amazing writer.
Jenndifurry chapter 76 . 4/7
Loved the story... And the pop culture. The early chapters I think you tried to hard to "Buffy" each and every chapter but they improved... Loved how you didn't just make them love each other its a journey and that's how it should be.
Jenndifurry chapter 48 . 4/6
They're pinky and the brain, one is a genius the other insane. They're laboratory mice...
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