Reviews for Broken Teacups
I-Love-Trunks1 chapter 1 . 12/13/2014
Aw, that was so adorable, and hot as well. I love the pairing Seimei/Ritsuka! It's one of my favorites! They are so cute and adorable together!

Could you please continue writing this story? I love it so much! I really hope you continue writing it.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/22/2014
Unfff would you still be writing more? This is really good 3 it rekindles my feels every time
The Insanity Of A Fluffy Bunny chapter 1 . 5/3/2013
Wow. That was great. Beautiful, sad, melancholy, adorable, hot, and...well, disturbing, all rolled into one. I tip my hat to you, good sir. Lady. I dunno. Anyway, there is a total lack of SeimeiXRitsuka fics on here, especially decent ones, so I am always extremely pleased to find one as wonderful as this! Thank you for writitng this gorgeous fic!
Fedski chapter 1 . 2/26/2011
that was extremely well written, great job! :)
Xallbe chapter 1 . 11/20/2010
Wow. Just wow.

The word choice is stunning, the perspective is true.

I have never seen an Aoyagicest writer as talented as you.

I read this in minutes,

I blushed, laughed, and cried.

And if you don't update I'll die slowly inside.
Cennis chapter 1 . 10/12/2010
Oh man, I shouldn't have read this when I have to leave for college... well, NOW. I wanna leave a huge-ass review, but no time~ You're right that there's not enough Aoyagicest in the world, but let's face it, there will never be enough xD Most of the SeimeiRitsuka stuff I've managed to track down has been from Seimei's perspective, and as much as I love that, it's really refreshing to see one from Ritsuka's point of view, especially when he's being such a horndog xD

"But Seimei had charmed me into believing he could do no wrong, so this, if he was finally doing it so willingly... it must be okay that I had wanted it so badly."- that was the best line for me, just summed up Seimei and his influence on Ritsuka.

I can tell already that this is going to be one of those stories I'll love, y'know those ones that names you remember despite reading thousands of fanfics? Yeah, this is one of 'em. I literally can't wait to see more.
Ebony-S-White chapter 1 . 7/12/2010

The first chapter and already it's wonderful, stimulating..

I was just flipping through fanfics, actually trying to find something else.. I saw the title, saw angst, and then saw Aoyagincest...

So I think I'm hooked!

I will eagerly await to see how this fanfic unfolds.. and you are very good at writing.
Magic Mind chapter 1 . 6/21/2010
Part Two

Which brings me to...the bathtub massage. This is also why Seimei has to push Ritsuka away so abruptly. Because at that point, he CANNOT risk going further. I mean that literally. Seimei CAN’T let himself do anything more. And this is for two reasons. Well...more like three reasons. The first reason is what I’ve been saying about him not having that clear confirmation from Ritsuka. Seimei wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he did something that Ritsuka would later regret, or resent him for, or want to take back. No way. Absolutely not. And Ritsuka does realize this later on in the chapter. But there are MORE reasons for Seimei’s abrupt ending of the massage, and those are reasons that I don’t think Ritsuka could ever truly appreciate because I don’t think Seimei would ever have the right words to tell him. Even now, I myself doubt my ability to really convey them accurately. But I will try my best. The other two reasons are these: self-control...and fear. You see, since Seimei knows he absolutely can’t jeopardize doing something Ritsuka wouldn’t want, he MUST control himself. At ANY cost. So...when he’s giving that massage to Ritsuka, the desire is building steadily...and Seimei knows that there is a point of no return. That if he goes far enough, he won’t be able to stop himself from going all the way. And Seimei KNOWS where that point is. So when he feels himself nearing close to it, he pulls away, and pulls away FAST. Abruptly. Because he must be quick, and he must remove contact completely, at least until he calms down enough. (I do believe that such a situation will not be so very unfamiliar.) And so that’s what he does. As for the third reason...the fear...well, this is the part I find hardest in his character to explain. The best I can say is that Seimei’s feelings are STRONG, and he’s never experienced them before. So in addition to everything else, he’s a little bit afraid of them. Not that he doesn’t LIKE them, or want them to continue, but that he’s afraid of their power. How those feelings could take him over completely, and make him jump Ritsuka before Ritsuka is even ready to jumped. lol And that of course reinforces his abrupt ending - he needs to keep himself in control of what he’s afraid of. He needs to keep the power over the feelings, because otherwise, the feelings will have the power over him.

As for the description of the massage itself...the images and feelings it conjured probably should not be discussed in a public forum such as this one but...well done. Well done. It’s a lovely way you described it, because it shows how Ritsuka is reacting to the touch, how Seimei is reacting to the touch, how Ritsuka is reacting to SEIMEI’s reactions, and how Seimei is reacting to Ritsuka’s’s a lovely interwoven, sensual, compelling...I’m going to stop now. ;;;

Seimei’s phone he talking to Soubi, by any chance? *wants to know quite badly* It feels like he is, and if so...kudos to him for being harsh. Hmph. Soubi deserves it - because I see that this fic is going to be slight SoubixRitsuka. With my complete devotion to SeimeixRitsuka that makes me very...-_-

As much as I understand Seimei’s thoughts and motivations here...I’m a bit lost on Ritsuka’s. Why does he call Seimei cruel? Seimei only asked him a question, right? *boggles*

I also don’t understand why Ritsuka thinks that losing his ears is the only thing that would make it wrong for Seimei to touch him there...couldn’t that kind of intimacy hurt in other ways? What if the incest IS immoral? Wouldn’t that hurt? would losing his ears be wrong anyway? Is Ritsuka not allowed to lose his virginity?

As for the actual action of what goes on...again, I shouldn’t comment in this forum. All I can say is again, very well done. I love the language you use, and how you don’t actually go and SAY “Seimei’s stroking him off.” He make it flowy, and gentle, and the reader gets lost in it. By never actually saying such blunt words or phrases, the reader isn’t jolted out of the story. I appreciated that very much.

I know I’ve said this many times but I’m going to say it again, because I have to. Seimei’s reaction to being bitten is spot on. JUST RIGHT. And how he goes to take care of cleaning up the cut, as well everything else from the night, that too is so in character.

I do hope this review and my Seimei analysis are readable...sometimes I really DO think that it’s impossible to convey my meaning in words alone. They are simply too small sometimes, for feelings like overwhelming lust, and especially for love itself. Too small to bundle all of those emotions into and expect everything to fit. I’ve done my best, though, and I trust that with a mind and heart like yours, you will be able to understand.

Wonderful job, and I’m waiting anxiously for the next part...I suspect that it will be just as well done as this one was.


Magic Mind chapter 1 . 6/21/2010
-_- Ff won't let me submit another signed review, so this one had to be done without me logging in. *resents this website hardcore*

The fic that you got me hooked me on before I’ve ever even went through all the canon material...I can’t impress upon you how big that is. I can’t remember any time I’ve ever done that with a fic before this one. It’s a mark not only of how good a writer you are, but also of how persuasive you can be - as well as how much and how quickly I’ve attached myself to the idea of SeimeixRitsuka. For reasons you already know well. ;)

The beginning...the very first words were what struck me the most, and I was thinking about them even after I read through the rest of the section. “In the beginning...” It immediately calls to mind the Book of Genesis, and THAT called to mind sin and sexuality and the story of Adam and Eve. Which is of course very interesting given the incest of the pairing - what it means, and where it’s going, and how Ritsuka would think of the morality of the situation, etc. It gives gravity and meaning to the story, right off the bat, and I love that.

As for the section Perfectly executed, and perfectly fitting. Especially Seimei’s declaration of “MY Ritsuka”...the possession of it gives a hint of what the nature of their relationship will be years down the road, and also Seimei’s personality. Again, knowing exactly what he wants, and being completely committed to it. To getting it, to keeping it, to watching over it always. The initial resentment of baby Ritsuka was spot on too. lulz

The last line of that section is quite ominous and foreboding...and I have a few ideas as to why. Hints of the disappointment and anger that Ritsuka will feel when Seimei...does certain things.

Moving on to the second section, something about how you described the notebook that Seimei and Ritsuka are using to communicate really struck me. I could see very clearly in my head and I knew just what kind of notebook you were meaning...somehow that feels significant, but I have no idea how or why. Is there really something to it? Or am I just attaching significance where it doesn’t belong?

It feels odd to say that I liked the way you described the abuse Ritsuka suffers from his mother, but I did. ;; I didn’t like that he was ABUSED of course, it’s just that the way you introduced it was something that really showed skill. You didn’t just say “My mother hits me sometimes” or “My mother had hit me that day.” You said “she had given me three new cuts,” which is so understated but still so clear and poignant.

I felt terrible for Ritsuka, by the way. Truly. Especially with how he was scared to go and get so much as a bite of food because he couldn’t risk his mother flying into another rage. It...yeah. Good job with that. I won’t say more here because if I do, I’ll tear up again over it.

“Seimei would save me. Seimei would make it all go away.”

YES! Okay, I just have to say right now that Seimei’s reaction to learning that Ritsuka’s mother hurt him again was PERFECT. I’m telling could not have done better with that. Taking hold of Ritsuka and examining him, MEMORIZING every cut is exactly right, because that is JUST what he would do.

Etch every single hurt firmly into his mind, to never forget, and to make up for one by one. Because Seimei feels guilty for leaving Ritsuka alone so that those hurts could happen - he feels responsible. And in a way, he is punishing himself for that by forcing himself to go over them. AND he’s going to confront the mother about them, and she will pay for each one. That sounds very violent and vengeful, but I don’t mean it like that. I mean that Seimei will make her ACCOUNTABLE for them. He will make her ADMIT to them, and bear responsibility for them. (This is assuming that the mother is capable of understanding...she sounds clinically insane, and if that is the case, Seimei may not do this. I don’t know enough of her to be 100% certain.)

And when Seimei swears under his breath and disappears? And when he gets snappy with Ritsuka over it? YES. YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES. I can’t tell you how perfectly you did that. I really can’t. This is SO RIGHT. Seimei’s ANGRY now - at the mother as well as at himself - and he’s consumed with regret, and it’s making him clouded. Completely clouded. Emotions truly DO take over INTJs sometimes - they put us into a complete fog and we get stuck inside our own heads and...yes. That’s what’s happening to Seimei right there. He’s in an unhappy place, so he responds unhappily. Even to Ritsuka, who he cares for so deeply.

And...*sighs* Ritsuka is so adorable for understanding that. That it’s NOT him that Seimei’s mad at - it’s her.

And the way that Seimei immediately makes a plan for the future - “we need to get you a cell phone,” that too is spot on. Seimei recognizes his mistake, and he needs to take steps to correct it. He could not live with himself if he did nothing to help Ritsuka knowing the kind of pain he’s in and what he’s living through. Any little thing - even just bringing home McDonald’s for him...nothing is too small or too big to be done. Nothing.

And the way that Ritsuka can make Seimei laugh, and so hard and so quickly...*sighs* I know someone that can do the same to me - and so I know that while Seimei is laughing, he’s not only laughing at what’s funny, he’s laughing for the pure joy of knowing that Ritsuka can MAKE him laugh. If that makes sense. It’s a double pleasure for him, and a precious one at that.

I know that I had a small hand in brainstorming for Seimei’s return note to Ritsuka, but you absolutely deserve to praised for how you constructed it. It’s just right. If it were anyone else, the words would feel overblown or too much too fast, but with Seimei, it is perfect. Because though it IS such strong devotion, it’s TRUE devotion, and Seimei would not hesitate to tell Ritsuka that because the words come easily to him - they’re right there in his heart.

If Ritsuka were to have said “Can I really just ask you for it?” to Seimei, Seimei would have responded, “Yes, of course you can. Why not?” To Seimei, the asking is what he’s looking for. A clear and simple declaration of intent. Because if it’s NOT a clear and simple declaration of intent, Seimei would wonder what else it could mean. If it was just a hint, Seimei would wonder if he’s reading it wrong and therefore he wouldn’t act - because if he DID act and he were wrong? That would be unbearable. Seimei wouldn’t be able to live with himself.
kyleisgod chapter 1 . 6/20/2010
As you know I'm pretty unfamiliar with this fandom and this pairing. Hopefully though, that'll help me give you a completely unbiased review.

I love your "In the beginning" opening line. It makes the story sound so epic right off the bat. From there you continue to play to your usual strengths by describing things in such colorful, easy to picture details. I've always liked that about your work no matter which fandom you were writing for.

Seimei didn't seem harmless to me. He was definitely kind. A bit too kind, and that came off to me as creepy. But, considering where their relationship is going, perhaps that was the point?

Ritsuka's point of view was an interesting one to tell this story from, and I'm glad you addressed the unlikelihood of him actually remembering being born. The way you described his first memory was so sweet. From his POV, this is a very sweet story and a very sweet relationship between he and his brother. You establish them as especially close from the very beginning, which is a good thing. Again, considering where it's going they'd need to be that close to pull something like that off, I would assume.

Your description of the notebook was awesome. It reminded me of my own notebook...Minus the butterflies. XD

The mom stuff was sad. It makes the brothers' relationship make more sense, even on an incestuous level.

Ravenous panther. Nice. Ditto for Japanese McDonalds. The thing about his mom testing him with food sounds horrible, but I don't know if that was meant how I interpreted it since I don't follow this series. To me it sounds like she's trying to see how much poison he can ingest without dying or something. It's pretty telling when McDonalds food is somehow safer for you than mom's cooking.

Your love of Twilight is really starting to show in your own writing. The way you describe the main character's love interest in such great detail from the main character's POV is eerily similar in style.

Not sure how I felt about the prince line. It's a good line, but it borders dangerously close to girl territory in my opinion and the fact that they're related and princes are the sons of kings makes it feel like a weird line to me. Like perhaps you could've picked a better word to use there or something.

The line about being nervous and then not liking it when Seimei didn't peak at him undressing was funny.

The bath massage was quite sexy. Seimei is such a tease! The follow-up in bed was equally hot. I like that Seimei made him say what he wanted whether it was meant nicely or not. It still came off hot.

I look forward to your next update.
December chapter 1 . 6/20/2010
yeah! thank you! I was starting to think you wouldn't write this! I'm sooo excited for the rest of it. I really like how you do set ups-this story and the first chapter of the DN story too.
spiel chapter 1 . 6/18/2010
I quite like the scene with baby Ritsuka :)
Magic Mind chapter 1 . 6/18/2010
This is just a preliminary review...not the full one. I just wanted to tell you again how good this is, and how I'm reading it again right now because I know reading anything of yours or connected to you will make me smile.



promocat chapter 1 . 6/18/2010
i love this-ristuka is soo messed up & seimei does love him in all ways& i do mean all-please keep on going