Reviews for Pursue my happy exit
KingKagura chapter 6 . 1/16/2016
Hmmm... this is pretty interesting! :) Please update soon, i cant wait for some hitsukarin action! And moee on Byakuya discovering his feelings for Yuzu!
Guest chapter 4 . 3/5/2015
Heavenly God chapter 6 . 8/20/2014
i feel pity for him
Sticatto chapter 6 . 5/18/2011
all i cam say is badda ba b 0a ba imlovin it
ulquiorra's girl3 chapter 6 . 11/1/2010
Wooot never stop going with the ideas!
ominousperson chapter 6 . 8/6/2010
I kinda like byaku~yuzu. so keep on writing! im review #30!
Loving The Dark chapter 5 . 7/27/2010
lol i love young byakuya/yuzu pairing it sucks it almost doesnt exist its so good and even though he will never admit it he likes yuzu why else would he fight with jinta for her :3 lol byakuya your so blind and again i hate it when even the best non-connon pairings are so little ~pouts~
illy213 chapter 1 . 7/11/2010
Wow,didn't really expect her to die.
Kozak95 chapter 6 . 7/2/2010
Isshin...the perv as usual xD. Wait till ichigo gets back . Isshin is gonna give Ichigo false information and will go on a wild rampage hunting down Byakuya xD. Now back to Burrito I was recently thinking the relative of the 2nd espada's parents. "oh wut should we name him honey"(mother)..."oh I know how about Burrito!"(father) "That's a great name!"(mother)(POV:nurse(me))-walks out of room- "WTH burrito what kind of ppl name thier child after mexican food!" - 2nd espada walks in- "Hello (daughter/ son doesn't matter)how is the child?" "great, we decided to name him burrito!)-2nd espada turns around and leaves- " hmm I wonder what's his problem"(father)... I think I went overboard with this ok I am done no more xD. Can't wait for your next update!

~huggles lots~ AnimeLover717216
thisaccountisold chapter 6 . 7/1/2010
interresting gut good the last to chapters suprised me
SoupieLuv chapter 6 . 6/30/2010
Great line,"The only special ability you have is seduction, old hag." I never knew cleavage could be used as a weapon.
PrussiaRox chapter 6 . 6/30/2010
I was nearly LMAO.
ThunderClaw03 chapter 6 . 6/30/2010
I feel very sorry for byakuya but he is falling for Yuzu. Ichigo is going to filp his lid update soon
Theoracle-san chapter 6 . 6/30/2010
I love burrito! I wish he was in the series! XD

and goOd job oN mixing the real bleaCh plot wit this oNe
DiamondTauro chapter 6 . 6/30/2010
I seriously love the way you right and LOL xDDD Well Ichigo not coming there isn't really a bad thing...He will destroy LMAO

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