Reviews for Lies and Love
Guest chapter 8 . 5/22/2016
How old is Mei Hua again? I'm pretty sure by now that the twins are actually more like triplets,making them all Sakura and Shaoran's children.
Jung.Jaena chapter 1 . 5/2/2016
author-nim... I really like this story so much.. this is the great fanfictin I have ever read.
but I wish for sequel for this story..
Guest chapter 1 . 4/10/2016
traducir al espaƱol
Undertheskys chapter 20 . 3/23/2016
My third time reading this its just ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!
BWGY chapter 22 . 2/23/2016
That was SO sweet. I couldn't stop reading. If I had to point out something that I didn't quite like, it would be just that for me, personally, the fact that it took Sakura and Syaoran 6 years (when they had lived together for 3) to have sex, and that they only did it once before everything happened, is very hard to believe and unrealistic. Since they had been together for so much time (and were friends before) when I read that they had dated for that amount of time, I expected their relationship to be much more developed, like in a real couple. But aside of that, the fic was really good :) Going to check out the rest of your fics!
Pearl morgan chapter 21 . 2/21/2016
K first of all... syaoran passed me off so bad.. especially after what he said to sakura at the horpital before she slapped him
Ifor I were here I would off told him to start making funeral arrangements cuz he's dead was approaching lol then I would of gone all ninja on him and wooped some butt.. I mean seriously the nerve of him to say such mean things. There no way I would of forgiven him that easily bUT sakura is to nice to think like me .. the kids where so cute
rajeshreejadhav10 chapter 22 . 1/18/2016
Hello i am rajeshree, i am big fan of sakura and syoran and i started to read fanfiction on them. I just simply love your story. I started to read this story whenever i have free time from my job. Very nice good work. I really love your storie looking forward for your upcoming stories.
Diora chapter 19 . 10/24/2015
I would NEVER give someone I luv so dearly up like that... never... :)
Diora chapter 14 . 10/24/2015
I remember my first time reading this chap. when I read 'La Paix dans Le Paradis', I thought it was a restaurant! :D
Diora chapter 3 . 10/23/2015
hi! I've read ur story before and I decided to re-read it. and I kinda understand y ppl would wanna plagiarize it... its SUCH a good story! :D I luved it and still do!
Rida chapter 20 . 9/19/2015
luv it!1
Rida chapter 14 . 9/18/2015
Rida chapter 11 . 9/18/2015
Rida chapter 8 . 9/18/2015
I just wanna know, wats wrong with mei hua?
Rida chapter 4 . 9/18/2015
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