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Galby's Tablet chapter 54 . 8/23
;n; has been 4 yrs. Good Story. Better When Finished. on 3' hours of sleep.
Can't spell. Fone bad splellling. U good writer. Omg spellcheck worked.
Guest chapter 48 . 6/29
What an amazing conclusion to the Traveler arc! I am simply in tears it was so beautiful. Thank you for forgiving Morzan and giving Blodgharm closure. Does this mean that Eragon has Evander's blessing for Arya?
Jeffro71 chapter 54 . 5/1
Well that was really good I hope u finish it
EmberSkies chapter 54 . 2/27
Soon?! Is four years soon to you?! Gahh! I need more of this story!
EmberSkies chapter 48 . 2/27
Omg, Traveler's identity is revealed! I am so shocked, I'm literally rocking back and forth on my chair, trying not to squeal. My friend is starting to appear a trifle concerned about my sanity.
Shiz just got real! :O
Flo chapter 43 . 2/18
Very nice!
Guest chapter 54 . 2/5
Me chapter 54 . 1/10
Thank you. You won't understand why I'm thanking you(you probably won't even read this review) but it feels good to say it all the same. Kallie(can I call you Kallie?) you have a gift, much like Roran Stronghammer does. While he can use his words to move the hearts of men you can use your words to make magic. Please keep writing. I know it's what you're already doing but please, never stop. You've written a fitting end to a series that influenced my childhood greatly, that helped me through a difficult time for me and my family and you are capable of so much more. The only incentive I can give you to keep writing is that if you stopped it would break the heart of a 16 year old who lives on the other side of the world. I realise it's not much but it is out there, for what it's worth. I hope one day to meet you though I fear that won't be possible. I'm glad I've finally caught up with you. I'll keep posting reviews every chapter and maybe you'll see one of them. Speaking of chapters this one was... wow. How long do you think Edoc'sil will be?
DVDH chapter 54 . 1/1
Are you ever going to finish this story? :( I'm really interested in seeing the conclusion to this story. If you decide never to finish, I understand - have a good life and know that you created something unique and beautiful :) I really hope you decide to finish though!
catherine10 chapter 54 . 12/30/2015
dont leave it here! murtagh is mortal how will he get out of this one? will he? i think you should make death kinder i do not think he should be evil bitter perhaps but he should not try and ruin everything please update your story amazing
catherine10 chapter 54 . 12/25/2015
ohhh dont leave us like that i love your story especially how well written are your ocs you have to update again if only to tell us that you are abandoning this story
catherine10 chapter 54 . 12/19/2015
hey just started reading your stories please finish thm you just have to!
Guest chapter 54 . 12/15/2015
Hey WSS, i just wanted to let you know that you were an amazing writer while you were writing, that your work really inspired me! If you do actually see this please chuck me an email at because i really want to talk to you :)
stevensalzman82 chapter 54 . 11/26/2015
please continue its really good
Nooooooo chapter 54 . 10/29/2015
I understand that your kinda busy but PLEASE update your story is amazing and awesome PLEASE try it would be very nice. So can you please try updating or can you tell us if you just don't wanna continue (that would be sad).
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