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Guest chapter 54 . 7/7
Hi. I read Eldunari yesterday and just finished Edoc'sil now. Just letting you know that people are still reading your stuff and still finding it amazing. I understand that real life gets in the way, that you sometimes l
Anonymous chapter 54 . 7/7
Have you stopped creating these or are you simply busy
Why chapter 54 . 5/18
Why would you capture my attention with this amazing story, just to let me down by not finishing it?
Skyleaf chapter 54 . 4/18
Please write more. It's a VERY AWESOME story, and I really want to read the ending!
leylinjan chapter 54 . 4/9
love this story ... :(
leylinjan chapter 22 . 4/9
wOW I did NOT expect that - I really hope it'll work
Anonymous chapter 54 . 4/7
Awesome and unique as always
SerenitySilver chapter 54 . 3/29
Where's the rest of this book or where's the next book?
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 54 . 3/25
I just randomly decided to look up Eragon fanfics the other day and managed to stumble upon Eldunari. Well done, my good sir, I have most definitely enjoyed reading this story so far. I love how you expanded on the world in a way that really encompasses everything that's happened in the previous books and I especially like how you've been making your characters grow. I definitely wouldn't mind treating this as canon, haha. I think the only thing I've been iffy about was your decision to make Elva a villain, but that's mostly because I was hoping for her to play a bigger role when she was introduced in Eldest and hated how Eragon dealt with her afterwards. Well, she got a bigger role here, for sure, haha. Hopefully she just doesn't go the insane villain route. Well, great job with this story so far, I look forward to reading the next chapter.
Guest chapter 5 . 3/18
An extreamly terrible monster the hound bravo I was cold and chi earring with fear along side roran
SK chapter 54 . 2/23
Hey I know that you haven't posted in a long time, so you probably aren't going to see this but I just want to put it out there. I think you are a fantastic writer and I really appreciate the direction you have taken CP's work. I hope one day you are able to come back and finish what you've started. Keep on rocking!
graygirl chapter 54 . 1/24
Of course I already saw that the next bit did, in fact, not follow soon. I knew it when I started reading, but I read your story anyway.

You drew me right in with the first one, and I plunged into the follow up hoping that I'd at least get to see Arya and Murtagh succeed in bringing Eragon back.

And I did! I'm so glad.

Often, this felt like I was reading some myths and stories of Native American origin (I had a class once, wrote a paper about the Hopi and Navajo creation myths...).

But yet it was your own.

I loved it. I loved death as a person, and I loved it that there were consequences for Murtagh. Rhunon HAD told him he needed to die after all. And he will have to.


But I can see him come to terms with it. If only I could have read what and how you had pictured for Eragon to find out about it. How you had pictured Murtagh to deal with it. And Thorn.

And Nasuada.

And the possibilities of the friendship-love-hate-respect triangle of Arya-Eragon-Murtagh.

Loved that bit about Eragon feeling almost / slightly jealous. :)

I hope you are doing okay wherever you are. I don't know what kept you from finishing this or at least posting whatever unfinished parts you still had. It did seem and sound like you had most of the story outlined and almost ready.

I would love to read it - even just in note form or whatever. But you will have your reasons and I respect that, of course.

Thanks for giving me and others the parts that you did post.

For me, personally, you gave me something great. Not only an - even if unfinished - better ending to the real Inheritance Cycle (I never even bothered reading the fourth book after a friend told me about it...), but also something more precious:

You made me read again, really read. After over a year of not feeling like I could do it anymore - I know what that sounds like, but I had a baby and somehow life was just... so demanding..., but now I can do it again!

Thank you!

I hope death didn't catch you, and if he did, maybe somebody is already on their way to get you back. Somehow.

(I hope the reason for this being unfinished is writer's block, though, or falling out of love with the fandom, or just real life being super busy - in a good way, or growing up and out of writing fanfic. Not something gruesome.)

This, at least, will remain!

Still curious, though. I want to know what happens to Raltin, he's intriguing. And the other dragons and their riders.

And yes, what about Thorn? I'm in love with YOUR Thorn! He's how I wanted him to be, how I see him, too.

Thank you again!

It was a pleasure.

I wish you all the best.

Now what to read next...
graygirl chapter 4 . 1/24
I love your writing!

Gotta admit, I read Eldunari first and didn't review, even though it was such a great, beautiful story. (*gasp* / how outrageous!)

So few people seem to manage to write "ensemble fics" that don't just focus on their favorite character(s). You do! Which is why it feels like I'm reading a continuation of the actual book rather than a piece of fanfiction.

That is so fun, and refreshing!

It doesn't mean I don't have s favorite character, though. I do: it's Murthagh (duh. Although, that name... Who'd name a character Murtagh?!)

And in this chapter - again - you portray him in such a way that I feel like you might have just seen him exactly like I always did. You basically write what I would have loved to read in the actual book.

Arya's thoughts, her last lines, the "he's so sad," spaced out... I adored that! Beautiful!

As I loved your version of how he fell down and got struck by that lightning in the previous story. Eragon's death in Eldunari seemed so abrupt, so "blink and you miss it," so underwhelmingly unspectacular, but don't get me wrong, I loved that, too!

It's how death is and can be. It just happens. It isn't epic. It just is. And it is sad once it finally registers with you - which doesn't necessarily happen right away.

Just like how you wrote it.

I thought, wait a minute. He didn't really just die right now, did he? It can't be.

But he did.

But then he didn't.


Beautiful. Thanks!
TheBlondeBullet chapter 54 . 12/23/2014
I am completely and totally in love with this series! I started reading yesterday, and I couldn't sleep - I had to keep writing! Everything about these two stories is amazing- the language (you sound JUST like CP!), the sensory details, the flow, everything. This is the writing of someone who is meant for more than just fanfiction. Seriously. If you were to write a book, I'd read it in a heartbeat. Are you going to update this anytime soon? I can't wait to read more!
Dreamshadow102 chapter 54 . 10/26/2014
Please update. Please. Your story is amazing i read it none stop for 2 days. Please update
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