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JadeMcCain chapter 10 . 11/3/2014
I want to kiss Ark! :3
Also I want to hug Brad! 8D
Wesker-I share you to *Giggles* try to be civilian towards Chris!
Chris-Chris I dare you give Wesker a wedgie!GIVE HIM A POWERFUL ONE!I give you a kiss!
Destiny-I shall give you a zombie kitty kat!And also a cookie for a rookie! 8D
TRM-Termi chapter 10 . 2/28/2014
I have absolutely no idea why this story isn't continued anymore, but it isn't.


Chris: I dare you to kill Albert Wesker. With anything. M202, AA12, AK47, AK74, ANYTHING.
Wesker: I will take away all your powers and you are armed with your bare fists for defense against Chris.

Chris: If you win, I will give you:

Incredible handsome-ness
Feel no pain when hurt
Infinite access to any weapons in any and all universes
Access to THE best armor in any and all universes
Infinite knowledge

But if you loose:

Your pain when hurt is doubled
1 - 2 shots from any gun and you're dead.
You WILL go insane if you keep being dared/truthed
You look like s**t, therefore, no sex appeal, therefore, you are hated by women and bullied by men.

Wesker. If you win, I will give you:

No pain
Infinite access to any weapons
Access to THE best armor in all universes

You lose:

Destiny Wesker will be killed with the Infinity Blade which is wielded by God and Satan themselves
Your sign of being a man (you know what it is. look down. yeah, that one. the one between your legs) is torn away
You have no muscles
You look like s**t, therefore, no sex appeal, therefore, you are hated by women and bullied by men
Pain is doubled by 4x
1 - 2 shots from any gun or bow and you're dead.

So, get to it!

Nope. Not yet.


Go through ALL the Resident Evil games replacing the protagonists of said games, armed with only a c****y pistol with one bullet in the chamber and... nothing else.

You win, the men will stop harassing you, they will no longer r**e you, they will no longer tease you.

You lose, all the men in the entire galaxy will harass you, r**e you and tease you.

Leon: Have s*x with Ada, BRUTALLY, with her hands handcuffed on your back and her arms tied together, in revenge for her always running away at the worst possible time.

Ada: No dare for you. Yet. But, here's some energy drinks, some COOKIEZ that cannot be stolen from you and 2000 cakes that is NOT poisonous to you but poisonous to others. You will need it... for my next dare... *incredible evil laugh*

BTW, Destiny, I think you should have your own dares. So that you don't have to wait years for the next call.

Peace out, guys. I hope this fanfic gets updated!
luckycat99 chapter 10 . 8/20/2012
hey can i be on the show!?
anyways here are my dares.
Ada i dare you to play thriller in front of destiny’s zombies
chris call nemisis fat
wesker b*tch slap leon and then fight him. (you cant use any powers or weapons but leon can)
well thats all for now!
ps i cant stop singing call me maybe
biohazard omega chapter 10 . 11/17/2011
I have a dare for all the heros they have to fight off 100 tyrats and 1 of each infacted of left 4 dead 1 & 2

Wesker i felt bad for you soooo you have to fight with the heros left 4 dead 2 ( you win ) at end all so get a truck full of your fav. foods

author you will be a co host of this show for 4 chapters

that is all

see ya !

(insert random demon laugh that makes wesker wet his pants )
Aloeb447 chapter 10 . 9/25/2011
I TRIED TO SIGH UP for fan fiction but i never got the email D: any way dares! leon: u r the best come to my house and watch resident evil movies with me. Chris and Leon: WHERE WERE U DURING THE MOVIES. Wesker: OMG A WEEGEE! Chris: Tails doll is watching u...With a beard! Barry: U were epic in resident evil gaiden so have a muffin! Claire: jump into the fanboy pit then i will save u by chainsaw the fanboys 030. Zombies: attack chuck norris o3o. i luv this fic!
godly345 chapter 10 . 8/6/2011
HeHe. Time for death to roll in with screams of mercy.

Wesker: Here is your daughter Sania from another truth or dare fic. And guess who her mother is. Claire.

Alexia: From one pyro to another I think it is time to set the world in a sea of flames and burn anyone you want. Exept the kids or me with my ocs but I have the same fire ability so it doesn't matter.

Chris: The time has come for you to die by the hands of the Tails Doll.

Manuela: Yes you thought that you would be forgotten so go crazy with your fire. Don't worry I will inject ou with T's recovery ablity so endless amount of blood.

Sherry: For someone like you... I know. Jason the famous chainsaw maniac from Friday the 13th train you in the ways of using a weapon then Cuck Norris trains you to roundhouse kick like him.

Sorry Destiny for any harm but the psyco side was a side effect when injeting myself with all the traits and ablities i like from all the virus's
FireKitsune1 chapter 10 . 2/16/2011
i dare all of the resident evil characters to fight brolly the legendary super saiyan(dbz), Hollow ichigo(bleach), marik ishtar's evil alter ego(Yu-Gi-Oh), Sir crocodile(One piece), Hidan (naruto), and Lucy (Elfin lied) but Destiny can't participate because she is pregant but she can change the people that fight the RE characters as long as at least one of the people i suggested is fighting them
Blades252 chapter 10 . 1/17/2011
lol this is funny!

ummm... so yea i got a couple dares

I want Ada to change places with Maria from Silent Hill 2 and Maria to take Ada's place for a little while (If you know what happens to Maria in SH2 then you'll why I chose this X3 )

I dare Jack and Billy to watch all of the Twilight films then afterwards listine to Justin Biber (yea im messed up XD )
AliceAshford chapter 10 . 1/15/2011
Wesker-Since you've been totured alot and that Chris had his share of Jill_ You get to do whatever you want with Jill :D

Jill-If you reject this then..I DARE YOU GET AN ABORTION!

Chris-Your Dare is to watch all of this(ahhh i love toturing the Redfields)

Excella-Since no one has given you a dare yet I dare you have a catfight with Ashley.

OH! and congrats Junior for having a crush on Toxic
Combat235 chapter 10 . 1/10/2011
Hi, it is me again.


Albert Wesker

Okay, I'll have you fight opponents that you probably would recognize or at least the author would know. I dare you to fight every member of Organization XIII, heartless bosses, and disney bosses from Kingdom Hearts all at once. You cannot use your powers. You cannot gain any help of any kind.

If you refuse or lose(Chosen randomly):

1. You become everybody's servant for the next five chapters.

2. Everybody is allowed to torture you in any way for as long as you want. You cannot resist, fight back, do anything that will be going against the tortures. If you do, you will get both punishments, and you will also become the servant of all the reviewers of the fanfiction so far.

If you win (You choose):

1. Chris will be your servant forever. He cannot resist, complain, talk back, fight you, or do anything to go against you.

2. You will gain control of the fanfiction for the next three chapters (But you have no control over Chris).

Alfred Ashford

You seem to love your sister very much. Lets see if you can last seven chapters not being allowed to be, interact, or even be close by her. Also, I am going to give you twins another sibling, a sibling that Alexia will love much more than you. That sibling is allowed to do anything with Alexia. If you violate the dare, or do anything to Alexia, the sibling, or anything, you lose.

If you refuse or lose:

You will forever never be allowed to be with Alexia. She will get a restraining order from you of, say, over 2000 miles.

If you win:

You get to marry Alexia and have children with her. You get to do anything you want with the other sibling. Once your done, he will be gone forever.

Oh, and I am sorry if this turns out to be a bit too cruel.


To help with improving your combat skills, you will play through every single Resident Evil game and movie, play as the main character, and not allowed to gain any help.

If you refuse or lose (Chosen randomly):

1. You are never allowed to be with Leon forever.

2. You will be sent back to the Los Illuminados and they are allowed to do anything they want with you for as long as they want. You cannot be rescued, and cannot fight, resist, and do anything against them.. If you do, you will get both punishments.

If you win:

You will be married to Leon and have children with him. No one is allowed to do anything that will be going against you two's relationship, and Leon cannot divorce you.


Chris Redfield

So you impregnate two women, congrats! Now the question is, which one are you going to marry?

Anyway, that is it. Good luck!
TheUndeadWitch chapter 10 . 1/6/2011

I dare Marcus,Alexia, and Krauser to see which power of they'res is better

Also i dare Luca Jr to go on a date with toxic
Armageden999 chapter 10 . 1/5/2011
hey good show so far so to the dares ; to wesker: i dare you to fight me you have you can choose a partner and a weapon *ps i will be using my anthro wolf form and my armor which has a built in 70 cal machine gun and my sword's double barrel 2 guage auto shotgun form with a bayonet and using buckshot and deershot shells* to chris : i am sending you to fight a horde of nosalasis from metro 2033 . to dest: can i join the show to help with the dares , i could always help guard your snacks or teleport the things you need to you * oh one more thing i can teleport in combat so apply that to the fight with wesker and i also have the plasmids gravity well and incinarate from bioshock * . to junior : do you want to play with my pet tiger
XxQueenOfDarknessxX chapter 10 . 1/4/2011

I have a dare for Wesker and Chris

-grins evily-

You both have to dress up in victorian dresses and sing "I'm a little tea pott"

Also I dare Leon to shoot Ashley in the knee!

Until next time!
BioFears chapter 10 . 1/3/2011
Hai ya gaiz!

So I missed the last update, I am sure you all missed me.

Oh btw, I brought Muffins and Bazooka over ) I am SURE they wont attack anyone (Joseph you dont count sorry)

So here we go with the truths:

Wesker: ...Are you a virgin? If not, who was your first? How old were you, how old was she (I am hoping it was a she)? If not, I demand you to go make babies with Ashely! Unless you don't swing that way then go make babies with Carlos. I love you )

Ada: Why are you such a b****?

On to the dares:

Alexia: I dare you to write a love novel. You are your brother are the main characters. You have to get married in the end. It must be at least 1000 Pages. You have 3 days to write it. If you fail to complete it you will be at the mercy of Destiny's hormones.

Joseph: I dare you to knit my puppies little doggie jackets! A red one for Muffins and a black one for Bazooka! You must put them on my babies... If you fail then you can be my puppies lunch ;D


Jill: D you are having a baby! Congrazzz!

Junior: You grew up so fast T.T
Hidden By Shadow chapter 10 . 1/2/2011
Just stumbled across the latest chapters when browsing through the RE section. How the hell did I manage to miss the updates? They're brilliant. Anyways, more dares:

Alexia, William & Wesker: Ya know what, I'm going to be nice for once. You get to do whatever it is you want to do for one whole chapter. No conditions.

Ashley: Not wanting to fight? That's strange. Let's cure that! You're going through the events of the first three RE films as if you're Alice. There's just one problem though, unlike her you don't get superpowers. Which means you'll be relying on everything you've been taught by the others in my previous dares for you. If you need to, you may have fifteen minutes to ask any of the RE characters/Destiny/Alice/The Boss advice about surviving the scenarios you will be going through, but they will only give you general advice.

Destiny: Your dare is simple. Eat a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a tub of ice cream. You get to choose the flavour.

Annette & William: Okay, you've both had parenting lessons, now it's time to see what you learned. But since I don't feel like making it easy, Sherry will not be involved. Instead, you have to look after two children of MY choosing. Alessa Gillespie from Silent Hill and Alma from F.E.A.R. You have the rest of the chapter to proove your parenting skills. The judges will be Dahlia Gillespie (SH), Jenova (FF7), Destiny & Barry Burton. Good Luck.

The Merchant: This is an easy one. Anytime you do any of the following actions: open your cloak to reveal hidden supplies of guns and ammo/say the word "stranger" to anybody and in any context/comment on weaponry for any reason you will have to donate something valuable to Destiny to be used for her child's benefit. And to make it fair, she gets to choose what you donate.
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