Reviews for Precious Memories of the Present
Shykeiro chapter 1 . 10/16/2011
There's not enough story with Zoisite in it. So I have to search in other language than mine. I'm happy to have found yours, truly. Was a great reading and I love the Shittenou, so yes, thank you again for this story !
SailorCopperOwl chapter 1 . 6/20/2010
You definitely get a review from me! And guess how many more reviews you will get when you turn up in this board with a Jadeite story ;D

I like the scene, someone bitching on Zoisite when he refuses to be summoned is definitely a scene that should have been in PGSM. I also love how you describe Jadeite, being young, firm and haunted... although I really doubt he'll EVER touch Zoisite's piano again... he can't be that stupid :D

Unfortunately, I must mention a little time problem, because your scene is around act.10 (Nephrite pouting about being used as a carrier pidgeon) to act.11 (I think that was the one when Beryl tightened her grip on Zoisite to the breaking point). At that time, Jadeite had long been fossilized because he and Zoisite had turned out to be kind of mutually exclusive. So this has either happened before, or it is an alternative continuity with lots of Jadeite and Zoisite interaction. Oh, that sounds good!

Anyway, I really can't be picky about the excuse someone uses for bringing up Jadeite ;D

So, go ahead and write more!

*hint hint* I also have a huge crush on Kunzite, so how about some K/J scenes? :)