Reviews for My Testimony
JesusFreakLivingforHim chapter 1 . 7/3/2013
God bless you. Jesus loves you and He doesn't like it when we sin. Once you give Jesus control it slowly gets easier though. I am at the point that when I slip up I realize relatively quickly and correct it. My biggest problems arr my temper and the types of entertainment I watch.
prettyaliens62 chapter 1 . 4/2/2013
This was a wonderful testament. I'm so glad that you and the little boy are fine. God was really watching over you and him that day. I agree that it is very hard to not sin, but God knows it's human nature. This is why he sent Jesus here to earth. To pay the price for our sins so we wouldn't have to go to hell. I'm so grateful for what Jesus did for us. He truly loves us. Any who, thank you for sharing this Testament Mikki. :) May the spirit of the Lord be with you.
Catori Kanti chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
Your testimony is so great. I got saved in 2008 so I'm pretty new in my faith and most of the kids in my church got saved when they were young so it is extremely encouraging to see a teen's testimony. The only thing that I would do to make it more organized and for it to flow better is to use a "Biblical model" it is really easy. the first paragraph is your life before you met Christ, the second is how you met Christ and the third is your life since you met Christ. Thank you for sharing your testimony!

My Beautiful Ending chapter 1 . 6/24/2010
Well, I'm not a pastor or a priest. Just a teen, ya know. but I think that there's something very beautiful in this.

"But it saddens me that he is also there to see me sin. It's probably like a slap in the face to. I can only imagine how insulted he must be when I accidentally cuss, lie, or do something wrong in front of him."

This is so true. It's like mad mouthing your best friend and they overhear, and then you say, 'oh, sorry. i didn't mean to. it's reflex.' It's REFLEXIVE to bad mouth your friend? NO. so why do we do it to God? Seriously, God has the power to wipe us off the face of the earth. He doesn't because he loves us, but he definitely could. and that's humbling and awing at the same time. You've encouraged me to try harder to tame my tongue :) thanks. And I think it's very brave of you to put your testimony up where everyone can see it. So often as Christians we're afraid of offending people with what we believe. I don't think we should be.

God LOVES us. ALL of us. We are sinners, all. But we are SAVED when we admit to God that yes, we are sinners, and believe that Jesus is God's son that died and rose again to pay the penalty for our sins. We confess our faith in him, and we are a NEW creation, born again. And so we LIVE for him FOREVERMORE. it's a message people need to hear, over and over again.