Reviews for Dragon Age: The Crown of Thorns
rina chapter 13 . 15h
Drinking... poultices? Drinking poultices?! DRINKING POULTICES!?
Jonathan chapter 56 . 8/21
They appear to have shut down groove shark, so a new link would be nice if you have time.
Nafram chapter 73 . 8/19
And I reach the latest chapter at last, having witnessed all main quests before the lands meet but one being completed.
I'm glad Raonar is well now, and better than ever, and I'm glad that Faren seems like he will get better.
And Gwen is finally getting her turn when it comes to upgrades, what with her super sense and Berserkering/Weird magic, I theorize as well that the super sense will be the foundation to her specialization as a champion. Now all that's left is to wait a cruel amount of time for every new update, as happens with every good, well thought fanfiction
Nafram chapter 59 . 8/18
I am left speechless, I loved this chapter, the way Bhelen was humiliated.
I didn't even particularly hate Bhelen, but this was too priceless
Nafram chapter 9 . 8/15
Kallian...I also named my City Elf like that, she was a dual wielding brunette warrior, and the Warden with my fondest memories... Now that I think about it, Kallian is probably the default name.
Nafram chapter 6 . 8/15
Masterful, simply masterful.
I absolutely adore what you've written so far.
The cunning, the planning, the greatest displays of honor I could ask for.
You have given me one of the greatest begginings to a story I could ask for, and for that, I thank you
Nafram chapter 1 . 8/15
Quite entertaining so far, I particularly enjoyed Raolnar's character, and I hope to see more of Faren as well in the future
Shieldage chapter 19 . 8/5
Heh, interesting way for Raonar to stand up to Flemeth. In Dragons of the North and South, found on the DeviantArt page of Ms Katonic, one of the reveals is that Flemeth is Andraste. It's a Skyrim crossover, so it's explained as her being a Dragonborn who was set to close the Gates to the Fade before she was so brutally betrayed... Apparently the Tamriel backstory has an Alessia whose final pact helped seal the mortal realm from the planes of Oblivion...

Looking forward to how you develop this story and everyone's backstory. Holding together very well so far. Great to see what extra competent people can do to change the world
The Dark Eccentric chapter 19 . 7/4
Great chapter. Took me a while to get around to it as it's pretty long and I've been busy.
I really like Raonar's sly and wise remarks, and his banter with Flemeth. Overall great work.
The Dark Eccentric chapter 18 . 5/17
A very long and intense chapter. And damn, Duncan had a bad day. I like how his end was much more indepth and heroic here though. Well...mostly. The bit with the wolf was pretty terrible and unheroic. Until then though was good. Glad we found out how Raonar got out though. And damn, he's carrying a lot of burdens. Treaties, heirlooms, letters, Duncan, suit of plates, weapons. Jesus.
Anyways, good chaoter. Sorry it took so long to get to this. Had a bunch of other stories i'm reading update, and other stuff going on, and this story has really long intimidating chapters. Harder to read them in one go as i prefer. And ai recently discovered a bunch of stories i was reading on another site were updating and not sending me email notifications anymore so...going to be a while before I get back to this as i suddenly have a lot of other stories to get caught up on
Baslias chapter 62 . 5/14
Whole Dragon Age realm are really fuck'd up...possibly worse than GoT, wait no... it's 'definitely' worse , even their gods are corrupted...
Baslias chapter 44 . 5/13
Awesome story, and I'm not just saying that
The Flying Frog chapter 73 . 4/24
That was a wonderful chapter. Thanks for updating.

Anywho, I have finally caught up. I quite sometime before they started searching for the Urn of Sacred Ashes, around the time Leliana tried confessing her feelings for Raonor. I'm still rooting for their relationship, and hope that Raonor can at least try to return her feelings.

Now that the emotional crap is dealt with, there is one thing left on the agenda.

When the heck is Gwen going to get a special fighting style, or something uniquely her like everyone else has got?

Looking forward to more. Atras Vala.
Quathis chapter 73 . 4/12
Glad that at least has been taken care of. Been waiting for that confusing heart to heart for a few chapters now. Until next time.
Wizco chapter 73 . 4/12
Nice to see you back on this.
Still love Raonar!
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