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M0rme chapter 77 . 1/7
HI! just wanted to say how amazed i feel after reading this fanfic in less than a week xD. Dragon Age Origins is one of the best games ever and let me tell you i've never read a fanfic about dragon age or any other game as well developed as this one is. You went into places that i wish i could during the game. Top notch writing skills, character development and everything else :D and i've been reading fanfics for the last 12 years non-stop. I almost had an heart attack when i saw how long has it been since the last update... i'll read some of your work but i'd love if you continue this amazing story.

If i had to give you any advice or cosntructive criticism ... would be to add some depth to some things that you've shown as crafting, building or customizing equipement but that's just me being selfish after the taste you've giving me. Or maybe just write another story enterily where the mind set is less about rushing to finishing and then rebuilding and more intro crafting, preparing and been just plain awesome. Dwarven culture con Dragon age has so much to offer...

Anyway cheers and thanks for the treat :D
Reiko x 3 chapter 77 . 12/23/2017
Okay... This may end up being long as it has been around two days since I actually finished reading up to this point, and I've spent the entire time trying to come up with an appropriate review. Still, my policy is not to leave a review if I can't come up with something constructive or at the very least complimentary to say. Here goes...

So first off I want to say that, in general, this is a very well written story. The characters are interesting, the plot developments keep me guessing, and you've made me think more about some of the things in the games (which I have yet to play, though I have watched Let's Plays on YouTube and I am now resolved to buy my own copies as soon as I can find them/ have the money to do so). I was particularly intrigued by Raonar's theory that it was actually the dwarves who were responsible for the darkspawn existing. Based on what little lore I know it kind of makes sense.

Second, I really enjoy all the primary Warden characters (by which I mean Raonar, Alim, Theron, Feron, Gwen, and Kallian) and their myriad interactions. Raonar, Alim, and Theron are kind of my favorites, though. I can't really pin down why exactly. I've always had a hard time with that. All I know is that I like them the most for some reason. I definitely know I enjoy everyone's sarcasm, though. Sarcasm and absurd, deadpan statements are really the only things I find funny. Well, that and all forms of irony providing I catch them. Subtle inclusions of irony often escape me.

Third, kind of loving the changes you've made to how things have played out. Obviously the earliest ones are those from the prologue (LOVE ALL OF THEM...and their repercussions believe it or not! Never let it be said that I have no appreciation for drama or tragedy). I think that, once I do find copies of the games and start playing, I'm going to be wishing Raonar's third option approach was available and that the alternate origins were potentially recruitable. I feel like it would make the games more fun. Maybe. Can't say for sure as the only Bioware games I've played are the ones for the original Mass Effect trilogy and even then I've only finished the first one. Still...might be cool if the games worked like your story did.

Finally, all of the plot twists that keep coming in make me wish I could hug you. I can never predict when they are coming and what they will be! It's fun reading! I hope the inspiration comes for you to update this someday soon because I am really looking forward to find out where the story will take these guys next. Huh, okay that didn't turn out as long as I was afraid it would be. That's a relief... Well, that's all I had to say really. Thanks for coming up with a story that makes me think! I enjoy those sorts of stories the most these days.
Shieldage chapter 54 . 11/13/2017
Good battles, effective way of bypassing the golems and the traps - forcefields rock. Nice job of conveying Branka's obsession. Darkspawn are just brutal - good job of beheading the Broodmother in a way that makes the surprise return of the head a surprise later on. Excellent power-up of Maric's Blade by Raonar, good to have an enhanced anti-area poisoning of the Blight to go with the individually lethal targeted effect of Kallian's blood (wait, does Alim ever freeze some of her blood in advance and detonate it into flying shards or 'toxic cloud' later? That might be cool). Good to have Faren building his skills and effects. Nice ongoing arrangement of Shale's crystals and skill in using them.

Let's see... I really enjoy how you have paired up Four of the Six Wardens, Two of Eight Companions, and Two of Three Animal Companions... Setting aside the tentative Leliana/Raonar and Anor the Wolf as he will probably be reunited with his original pack (or one closer to Theron) if they all survive until the epilogue - that leaves... Zevran, Shale, Wynne, Sten, Oghren, Theron... Hmm... Yeah, no guesses other than Zevran either being paired up mid-story or epilogue (maybe somehow with Loghain? heh, depending on how the revelations about Caladrius selling elves into slavery with Loghain's approval goes...) ... And Shale and Theron coming out as mainly asexual with hetero and bi leanings respectively?

I really enjoy the story and the general intelligence boost the characters show. Flows very well and the characters actually show emotional and skill level progression in a way I have rarely - if ever - been able to write, so you're someone I've recommended as a writer to learn from and watch closely. Thanks for the enjoyable and devastating stuff :D
langeline chapter 1 . 9/13/2017
Nice! After Premeditated and this,.. I'm ready to read Dragon Age,.. but the many characters make this seems like a series with many complicated books and sub-plots.,.. thanks though - I'll check this Dragon Age out on wikipedia, thanks for sharing your imagination with the world! :D
desdendelle chapter 77 . 5/3/2017
Tov, review time.

The Bad:
1) Story could really use copyediting. It has lots of grammar mistakes and typos.
2) Modern language. Every time I see DA:O characters say "okay" or "it's cool, man" or something similar I get thrown out of the story. It breaks the suspension of disbelief.

The Good:
1) Interesting story, even if it follows canon closely.
2) Interesting characters, though Raonar is a bit too angsty to my liking.
3) Most people aren't OOC.
Swanboy chapter 77 . 3/31/2017
Just re-read entire fic and cannot wait to see how this ends up!
Especially how Dirthamen was involved with the betrayal of Mythal.
hellz swordsman chapter 53 . 2/8/2017
Its a good story. Buts its getting convoluted.
hellz swordsman chapter 52 . 2/8/2017
Really? The rasengan?
Guest chapter 43 . 11/5/2016
I'm gonna go skype my brother now, don't mind me...
graveMonera chapter 77 . 9/8/2016
Well shit indeed.
I loved it. All of it! And I'm loving everything that Theron is doing too!
Elven-in-name chapter 77 . 9/4/2016
Wow. Congratulations.
Either you made it on purpose, or you really lacked inspiration, no matter-

You managed to make me not read an entire chapter. Well, not entire. Believe me, I tried. The Leliana part got me confuse, but I decided to ignore it.

But truth be told, I noticed it from the very first sentence that thing are getting to complicated. A lot of word I didn't know helped, too. In short, a recipe for disater.

Maybe too many things to worry about. Too many threads to consider. I don't know...I'm trying to find you excuses.

It's me! Oh, the black cherry on the Dead man's cake!

That's it...


The moment with the first scroll was tear jerking. It would have been an unique, maybe new feeling from the story, had you not ruined it!

Seriously? The rage, the drunkeness...too rationalized, and cliched respectively.

In fact, I think I touched both aspects in my now forsaken story-baby.

Rage: it cannot be cured. It cannot be stopped, only let burn, bright and fast.
Especilly rage from failure.
Curing drunkennes: so used, so familliar, like you took the idea right from my brain.

In fact, that's the problem I think, everything seemed out of a flashback, so dreary. Boring.

And what's worse...that was me, there. Oghren. I was him...Hopeless. A , oh so much.

And don't get me started on the mood whiplash.

Oh, I know I probably missed something awesome with Flemeth...and Falon'Din, but I don't care.
But...don't worry. By the next update I probably won't read again to give such a tongue lashing. Never again.

Btw, 9:31 means 31'rd year of Dragon Age. Not nine, like you said.
Leman of the Russ chapter 77 . 9/4/2016
...well then, I can honestly say I wasn't expecting that one. Even though I've been playing around with the exact same idea for Theron, I could never get a method or reasoning to stick. Would you mind explaining the thought process for an apparently 'deceased' Evanuris suddenly turning up disguised as an Dalish hunter? 'Cause I REALLY would like to know.
Elven-in-name chapter 76 . 8/2/2016
:) well, this was one short and goodie last chapter.

While I consider Trian's 'journey' part to be a work in progress, the real jewel of this chapter was Oghren.

Yeah, he's a LARGE HAM! but I still like him. (humongous ham, more likely).

And I had the idea to turn him into a stick-in-the-ass drill manager, in my story it would be...different.

The improvements/Upgrades to the characters were noted...and filled me with glee. Especially Alistair. And I' a guy! So...

Weather magic? Avvar? Dalish? Subplot?
Elven-in-name chapter 75 . 8/2/2016
Well, I take this in two ways:

First, there are no words to describe the beauty of this chapter and only if you watched yourself in the mirror for a second and then closed your eyes and watched yourself in the mirror of your own soul to see the beauty of the art piece this is...

Or, second, I'm just full of shit and faking it and I stall to find my words.

Then, it would be mandatory that I said this was awesome with the usual bump in the road...

Yeah, I like the first version better.

Oh, I wanted to say I liked the memoirs but damn, then you had Trian Animus-ed and something snapped. He didn't just read a journal, he lived his life! Felt his sorrow, disbelief, dissapointment, and even pleasure...I'm glad Raonar didn't have the journal with him because that implyed Trian witnessed him fucking Leandra! Or doing it himself! Speaking of intimacy, Trian was allowed to do something more than Rao did( read a few pages from Trian)! And yes...I'm trolling, but at the same time I'm honest. Or maybe I'm just overthinking it...

And the rest of the Orzammar part was awesome. Sad, maybe. How does red lyrium form, actually? Don't answer if it holds spoilers to DA II! About Inquisition I don't really care...

The Titan revelation was THE BEST THING YOU WROTE. Ironic, really, I didn't know what unassaillable means. Though it sounds vaguely familliar...

So he didn't lose his Stone Sense after that, instead he had it amplyfied...only for the What The Fuck moment to come and be rejected(for what?)

And the chapter was self-satisfying. Much like me...
Elven-in-name chapter 74 . 8/2/2016
Uh, wow, this is probably the most through and deep journey into Raonar's mind...and not only his mind.

And it was awesome, obviously!

The 'new' arm Fergus received, as well. Although for some (twisted) reason I imagined it as a claw, actually...

And I see you so beautifully involved some of the Inquisition elements in this: Veilfire for one and war table for second.

And that reminded me, lecturing Raonar used holograms to show Faren DNA? No?
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