Reviews for Taphephobia
Asj Johnson chapter 6 . 11/27/2017
This is nice. I like the situation and all the mental stuff. If there's one more chapter I'd like to see it.
Noxy the Proxy chapter 6 . 6/4/2014
I wonder if there will be another chapter.
lillysue chapter 6 . 10/4/2012
This is an excellent psychological thriller, but it seems incomplete. Are you going to write any more?
Bohemian Boswell chapter 6 . 2/27/2012
Whether you post a final chapter or not, I want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your story thus far. Holmes wears meticulously constructed masks, so I enjoy seeing those masks crack. Yes, the angst is wonderful, but the remnants of a shattered visage often reveal what was hidden beneath...and maybe offer an opportunity to heal.

This might sound weird, but I kind of liked how you didn't go into detail over the insults he dealt to Watson. Strangely enough, I think that would have distracted from the emotion of the moment and the possible effect it had on the individuals involved.
Bohemian Boswell chapter 5 . 2/27/2012
Loved that he named Watson as his family 3 literally had an awww moment.
Bohemian Boswell chapter 3 . 2/27/2012
A dream within a dream...wonderful. The whole empty casket thing...Holmes, as a man dedicated to truth and logic...and his very mind betraying him in such a poetic way.
Bohemian Boswell chapter 2 . 2/27/2012
Awesome quote by Poe at the end! I love how morbid this is becoming...and yet I have that Watson-esque side of me worrying about the potential infection that could develop as the result of the nail digging into his side of all things. I suppose Moriarty can be seen as a "nail" in Sherlock's "side"...or vice versa. I'd go nuts if I had to keep still for that long...and with his tendency for manic restlessness... Oh yes, and poor Madeline...that must be terrifying.
Bohemian Boswell chapter 1 . 2/27/2012
Wonderful. I love stories where Holmes has to struggle to maintain his composure and, well, being locked in a casket would undoubtedly send tremors throughout the most steadfast of souls. I loved how you locked him in a real casket as opposed to a wooden box, by the way. Something about lying upon silk meant for a dead man makes it ever more terrifying, striking the nail on the to speak.
Sarah Knight chapter 6 . 1/28/2012
Nice little fic, thanks! Bit of a sudden ending.
LuffyMarra chapter 6 . 1/23/2011
Poor Holmes, at least he's out now. keep going.
Silvery Rain chapter 6 . 12/18/2010
great story, very interesting. Please update soon! )
They-Want-Me-To-Tap-Dance chapter 6 . 9/6/2010
Wow, I hope you continue to write and update! This SH situation is a dream come true as far as I am concerned! :D For some reason, I love reading stories about my favorite characters being buried alive!
MysticSpectre chapter 6 . 8/6/2010
Disturbing, yet incredible and thrilling. I am extremely impressed. Nicely written. (Short review for the whole story.)
Nova-chan chapter 6 . 8/6/2010
Yay update! I love that Watson and Holmes are reunited. This isn't going to be an easy recovery for Holmes, though...
deletedandundone chapter 6 . 8/6/2010
Truly fantastic. Loved the nightmare in this chapter. Looking forward to how you'll resolve Holmes' inner conflict. Eagerly awaiting more!
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