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TiaKisu chapter 14 . 1/18/2012
Anandi! I'm super sorry to not have continued reading for such a long time. It's really a shame I didn't do so but I am eager to catch up on everything as soon as I can. For now I did so with chapter 14 and I must say I love it! Maeve finally has her memory back and she freed Dermott, too! And even Nassima remembers. That's great! And wow, so the ghostly ship was in fact the Nomad? That's so interesting. I wonder what Rumina's planning to do with Sinbad now that he's suspicious. Put him under a spell as well?

Really, I still love your story and am looking forward to reading the other parts as well. Thanx a lot for sharing. And for your patience! Love, TK
TiaKisu chapter 13 . 3/30/2011
Ow, please forgive me Anandi for this all too late review! But you've updated so much lately and I've been so busy... I really am sorry for that one! But I'll catch up on everything I promise. I may just need a little time. ;o)

For now however I finally read up on the rest of ch12 and on ch13 and I can tell you that I really, really like both of them! Sinbad and Maeve are so - well, just "them"! And I liked a lot how suprised Maeve was about her own powers. And their memory finally tried to sort them in, too. :D

My, and all those developments! She's now given Sinbad the missing hints on Dermott! So as soon as they get their memory back (given they remember that time) he'll know everything! This is most interesting!

And now Maeve gets to see that it's Rumina who is Sinbad's hostess. I wonder if she'll detect poor little Dermott, too.

Really, some great updates here, Anandi! And I'm already looking forward to catching up on the other three chapters you posted! :D

Well done, dear!

Best wishes,

TK ;o)

P.S.: Ehehe, Sinbad's little trick was very entertaining! ;D
OiseauLune -Moon Bird chapter 15 . 3/11/2011
They have finally regained their memories! An Sinbad in an old woman disguise? I had my fun...

Thanks for continuing so far!
Anime Princess chapter 12 . 2/5/2011
Will you hurry and get their memories back?

It's a wonderful start and middle to your story, but flashes of rememberance should be occurring! They've done this before! They should be remembering!

And Maeve, have the dang fireball already! They could use it!

I've like this well enough, and it's going GREAT, but come on! Some flashes...SOMETHING should be kicking in right about now for Maeve and Sinbad!
TiaKisu chapter 12 . 2/5/2011
Ahaha, he really said that? "That sword in your hand makes you as stubborn as a mule!" Ohohoh, if the two of them had their memories, he would have NEVER dared to call her like this. LOL! Please make them remember this one later one - even when they have their memories back. Haha, this would be such a fun scene to have Maeve remind him of how he called her there.

Ow, but back to the story: wow, that monster is of an unusual kind alright. But Sinbad seems to be on the right way - I really hope he'll succeed. And what a pity Maeve doesn't belief in her powers. But right, she forogt about what she already did, and how well she can use the fireballs already. :o(

Well, what can I say asides of what I already said in the reviews to the previous chapters? I really like your way of writing, and I feel like watching another ep of the series. Please do go on writing, Anandi. This story is so worth to be continued! :D
TiaKisu chapter 11 . 2/5/2011
Ahaha, so Sinbad and Maeve met again. And they're arguing as always! Love this! :D Hehe, but how mean that Sinbad was indeed right. Would have loved to see Maeve's face as she had to realize he said the truth about the press. xD And now he's playing the hero and saviour again. Should be very interesting to see - especially when he finds out that Maeve's a sorceress as well. xD

Just wonder what kind of monster this is, but am happy to see that hopefully I'll find out right away (as ch12 is already up. whoot!). :D
TiaKisu chapter 10 . 2/5/2011
Owww, how intriguing! *is all excited* So Rongar fought against the pain! Ha, he's always been strongest one of the crew (when it's about mental strength anyway). And all those revelations! Wow! So Sinbad and Rumina are bound to each other now. That's not good at all! But I'm sure Rushid is wrong! He's underestimating Sinbad as all his enemies did. This is why Turok's dead, and why Rumina (up till now) never won. Rushid, too, will lose (or so I hope. Ehi). Really, a great chapter! Am totally looking forward to reading the next ones! :D

P.S.: Something I forgot to mention: Haha, loved it how Sinbad introduced Dermott as 'Bird'. So fits him to not think of any name, but simply call him 'Bird'. xD
TiaKisu chapter 9 . 2/5/2011
Oh wow, what was that thing with the statue about? And will Sinbad really go without taking Dermott with him? Aaaah, so many questions. xD

But to talk about the chapter itself: I truly like how you manage to describe everything so very well. With each part I read, I have the feeling of watching another scene of the show. You capture the poeples' actions very well, and your way of writing is very fluent and takes your readers on a journey they all too willingly will follow. The pace of the actions is very well balanced - it neither feels too slow nor too fast. Also your descriptions are great: I could really see that ugly statue infront of my eyes (urgh). Now, what else to say? I really hope that Dermott will be fine! And am eager to find out what that scepter is about. Once again, really well done, Anandi! :D
TiaKisu chapter 8 . 1/29/2011
Owww, what mysterie's there? What happened with the dirks? Will Rongar remember everything when he finds out about them?

Anandi! If I didn't love your story before, I sure enough love it now! The plot is so very intriguing, and how you draw all the characters: I truly have the feeling to watch an episode of the show! You capture them all just beautifully. :D

How Maeve gets all frustrated and starts to yell when no one is talking with her; how Firouz is all excited about his invention... and decides that the only thing to do is... cry for help (haha, that really cracked me up!). xD And how Doubar and Firouz are having one of their famous bickerings about the usefulness of the latest invention. Lol! How Doubar said he was making these adjustments right now while he was crushing the gadget - that was priceless!

And Prince Casib - I truly like how meeting Sinbad back then ha shad such a great effect on him. He seems to become a wise man eventually. :o)

Well, all in all: yet another great chapter. And brilliant characterizations! :D

P.S.: Lol! And the Rose was every bit herself! ;D
TiaKisu chapter 7 . 1/29/2011
Ooooooh, I love this chapter, Anandi! It's truly great!

Ehi, never, at no point, would I have thought that the mysterious lady was HER (I'm not giving away her name here because some poeple read the reviews before going on to reading the chapter and I don't want to spoil anything for them ;o). But I just LOVE it that you included her. What a marvellous idea! :D

And, whow, so Rongar was able to break through. He remembers - though maybe it's not all he can recall, but at least he now remembers his friends again.

Oh, and let me congratulate you on the description of this captain. I could really picture him. Ehi, to some extent he reminded me of that sultan we got to know in "The Isle of Bliss". xD

Next thing: I truly like how Sinbad and Dermott are interacting (well, sort-of. lol.). That's just how I'd imagine the captaing react towards the hawk when in fact he does not remember him.

Great, truly great! :D
TiaKisu chapter 6 . 1/29/2011
He, finally, here I am. ;D In addition to ch5 I wanted to say: wow, yeah, I totally didn't think of Dermott there. Rushid did not influence his memories! Awesome! That makes the birdie play a major role in all of this (which personally I like a lot since Dermott's always been one of my favo characters). :D

Plus, seems there is sort of a mechanism that hinders the crew to regain their memories. Maeve even fainted after having the vague feeling she might know the ship, and Sinbad felt a stinging pain, too, when now Rumina - for a split second - seemed to be familiar to him.

This really is most interesting!

And about this chapter: I really like a lot just how you described Firouz. Haha, he's just at where we got to know him in the very first ep. Awesome! And Doubar got to sleep over at a friend's while Sinbad got washed ashore on this islands - just like he had been before the show started. And with Rumina taking over the mansion of Assif (my, poor little Abdul) things get truly interesting!

All in all a great chapter! Very well done! :D
TiaKisu chapter 5 . 1/14/2011
Oh wow, Anandi, what a great update! So Rushid did not only erase those memories, but he also lets his harpies take them away so that they do not have contact to each other anymore? What a develish plan!

And now Rumina is off to change the course of Sinbad's history. Wow, that's so intriguing! I mean, with this plot you can write an AU-story, but at the same time it isn't one as everything's just an illusion (or better to say: erased memory). I think this is the very first time ever that I read a story which follows such a concept. This really is brilliant, Anandi.

Oh, and as for Rushid: wow, his wordly-wise and cold demeanour is so fascinating. He's evil, and yet wise in a way. He knows how to handle his enemies, and he knows what to think of Rumina. Really, a great character you created.

All in all: a truly interesting story, and a fascinating new chapter.

Please do go on writing!

TiaKisu chapter 4 . 7/16/2010
*gasp* But, but... Rongar... o_O Whoa, that's ... that's taken me aback. I suspected something to come ever since Rushid began talking about his plans, but that it went this fast. Whoa! O_O But no, I don't mean this in a bad way or anything, it's just that I am surprised. And thrilled. If Rushid is able to erase such important memories which as it seems are like the keys to the other ones as well... then, whoa, the whole crew might fall apart. o_O I really am looking forward to how this will continue and cannot wait to see the next chapter coming up (no rush though ;) ).

And in general: I really liked the scene between Doubar and Firouz. Haha, I guess when Doubar says he isn't hungry then indeed something is wrong... terribly wrong! xD

Great work there, Anandi! :D
TiaKisu chapter 3 . 6/26/2010
Did I get that right? Sinbad almost put his mother's home at stake? o_O Oh boy, those teenagers!

A really interesting story you told there Anandi. I like the little insight-view into the brother's past and for personal reasons like the little reference to Mala and the background you gave her. :) That Asif fell in love with her mansion is an interesting thing, especially as I could imagine Doubar to be all but happy about him having re-build the house that was his mother's home. Could imagine that even though he could never settle down in it or take propper care of it, it still is something very personal to him. :)

About Nassima: personally, I find it to be interesting that she told the story so freely and honestly. I mean, after all Asif had not been the finest of men there - even though he asked for forgiveness later. But maybe that simply adds to the rather innocent and even a bit child-like nature you described her to have in ch2. :)

Well, am totally looking forward to where this all is heading to! Just keep on writing, Anandi! :D

Best wishes,

TiaKisu :)
TiaKisu chapter 2 . 6/26/2010
Oooooh, how intriguing! So Asif is Rushid's servant. O_O And Rumina's back in game ... even though it seems to me that Rushid definitely is the greater danger of the two. But honestly, I totally like where this is heading to. Testing the friends' bond, trying to let them fall apart... it's a concept that holds tremendous potential - story wise and for work on the depth of characters. I really, really like this start! :D *skips to ch3 *
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