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P.T. Piranha chapter 5 . 12/21/2011
This was very funny.

The Marluxia imposter reminds me of the character Major Armstrong from the anime/manga, Fullmetal Alchemist.
Kirasel chapter 15 . 8/7/2011
Nice. This is a pretty good fic. Fangirl squick and the Organization's reactions had me laughing every chapter. Especially Roku and badass Roxas. Yeah, that was fun...

Wonder what'll happen once Roxas gets his hands on the REST of the Kingdom Hearts stuff.
Raberba girl chapter 15 . 8/5/2011
"Demyx because, being the lazy person everyone knows and nobody likes" I LIKE HIM. :O

Lol, I like that note about the World That Never Was's population status.

LOL, "Axel, meanwhile, was either trying to help or hit on a young mother with a fussing baby in her arms."

Man, that must be SO WEIRD for Roxas, playing as Ven; it'd be like you're actually in the game. :O Lol, I like the name and armor color he gave his Mirage Arena avatar. XD

But, wait, I thought you can't pause in the Arena?

Lol, "Axel slept, Roxas kept messing with his silver thing, Melle was trying -and failing- to coax a cute little puppy to come to her, leaving Xion to her own devices."

LOL, "She briefly wondered if Etsuko was manipulating Xemnas, but if she was, he would have giggled by now."

I was wondering how that would end up! Truthfully, I'm glad Melle's gone; for a Sue she was pretty nice, but...a Sue's a Sue... He didn't kill her with the gun, though! :O
Raberba girl chapter 14 . 8/5/2011
OH MY GOSH ROFL "Every time someone gave a bad review of her fanfictions or posted a nasty comment on her art, they mysteriously died." XD

Lol, I love that Vexen sent the other atrocities to Wonderland, where they'll fit right in. XD

Ugh, you're right on about Xemnas...drop-dead gorgeous, but I hate him. .

Aw, poor Saix.

Oh, poor Roxas, "I'm gonna have to wash the entire room before I sleep in there again..."

Aw... "In Axel's case, Xion and Roxas made him feel like he was an actual human being again, and not an empty, heartless shell like he really was." *huggles Axel*
Raberba girl chapter 13 . 7/29/2011
An Anti-Sue! So that explains it! I'd been wondering.

Lol, "Luxord took this moment to sneak out of the kitchen, taking his french toast with him."

Oh gosh, "Her new mission was to get him to admit his (nonexistent) relationship with Axel." I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out...

Ugh, Agailia's idea of life in the castle makes me want to hurl...

LOL, "Like, the Akatsuki is like, sooooooooo hot...They're like, the like, Organzation but like, ninjas... It would be, like, soooo perfect if Justin Bieber was like, one of them..."
Raberba girl chapter 12 . 7/28/2011
AHAHA, "He handcuffed himself to me then ate the key." XD Oh Saix...

Hee, I can so see Axel sneaking in to use Xemnas's throne.

LOL, "He had a perfectly good armrest six inches below, but why shouldn't he use his awesome powers for stupid reasons?"

Man, I do not like Vexen, but watching him wail over the lab-desecrating unicorns made me feel a bit sorry for him. And I seriously wanna huggle poor Lexaeus.

Oh boy, poor Roku stuck in a room with the REAL Organization, this cannot end well...heh, for him, at least.

I like the bit of clever wordwork you do there, "Xemnas had more pressing matters to ignore" and "doing endless supplies of paperwork that never was."

BROKEN CHILDHOOD DREAM? Oh my GOSH you have to write that fic now! XD

Technically, Sora can Dual Wield without magical pants, too, it's just that Nomura thought it would be cooler if he didn't know that and the player was only allowed to Dual Wield under certain conditions. me, one of the worst things about AkuRoku is that Axel's TEN YEARS OLDER than fourteen-year-old squicky!

Yay, I'm glad you beat KH2! That's my favorite game. :)
Raberba girl chapter 11 . 7/23/2011
"I'm not a zombie anymore. I have a brain that I can use." He's so CUUUUUTE!

Lol, of course they would be black sleeping bags.

"Although this is Roxas, and fate has decided to make his life a living hell." So true, though it's actually Nomura, not fate...

Poor, poor, poor, poor, POOR, POOR Roxas! D: Though I did like the bit where he smashed another computer. And the little nod to Ven, hee.

Lol, "By the massive amounts of caked up blood splattered everywhere, she guessed it quickly turned violent. She noticed that the Sues looked perfectly fine." Figures.

LOL, "So when he went back to the castle, only to be greeted by a smiling girl who . . . called him dad, he just assumed she was the by-product of some drunken fling he had years ago." I love how calmly Lexaeus takes the whole thing.

"The one where mostly everyone died." ;_; Stupid Sora, you shouldn't always believe everything people tell you...

Lol, "Oh, thank that stupid heart shaped moon in the sky"

I'm actually playing KH2 in Proud Mode for the first time, and I just beat BBS in Proud Mode, and it actually seems to be exactly the same as Standard except that you have to level up more at the very beginning. I wanted to see the secret movies without having to get 100% completion! :D It was so worth it.
Raberba girl chapter 10 . 7/22/2011
Yay, the rest of the Organization! :D

Lol, I'm surprised Larxene didn't try to stick a few knives into Melle for imprisoning her.

(You do know that "AkuRoku" comes from the Japanese pronunciations of their names, right? Akuseru and Rokusasu.)

Aaaaahhhh, I LOVE that Luxord's so bored he's playing cards with himself! And himself and himself and himself. XD

Eh? Okay, I grant you that Demyx can be seen as "useless," but Zexion? He's invaluable! He can smell people from several floors away and figure out who they are! He's like the Castle's security system! Plus he can disguise himself as other people and make a decent attempt to drive them insane!

But I love that Zexy helped Demy write (non-emo) song lyrics! And, LOL, it totally figures that Demyx wouldn't mind being locked up as long as he has his sitar, because it means he doesn't have to work. ;

And I love that Axel nearly escaped all those times! Xion's reunion with him was cute.

Lol, "Get off, you're heavy. Go tackle Xion to the ground."

Oh man, I love the part where you describe AkuRoku's baby! SOMETIMES, PEOPLE, WHAT YOU THINK LOOKS COOL ACTUALLY DOES NOT. In any way, shape, or form. Ugh, I hate mpreg...hate it hate it HATE IT...

"Isn't that technically pedophillia?" Yes! Seriously!

Oh, gosh, I made the mistake of thinking that if "AkuRoku" is for yaoi fics, then "Roxel" must be for friendship fics...I needed freaking Brain Bleach after actually looking it up.

To tell the truth, the Kingdom Hearts scene that made me want to cry the most was when the door gets shut on Riku's face at the end of KH1...then again, maybe that's because I wasn't expecting it; I'm pretty bad at spoiling myself. Axel's final goodbye to Roxas in KH2 Final Mix was pretty sad, too.
Raberba girl chapter 9 . 7/20/2011
"That was painful and disturbing." I HATE Leechgrave. The first time I fought it and it freaking ATE ROXAS, I nearly dropped the DS.

"She quietly sighed, knowing that these questions probably wouldn't ever get answered." Until Roxas plays BBS, that is. :p

"Everywhere there were rainbows, unicorns, and butterflies." Xemnas will LOVE that when he gets back. XD

I don't think this chapter was filler-ish, it was nice to finally get info on what had happened to the rest of the Organization.
Raberba girl chapter 8 . 7/19/2011
Oooh, that must have been really creepy for Roxas to watch Axel in all his CoM evil glory! D:

Lol, "Eventually I beat the game, by killing Marluxia. I never would have thought he was that powerful." Just 'cause you have pink hair and utilize flower power doesn't mean you're weak! XD

Yaaaaay, he does get to play KH2!

Lol, "whats with us and Roman numerals?"

LOL, "He may have been dying, but he still managed to get out a long speech. That guy needs to learn when to shut up."

Man, that's sad, it must be really nuts to play KH2 when you're Roxas... Thank you for including that scene, I'd been looking forward to it!

Argh, I want to punch Vlad, my Zexy is nothing like him! That poem was pretty funny, though.

I vote for Melle leaving, 'cause Demyx is one of my three favorite KH characters and I can't stand to see him replaced, even though Melle's a sweetie...
Raberba girl chapter 7 . 7/19/2011
I love how you reference gameplay in here, it's cool. Like Demyx borrowing Cure panels and Roxas beating Hayner's Grandstander record.

I like when Namine's talking about her drawings.

"How could he not know how he was feeling?" Well, he _is_ a Nobody. :p

AHAHA, Namion... XD If I was into yuri (which I'm not), that'd be a cute pairing.

Hee, "Namixas" sounds like a name for Member Number XV or something. :p
Raberba girl chapter 6 . 7/18/2011
Oh! Heh, all this time I thought the first person POV was Axel for some reason. ;

NOOOOO, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN HILARIOUS TO MAKE ROXAS PLAY KH2! Well, for me, anyway. Probably rather traumatic for him...

"Hmph. The only thing worse than a Nobody is a Replica of a Nobody." Lol, that is so DiZ.

Heh, it's actually Froot Loops...I didn't realize that myself 'til recently, and had to change one of my fics because of it.

"I dunno what I'd do without ya."

"Fall off the clock tower?"

AHAHA, yes it was that funny. XD

"Hopefully tomorrow they wouldn't remember him saying that." Oh Axel, ILU.

Yaaaaay, I wanna see Roxas play KH, even if it's only KH1!
Raberba girl chapter 5 . 7/18/2011
Hee, Etsuko's note to Xion was cute.

HA HAAAA, Xaldin's back hair... XD

Oh gosh, multi-colored portals of perfect for a Sue fic!

LOL, those aren't math cupcakes - they're ship cupcakes, aren't they! :D

"Oh em eff gee! I don't DO math! That's retarded! They're pairing cupcakes!"

Yay, I was right!

"They rarely talk to each other." THIS. Zemyx Fornever!

Lol, "For the love of Kingdom Hearts, tell me that it's NOT Lord Xemnas and Saix."

And, ""Oh come on!" she shouted, partly because now she couldn't get any chips"

I love how Fiore always speaks in all caps. someone ate the smashed chips? XD

I want to see drunk Xion & Roxas!
Raberba girl chapter 4 . 7/18/2011
Lol, Vivi does looks like a Heartless. Also a good explanation for why Vivi hangs out with Seifer & co.
Raberba girl chapter 3 . 7/18/2011
See, Xion, I knew you shouldn't have let the Gary Stu creeps sleep IN YOUR BEDROOM!

LOL, "Richard McDeath Doom III"... XD

Duuuuude, I love Lexaeus's Sue! :D

Marly's Stu is funny, so over-the-top!

"It seemed like that boy couldn't breathe without Aden telling him to." I know, Roxas flanderization is really annoying...
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