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RPGPersona chapter 30 . 3/26
No matter how much you learn about parallel universes, I don't think looking at a grave with your name on it will ever not feel weird. It was nice of Beast Boy and Raven to be there her Raptor on the anniversary of her Garfield's death. Despite how they first met, the three have formed a strong bond together.

So the team did split up. That is a bit sad. Ironic that Robin was the first to go when he was the leader who put it all together. Not the initial group, but the expanded organization. Too bad they couldn't find any new members to fit, but letting the new guard take over is something that was bound to happen.

It seems everyone is doing well for themselves. Too bad Raven shop had to be closed with all the mission they are getting. It sounds like an interesting shop to visit.

Of course Raptor's first attempt to start dating again would be Aqualad. If Raven is allowed her bias against Terra, let Beast Boy have his against Aqualad. As long as he doesn't take it too far, it is all in good fun.

Like they say, life finds a way. Doesn't matter what he odds are sometimes just trying is all it takes. I am happy for the pair. It was a nice way to end this story.

Another one of your stories down. I had fun reading this. From the dimensional adventure to the first half, which had a well placed hint about the antagonists and showing how little ripples can cause so many changes. To the second act that explored Raven demonic heritage and how to deal with it. Thanks for writing this story.
RPGPersona chapter 29 . 3/26
Looks like Beast Boy wasn't able to change Raven's mind if the way Starfire saw him was any indication. Raptor was just fed up with Raven's attitude in all this. She is right to say that Raven is taking the cowards way out. She is running away from the problem and from everyone else so she doesn't have to deal with the consequences of her running away. It is also selfish to push Beast Boy onto Raptor after Raven broke his heart. While Raptor is done trying to reason with Raven, she isn't done trying to fix the situation.

Okay, that is a pretty funny solution. The best part is that I could see it working so well. Nothing better to change Raven mind about leaving they by suggesting that Best Boy will get back together with the one person who broke his heart more than anyone else.

I admit that was a pretty good performance by Terra. At first I thought that the others just told Terra that Beast Boy had his heart broken by Raven and Terra was gloating. Turns out that was all part of the plan. I suppose when you consider the alternative, letting Terra go with has cash is not the worst option.

While I was considering the solution to Raven problem being to not coletely repress Rage and find an outlet to help satisfy her urges, I definitely didn't consider the solution Raven's emotions found. Lust is one of the seven sons, so the plan has merit. It is just very amusing to hear Raven's emotions blurt out aloud.

I am glad that the team was able to find a solution to their problems.
RPGPersona chapter 28 . 3/26
Some people might call it a cop out to revive Raptor like that, but I am glad that her life was spared. She still has so much life ahead of her. Even if it would have reunited Raptor with Garfield, it seems too cruel for both of them to die so young.

Beast Boy still finds it in his heart to find forgiveness for what Terra did. The whole experience from seeing Beast Boy to almost being reunited with her Garfield only to be pulled back. None of it could have been easy to her to experience. I think she has earned the right to let her emotions out like that.

It was obvious from how Raven was ready to throw her life away that she was going to take Rage's action harder than anyone else. I can already see where it is going with Raven switching to a monk robes.

I'm not sure how Terra took the offer Beast Boy gave her, but I hope she takes it and learns to deal with her fear and move on with her life.

There it is, Raven saying she wants to break the engagment to be a nun to protect everyone. I really hope that Beast Bly can talk her out of it. Punishing herself
like this is not going to make anyone happy. Raven also deserves the chance to be happy after everything she has been through.
RPGPersona chapter 27 . 3/26
Okay, that explains why Terra attacked. Every emotion except Rage and Fear cut Terra off, leaving Terra with irrational paranoia and rage. The emotion convinced Fear they were being attacked, so Rage went for the first strike.

Beast Boy still has the hard job of trying to subdue Rage, and no one can help with that task.

That was some smart thinking on Robin's and Cyborg's part. With the help of Starfire and Raptor, have Cyborg land a hit. Rage charges them and Robin deals the decisive blow.

Oh boy. It almost looked like thing could be settled before getting messy, but Rage was able to break free from the ice.

That is another unpleasant way to stop Rage that didn't even occur to me. Having Rage kill him in the struggle. It stopped Rage in her tracks, so that is good.

Great, Raven was able to return to her body, but not before Beast Boy died. Now we are playing the sacrifice yourself game. It is a no win situation regardless what happens since someone is dead either way. Raptor deserved a happier ending, I hope she finds piece on the afterlife. Not just anyone would give up their life for someone else like that.

Now we have the aftermath to deal with. I can only imagine how both Terra and Raven are feeling at this point.
RPGPersona chapter 26 . 3/26
Well, at least Terra isn't completely irrational yet. Beast Boy tried his best to make Terra understand why what she is doing is wrong, but he couldn't get through to her. Terra's desire for Beast Boy is just overriding her common sense at this point.

So now Beast Boy is in Terra's mind. Raven's mind. Pretty much the same thing at this point. So the two minds are merging due to this soul transfer. That is bad. There's no telling how Terra and Raven will turn out if their minds warp like that. The emotions seems to have a plan and way to help Beast Boy. Let's hope it is a good one.

I feel bad for Starfire and Robin having to come back early from their honeymoon, but there is too much at stake. I don't even want to think what Raven's forbidden powers are capable of or how they will distort Terra and by extension Raven. I mean it is a last resort, buti really don't feel good about sacrificing Raven to fix Terra's screw up.

No time to ponder though, since Terra has decided to attack the tower. It is convenient in the sense the team doesn't have to search, but what is Terra trying to achieve with this? Does she want to kill Raven?
RPGPersona chapter 25 . 3/26
Rage is rage after all. No matter how much she acts like Raven, she can't completely hide her nature. She was going pretty strong up until the Arkham Asylum part. She should have suggested a better mental hospital that didn't have villain and maybe she would have been less suspicious. It also seems that Rage can't control Raven's body over long periods of time.

Raptor can obvious tell something is wrong, and her powers make it easier to figure things out. At least Beast Boy acknowledged that Raven acted differently last night, even if he doesn't believe Raven is in Terra's body.

Despite all the mistakes Terra made, I wouldn't wish what happened to her last night when Rage took control. I wonder if Rage plans to be completely docile or if she has plans to influence Terra while keeping her in control. Good to know that if Rage run out of steam, Raven returns to her body. That means the team has a definite way to fix things. The bad news it that Terra is now drunk off Raven's power. Even if she doesn't have Rven's experience, she is outputting more, and that still makes her dangerous.

Glad to see that Raptor and Beast Boy finally understand Raven is telling the truth, even though she had to reveal something very personal to do it. Great, now Terra is going who knows where with Beast Boy in tow.
RPGPersona chapter 24 . 3/26
Or instead of what I just said, Raven could assume that her waking up in Terra's body, in her room, without her powers is arank. Despite the fact that Rage was acting up yesterday and then seemed docile all of a sudden. Raven pretty much dug her own grave by irrationally rushing out at Beast Boy and her body thinking it was Raptor. It took her too long to put it all together, and by then Cyborg was sedating her.

Not that it wasn't apparent before, but Beast Boy is sad that he is sleeping alone tonight, even if there is good reason for it. He still has time to check on Terra. Don't tempt me Frodo, I mean Beast Boy. Sorry, but that was the first thing to pop into my head when I read that part.

Okay, so Rage only transferred herself over to Terra to talk to her. Like with Raptor, she needs Terra's permission to do any swapping. Unlike Raptor, Terra was stupid and desperate enough to take the deal without thinking about the consequences. Rage also opening admits her desire for Beast Boy to Terra.

Surprise, surprise. The moment Terra shows signs of cold feet, Rage takes control of the driver seat. Terra had know idea what she was getting into. She really shouldn't have listened to the disembodied voice in her head. Now Rage has things right where she wants them.

I was wondering how Beast Boy didn't figure out the difference between Raven and Terra, but if Rage was in control, it makes more sense.
RPGPersona chapter 23 . 3/26
Rage taking full advantage of the fact that Raven saw into Raptor's memories to make for offer as enticing as possible. I feel for as Rage brings up the memories and what Raptor has lost. All that persuasion doesn't tell us what Rage wants from Raptor, though.

I see, it became clear the moment Rage said she wanted to enter Raptor's body. Rage doesn't have any intention of letting go of Beast Boy. She merely wants a more willing host who will let her have her way. If Rage enters Raptor's body, giving Beast Boy to Raptor is just giving Beast Boy back to herself. I doubt Rage would let RPtor have any control once she gets in the driver seat.

I am impressed with Raptor's strong will in resisting Rage's offer. This is something she hasn't had to deal with before and she came up on top. Rage still seems quite relaxed despite the setback. Also, Rage wouldn't have made Raptor that offer if she didn't have enough strength to do it. Raven should be careful, denial is a dangerous emotion that can make the thing you are trying to bury more powerful and make you blind to tis dangers. That is something I am sure Rage would encourage.

That is not good. It seems Rage had enough strength to completely overpower Raven temporarily. I am guessing the anger Raven felt towards Terra was the catalyst. The fact Rage wants to chat with Terra is worrying. Raptor managed to knock Taven back in control. But there is no telling what happened right before.

Well, it looks like Raptor might be joining Raven in the I hate this dimension's Terra club if Terra keeps acting the way she is.

Sounds like Rage pulled the old soul swap between Terra and Raven. This is actually pretty back. Terra could be stupid enough to listen to Rage and give her full control. Raven also has no idea how Terra's powers work. I am going to be optimistic and say that Terra would not be able to pull off a convincing Raven act.
RPGPersona chapter 22 . 3/26
Robin must be getting quite good at throwing his bird-a-rang of he was able to disarm that robber from all the way where their honeymoon is. Other Beast Boy having to a gun like that is a sobering reminder of vulnerability of some of the Teen Titans members.

Interesting that Raven's demonic side is so much more powerful in those instances of passion with Beast Boy when compared to Raptor. Perhaps the fact that Raptor never tried to repress her emotions actually weakened her demonic side in the long run. Sort of like a sealed pop can building up pressure versus one that is opened and can let the pressure out. Maybe Trigon was less interested in Raptor compared to Raven and she had things easier in that regard. Well, repression is never a good long term solution for anything. It is basically trying to ignore the problem. Perhaps the monks thought because of the prophecy that Raven wouldn't live past 16. They devised a routine/mentality that was good for them in terms of Raven not giving in to evil before the prophecy, but bad in the long run if Raven reached adulthood.

Another sharing time between Ravens. This time Raptor talked about how the bullets reminded her of how Beast Boy and her first started dating, which was something that Raven didn't want to talk about. In turn, Raven shared with Raptor her reason why she feels threatened by Terra.

Here I was thinking that the Nevermore in the title refered to Raptor's mind. Not surprisingly, Raven has plenty of leftover resentful feeling from certain emotions over Raptor having her way with Beast Boy. I would say this is a problem caused by Raven's standard practice to repress first. Just because you buried those feelings deep, doesn't mean they disappeared, and her emotional aspects don't hide such things.

So Raptor was the one who wanted to use the dimensional items that they stole. From what we have seen, while not completing the training in Azarath meant that Raptor doesn't have the same issues with her emotions as Raven, it also meant she wasn't as powerful and versatile as well. Of course Raven would also blame herself for not doing more to stop things. Just like I am sure Robin had those same thoughts.

Oh boy, visiting Rage, that can only end horribly. Raven shows her trust in Raptor by confiding to her about her issues with Rage during physical intimancy. Sounds like Raptor never had those issues. It makes me really curious to see what Raptor's emotions would be like.

Huh, what was Raven told to have her leave Raptor alone with Rage? Then we have Rage wanting to make a deal with Raptor with Beast Boy as the payment method. Let's see where this goes.
RPGPersona chapter 21 . 3/26
Well, at least Terra didn't make any outburst after the initial one. Did Terra really think that asking to rejoin the team on Robin's wedding day was a good idea or was she just not paying attention at all to the news?

I see the that Raven and Terra still get along as well as oil and water even now. Alternate universe Terra is probably the best one to explain the whole situation. It must be alot for Terra to take in, considering how much is different. I won't hold it against Titan Terra for saving a recording of the fight between Ravens since I am sure Cyborg would have done the same thing if he could get away with it. For all we know, he has. I see Titan Terra is grounded enough to know that Terra's request is quite the tall order.

Thinking about it logically, having Raptor stay for the duration of the newlywed's honeymoon along with Terra would fill the void in personal they leave. I see how it is Cyborg, you want to be leader without any of the bumpy roads. I had to roll my eyes at how hard Cyborg was trying to push them away. Raven there to make the big decisions. She is fine with Raptor staying for the few weeks, but not surprisingly, she doesn't want Terra around. The Titan South solution is a good one. A trial period while Robin is away and if Terra is up to snuff, she can Help fill out the Titan South roster.
RPGPersona chapter 20 . 3/26
Really Cyborg, really. You better hope Raven never catches wind of what you asking Beast Boy. She would probably send you to some meatless dimension. Besides, if Beast Boy was going to picture multiple Ravens at the sane time, he could use his trip to Raven's mind as imagination fuel.

That was quite the bonding moment between the two Raven. I think it is a good thing to get the guilt off her chest by talking to Raven about it. No both Raven have something they envy the other about. interesting remark about how they treated their Beast Boy, and it makes a certain amount of sense. I can't help but feel some satisfaction as Raptor explains to Raven that it wasn't the physical aspect of the relationship that won Beast Boy, since that has been how I have been calling it. It is also just like Terra said. Beast Boy brought out the best in Raptor and showed her what it truly means to love. I am happy for her over the fact that her time with her Gar was that much better after the dimension hopping events.

It looks like their heart to heart has really allowed the two Ravens to bond, to the point where Beast Boy is surprised at how well they are getting along now. I don't think you can find many people who feel special on some level by having two people tying to get his attention.

I can only imagine what was going through Cyborg's head as he saw his best bud walk in with a Raven on each side. Something like that is never not going to draw attention. Of course the local Terra would have to come and crash the wedding. I feel bad for Starfire and Robin over the drama that will surely unfold now.
RPGPersona chapter 19 . 3/25
I suppose voting yay for a sequel is a moot point, but I will do it anyway. For the sake of showing support of nothing else.

Raptor can't seem to catch a break. After everything she has been through, she doesn't deserve that kind of heart break. I see Raven's doubts have never left her and are back in full force with Raptor single again and coming for the wedding. The lie Raven made about trusting Beast Boy is troubling. That is the kind of attitude that can lead to a self fulfilling prophecy depending on how Raven behaves.

From the looks of things, it was a good thing that alternate team showed up. It appears that Raptor doesn't have a close enough relationship with her others yet to really let out her feeling. I think both Beast Boy and Raven can help if this regard and help Raptor star the road to recovery, though it will be a long one.

Of course someone would try something funny on the wedding day. I was worried it was something really big, but it is just the Hive 5. Boy are they in her a surprise.

It was pretty amusing seeing Billy freak out over two Ravens. That was a close call with Beast Boy. A lucky shot almost lead to a dangerous situation. Raptor handled it pretty well, in the sense she didn't lose control of herself and relented when the Hive 5 surrendered.
RPGPersona chapter 18 . 3/25
Not surprised to see the differences between the Starfire who purely choose duty over the Starfire who choose a path where she could be happy. I imagine the former Starfire had a rough time. Having to leave her friends behind and out her planet back together. Not to mention keeping it safe.

I see Raptor couldn't help but try to get the last laugh on Raven when she saw Terra give her goodbye. She made sure not to cross the line with her goodbye, so I can let it slide.

From Starfire's talk with Beast Boy, it seems things might be worse then I thought in terms of Raven seeing Raptor's memories. Wow, I don't think it was mentioned before, but Beast Boy's room was really cleaned up in his absence. Raven even let a letter about wanting things to change in their relationship.

I see, I didn't even consider that angle when Raven saw Raptor's memories, what stun most wasn't the fact that Beast Boy lost his virginity to Raptor, but how skilled Raptor was at physical pleasure. That is definitely something that can eat away at someone like Raven.

I think Beast Boy did a good job comforting Raven and making sure that Raven knew there were more important things to their relationship then physical intimancy for him. Looking back, it wasn't the seduction that got Beast Boy in Raptor's bed, but the fact that Raptor opened up to him emotionally.

I would say the fact that Raven was able to cuddle up and fall asleep with Beast Boy while they were both in their underwear shows the strides she is making in terms of physical intimancy.

So part 1 end. Unless the next part is super short, I am guessing there is just part 2 next.
RPGPersona chapter 17 . 3/25
Well, Beast Boy seems to be on the road to recovery, that is good.

A heart to heart between Raven and Starfire. It is good to have someone to confide your problems with. I think just talking about having that memory or Raptor and Beast Boy in her head to Starfire helped Raven. Of course, Starfire's look on the bright side on things advice helped her bait as well.

Starfire has her own hardships it seems. While science to allow Starfire and Robin to have children, conventional method of making love between humans does not work. It is not often we see this sort of thing addressed. Besides the mature theme, it is usually a sticky sort of business that gets glossed over. It it interesting seeing this talked about in the story.

I see Raptor has gone back to her alternate outfit, much to Beast Boy's and Raven's discomfort. It wouldn't surprise me if there was a part of Raven that made a mental note of the effect that outfit had on Beast Boy for later.

It is nice that things seem to be working out for the Hive 5 of this universe. Blackfire is being welcomed home, Cyborg is reconnecting with his father, and Raptor and Garfield are becoming Teen Titans. Gizmo even found a way to keep in touch across dimensions. Hopefully that technology is not misused.

Time for the team to head home. I would say this story is wrapping up, but there is still of 10 chapters left. I also doubt The Brotherhood of Evil is going to take this defeat lying down. Actually thinking about it, all the tech the team took from then Brotherhood of Evil which started this story hinted at this outcome the whole time. Just noticed that now.
RPGPersona chapter 16 . 3/25
Looks at the list of people attacking the Brotherhood. Putting aside Raven, Raptor, and Beast Boy, that leaves See-More and The Beast not doing anything.

Maybe I spoke too soon about Beast Boy being out of immediate danger. Looks like that last bullet is in a perilous place, made worse by the shifting he did.

So See-More was cowering in the corner. Man, see is not very impressive compared to his Hive 5 counterpart. He did come in handy with helping Beast Boy. Looking See-More mind to see through him while removing the bullet with her powers. That must have been quite the drain on Raven. It payed off since the bullet was removed.

Hey, look at that. The Beast decided to actually do something instead of hanging back, good job. He saved Raptor's life, potential along with Raven's and Beast Boy's as well. Raptor seemed both genuinely impressed and touched by The Beast selfless act. I think that was the first selfless thing he has done in this story.

Well, the Brotherhood of Evil that Beast Boy knows was quick to retreat once the tides turned. Some poetic justice for the Brotherhood of Evil in this universe. The only sad thing about this victory is the lack of Brain Freeze.
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