Reviews for Unplanned Paternity
The Waunderer chapter 14 . 8/14
Hey, I have no idea if you'll actually read this or not seeing how long ago this chapter was posted but I had a question. Why didn't Hiashi or Tsume use a water jutsu to get rid of some of the flames? Just found that a bit odd. Oh, also, I really love this story! You're doing (or rather did) a great job! Go you!
Laryna6 chapter 17 . 8/14
Good luck with everyone's health!
Guest chapter 17 . 8/5
Love this fic, it's one of the few I keep re-reading again and again! :D
fingerprint-by-fingerprint chapter 17 . 8/4
LOVE THIS! Thanks for posting! :D
TheReaper999 chapter 1 . 7/24
still tho interesting plot.
TheReaper999 chapter 1 . 7/24
'Twenty Eight Months Old' ARE YOU SERIOUS? REALLY NIGGA? YOU CANT SAY '2 years old'?!
ISpeltEclipseWrong chapter 16 . 7/17
he SWALLOWED the toothpaste foam?! disgusting, literally unreadable.

jk not really, I love this fic, but ew
Fencer22 chapter 17 . 7/10
One issue with this post... and posdibly previous one not sure if I only just noticed it but there aren’t any line breaks or whatever they are called when you change scenes which makes for a bit a whiplash when you try to figure out what just happened. Otherwise very nice story going to have to check out your other work. I skimmed the titles and a few caught my eye. Cheers!
Fencer22 chapter 7 . 7/9
"That would be very helpful, Hinata-kun

Quoted that from this chapter. I think you made a small error here. my understanding is that while little boys can be chan girls are never refered to as kun. Though my understanding of Japanese suffixes is shaky at best so I may be mistaken... also I read your profile, sorry this isn’t a flame but frankly a little slip like this doesn’t rate a flame. If you want to get flames I highly recommend shipping unusual or even just regular pairings. I’ve gotten a few flames from people over shipping Naruto with Hinata just because it wasn’t that person’s OTP. It’s best when those reviews come from guest posts and I got to laugh maniacally as I deleted them. (They were just bitching. I wouldn’t delete an actual thought out criticism)
Guest chapter 4 . 7/9
This is adorable and heart warming :)
No1 chapter 4 . 6/28
Fucking beautiful. Just beautiful!
No1 chapter 2 . 6/28
Awesome! Just awesome! I love the dynamic you set up between naruto and kakashi, but I hope you do more development into naruto and his skills.
Noradin chapter 12 . 6/27
I have to disagree with you on two points:

1) Kakashi is his father in everything that counts for nepotism, he raised him. In public. If the Hokage lets Kakashi be his jounin instructor others will either assume the Hokage condones nepotism-that would be a problem for Konoha, who was it again who claimed Naruto wasn't that important?-or wonder what might be behind it, or both.
2) Naruto's last name does matter, because it comes with a parent, a parent who teaches him. What is that parent known to specialise in thathe might share with his (only!) kid? Tracking.
Naruto would have made a lot of sense on the tracking team.

And Sasuke? he does not have a Sharingan yet, he would be better suited on the team with the genjutsu teacher for now, he could get special instruction for his Sharingan later. That would give him more connections to the village, too, something he obviously desperately needs.

There is only one logical reason why Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke are on a team lead by Kakashi: Maximising drama. And that one breaks the fourth wall.
SeiferBoy chapter 17 . 6/21
Story followed in case there's ever an update. Hope all is well with you! I had fun reading this story. I'm curious to know how Naruto will react to his and Kakashi's secrets. Hopefully everything works out and Naruto realizes that Kakashi really IS his dad, since Kakashi raised him.
matthouston chapter 17 . 6/2
love this story a very unique display and it is dome perfectly i hope you continue this story someday it is one of a kind
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