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icemaxprime chapter 12 . 11/26
I really hope Sakura is not pushed to the side and wakes up to life as a ninja and becomes more than a tsunade clone. Pls give her some plot. Love your story btw a tru butterfly's wing beat. What class hurricane are we talking here?
Guest chapter 16 . 11/7
Thank you for this story. I've enjoyed it
taran taran chapter 16 . 11/4
Next plis
Guest chapter 1 . 10/31
Its been awhile since I reread this. I'm so happy you expanded on his early years! :)
Dragon of Yin and Yang chapter 16 . 10/30
Please continue!
Koh chapter 1 . 10/25
Man, this is such a great story and you haven't updated in about a year now. I actually really like the idea of a baby-daddy-Kakashi, it's well done. Especially at the beginning when Kakashi first took in Naruto, not instant love. And then how Naruto couldn't speak well which is to be expected considering his age. Lot's of people just go for making him a genius or something at the age of 3.

Anyway, well done. Usually don't review with something like this until the next chapter is posted, (I usually review the second to the last updated chapter when the new chapter comes out) just in case I hit the next chapter spot on, but considering you haven't posted in a while and in hopes that I can tickle your writing... er, senses? Plot bunnies? Whatever, I wrote this. *because I think torturing Kakashi is hilarious*

Kakashi paced across the kitchen as he’d been doing since he and Genma had called it a night. He could faintly hear Tenzou sighing off in some corner, no doubt there to watch him break down and act as a babysitter. The little brat. Kakashi had half a mind to tear him a new one. Hell, all of his so called friends would be given a piece of his mind as soon as they returned.

The rookie nine and Gai’s team weren’t back yet. Sure they were on a C ranked mission, but surely the other Jounin sensei’s had enough sense to choose short ones that would only take a day! It’s their first C rank after all and it’s been about nine hours now!

Poor Naru Chan… His little boy… Off with some incompetent Jounin!

Maybe Kakashi could weasel the details of Naruto’s mission out of Tenzou. It would only take maybe an hour for him to catch up to his son if he were to leave now… Kakashi looked over to the shadowed corner he knew the Anbu was in, unconsciously sending a glare to his old teammate and causing the guy to whimper.

Kakashi had just taken a step toward his Kohai who was trying his hardest not to cower, when the door knocked.

“Naruto!” Kakashi sighed with relief. Opening the door, Karachi’s smile disappeared to glare at the not-Naruto-Tsume and promptly slammed the door in her face. He turned, getting right back to business, “Tenzou, tell me, where is Naruto?” Kakashi asked, lacing his voice with an all to friendly tone, but the man just seemed to whimper more. “Tell me.” The ‘or else’ was left unsaid.

“Kakashi! You let me in this minute!” Tsume pounded on the door.

Must not kill. Must not kill.

“Kakashi, Naruto’s in the hospital,” Tsume broke his mantra.

“WHAT!?” Kakashi roared, lunging for the door and opening it, ready to barrel through and head straight for the hospital.

“Yeah, I lied,” Tsume said unrepentantly as she cuffed the side of his head and hook a finger around his shirt to drag him back into the house. The Inuzuka plopped herself on a couch, taking in the state of the kitchen and living room. “Soo, I was thinking, since Naruto’s gone I’ll be here to… give you company!” aka, ‘make sure he didn’t go after his son,’ which also translated to, ‘I’m you’re new babysitter.’
Rael chapter 10 . 10/14
Whoah! Rin here is a retarded hormonal biatch. " you were supposed to come for me, not him." So she really didn't care that Obito died for her. She just want her crush/nympo-obsession to charge and save her like a princess. That's why I dislike fangirls. Case in point Haruno Sakura. Tsunade taught her to be badass but she hesitated to fight Sasuke seriously. It almost killed her and much worse the rest of her team. The kind of female that will sell out state secrets to get laid. As a female myself, it's kinda insulting. Kishimoto sure has issues with our gender.
NotSoJelsaShipper chapter 16 . 10/12
I really like this fanfic, please continue. It's been almost a year in a few days...
turtle-moments chapter 16 . 10/12
In love how cute this is!
I'm just the little family and just ahh!
Anyway I know you hate when people tell you to update and just I'm a bit of an asshole so I can't wait till you update! It's been a year so I have hope! Oh I love the way you characterized Kakashi and just the whole circumstance is so interesting. I can't help but think what's going to happen when Naruto meets Crazy!Garra because their story is different now you know?
PipeDream chapter 16 . 10/9
Wow, this is gonna be interesting as all hell!
PipeDream chapter 15 . 10/9
Jesus christ, favourite chapter so far easily! There's been so many twists and turns and funny and sweet parts, thrills and moments of just 'Ooooh I can see what you did there, that was genius!' That made this such a good read!
Completely made my day!
GreekGoddessHestia chapter 16 . 10/9
Super enjoying this story, even if it hasn't been updated in almost a year. I've gather from your authors notes that you're Australian, and I live in Queensland, but there's been some pretty ridiculous weather going on at the moment, and real life is also a thing that gets in the way, so I'm just going to put an alert on this story and cross my fingers that it updates eventually. I love how cute Naruto is, how naive and yet strong he is. Your characterisation of kakashi, I feel, is spot on for the situation you've put him in. The humour and angst is very well done, and I do look forward to seeing how obito deals with the fact kakashi has a son, and therefore a major weakness. I also look forward to how you interpret gaara and narutos first meeting. You've written a great story so far, so thanks :)
Silver wolf chapter 16 . 10/8
I hope you update soon!

Makes me wonder how Naruto,Sasuke, and Sakura gonna survive cause Kakashi is over protective.

Anyway great job on the story so far!
PipeDream chapter 13 . 10/4
History was made indeed
See, this already feels like significant differences!
PipeDream chapter 12 . 10/4
You didn't actually cry did you?! Are you OK? !
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