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Crazy22 chapter 16 . 1h
Oh my god this is one of the best fanfiction i have ever read...i m almost jumping with excitement you are too good write more please(biggest and cutest puppy eyes in the world) you can do this for your fan now don't you PLEASE...
Guest chapter 16 . 14h
great story
JennieJane chapter 16 . 11/28
You girls are amazing! I usually don't review any stories but you made me review not one but two of yours XD
I really loved how Kakashi's awkwardness at the beginning broke out to give way for over-protectiveness. Good thing that Tsume and Hiashi were there to help even though almost every scene which had anything to do with Tsume ended up being hilarious :P
Hope Kakashi learns that Naruto is going to grow up sooner or later, though. I completely understand what he's going through, but him coming to terms with that is important if Naruto is ever gonna kick butt!
Hopefully, you'll find the time to update soon. Thanks for coming up with such an amazing story!
Night fury lover16 chapter 16 . 11/26
Ahh! Your story is absolute perfection! All I can say is that I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter xD also please don't let Naruto hate Kakashi after he finds out he isn't really his son :'( I love Daddy!Kakashi and Son!Naruto ~ keep it up and stay safe! 3
jumping-jo chapter 16 . 11/26
cool story, kakashi shaped up to be a great dad, love how hes formed bonds with the others
RainingDimonds chapter 16 . 11/25
Omg this is so amazing please update soon I can't wait for another awesome chapter
Angel Fantasy chapter 16 . 11/25
I can't wait to see how these C-ranked missions will turn out. Will everything go well for the three students? Will Sasuke and Naruto be attacked by enemy nins looking to kidnap them for their own profits? If Naruto gets hurt and Asuma takes him to a medic-nin, Kyuubi's secret could be uncovered and alot of questions would have to answered... and Kakashi would not be able to call Naruto 'his son' anymore. I really sympathise with the poor man. It's hard to let the truth out when you know your whole world -and your family's world- will shatter completely. I cross my fingers so that Naruto takes it better than expected and still sees Kakashi as his father by the time everything gets straightened out.

I'll be following this story very, very closely... *grins*
Angel Fantasy chapter 14 . 11/24
YES! Tenzou finally gets on stage (squee!), and right away every leafy plant around him gets clingy (Aww). Can't help it that he's such a huggable man... I wonder if Naruto will get clingy with him too? XD.

I hope he'll stay with Kakashi from now on to look after Naruto. I love overprotective Kakashi, and grouped with Tenzou's caring nature, little Hatake-chan will be dearly loved. Hopefully Sasuke and Sakura will get their own share, otherwise it won't be fair XD

I am so faving this story. Loved the unique Kakashi-Naruto family bond you set up, all their funny moments together, and moreso the village-whole support to the Hatake family. Hopefully, with Tenzou now 'unmasked' (thank you, dear vines), Kakashi'll force him to stay around permanently to watch over Naruto-kun while he's away on missions
WarriorDrgnMage chapter 16 . 11/21
Oh good you two are okay! I was worried about you two! Anyways, Thank you for this lovely update. Are they going to put team 7 in the Chuunin exams after all?
ancientlybroken chapter 16 . 11/21
Glad you are back! I missed you. Great chapter! Can't believe people are sending hate mail over a story. Its a great story, but perspective.
ashley.m.gentz chapter 16 . 11/21
More! I will die if i dont get more! This fic is awesome! I loved it from the beginning! Please write another chapter please!
Guest chapter 16 . 11/19
You live and write! Yay!
The Hyuuga lines were my favorite in this chapter, and the intervention scene played well.
BelleArcher chapter 10 . 11/18
Great chapter, I"m very excited to see what happens with the clan heads in the future. Please forgive me for this but more people will see it in a review than if I just rant on my page. GAI is Konoha's beautiful BLUE BEAST, LEE is Konoha's beatiful GREEN BEAST. Thank you. I really like seeing Tsume so much, she is an underutilized character in fan fiction and is often portrayed negatively. Thanks for writing!
BelleArcher chapter 6 . 11/18
I always thought ninja should be able to vanquish hangovers, still - cheating! I knew it was coming but still a gloomy (though well written,) chapter. Thanks for writing.
BelleArcher chapter 5 . 11/18
Fantastic chapter! I am really enjoying this story. I was a bit apprehensive to read it as it was started so long ago; but hey, can't rush greatness, right? You showed Naruto's development very well. Kakashi has grown from a confused teenager to a responsible parent with little detail. I wish you had fleshed out their first two weeks more thoroughly. I think you characterize them both very well. Poor Gai, I adore him! I don't like to lurk, but am not a great reviewer. Don't be surprised if I just give a "thanks for writing." Seriously though, thank for writing! :)
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